To Adventu-- I mean Wakatsu! | theoutspokenartist

“Kai, Kai, Kai, Kaiiiii!” The Magician whined, latching onto her best friend’s arm as her azure eyes gazed up in need. “Kaiiii, I’m hungryyy,” She outstretched syllables, enhancing her needy state. “Let’s go somewhere! C'mon, please?” It seemed that the brunette was a little more hyper than usual, but then again, around Kai Takami, her personality was much different than it was normally. They had been friends since childhood, after all, and Kai was the only person Karin could honestly open up to. 

“Can we go to Wakatsu?” Even without an answer, she kept on pestering. She was intent on getting what she wanted, and spending the time she wanted with her best friend. “Ooh, and then, maybe the sweets shop afterwards? I kinda want coconut macaroons.” She went on, and on…