anonymous asked:

Are you going to look through anything specific in your next cc finds video? I also wanted to recommend erissims3ccfinds and theothersimcc (since sunnyccfinds is not active anymore). Hope you don't mind :P

Hi anon! I’m not sure yet! but I’ll definitely check out the CC find blogs you mentioned!! Thanks for the help! ♥

sims3lovefan1 asked:

How long should I make my videos and good safe CC

I would say at least 5 minutes. Just don’t make it too short. When I started my series, my episodes were around 5-6 minutes. I think the longer you film and the more ideas you have, the longer the episodes will be (bc now I try to make mine at least 15 minutes).

As for good (tbh can’t guarantee safe) CC, I follow lots of cc finds blogs (I also have my own: soas-ccfinds as well as my old cc tag which is on my old simblr) I like sincerelyasimmersfinds, sakorbsimsccfinds, sssvitlans  hiyesthisismyccfinds, theothersimcc, and others. I also like to look at my sims 3 blog (even though it’s no longer active).