We had a fucking fantastic weekend at Fred and Sarah’s place. It still seems crazy that I am now so attached to two people who I had never met before Thursday night. I knew Matt and Fred were bofyriends and madly in bro love, but other than that I didn’t go into this knowing much more than what we all know from their Tumblrs. However, from the moment they picked us up at the airport they were friendly, fun, loud, normal, welcoming, and awesome. Sarah brought me to her bridal party and bachelorette party, Fred cooked for me and yelled at me, the dogs attacked my face constantly with their tongues, and I got to see old and new friends who mean even more to me now. I’m going to shut up soon and just give you a few highlights:

  • Fred & Sarah’s cooking and baking
  • Dog heaven
  • winning the “Who Knows Sarah Best” game at the bridal shower 24 hours after meeting Sarah 
  • telling a poop story at the (tea party) bridal shower to a dead silent reaction from the other guests
  • Sarah’s dad and the frozen shark
  • going out to bars in only a twin bed sheet and a belt
  • drunk passing out in bed with Sarah
  • “I think Erika is going to steal our dog”
  • beating Matt at Mel-burger-eating
  • whipped cream vodka and cheap bourbon
  • kolachis
  • Mac sleeping in the driveway
  • a very special beer run

Anyway, totally gay for these people and this was terribly uninteresting for anyone who wasn’t there this weekend. SORRY I’M NOT SORRY. 

I’m sick. I look like a douche in this picture and always. I miss my girlfriend. The Rock is on TV and that makes me happy (“Winners go home and fuck the prom queen”). I get to visit Fred and Sarah in a couple weeks with Erika, Steffy, Jacob (in spirit), Kris, Cocksman, and maybe Azzman and others and that makes me even happier. Flu medicine and bourbon are a good mix, right? Chest hair.

This was the first time I met Fred. We fell in love immediately but he decided to fall in love with Sarah instead. And I’m happy he did because he found the girl of his dreams. The way he talks about her, the way they look at each other, the way they support each other through thick and thin, well it’s just…perfect.

This Friday Erika (the girl of my dreams after Fred left me) and I get to see them get married. It’s a wedding I am so happy to be a part of because they are perfect for each other. Which means I’m going to cry a lot.

I love you guys so much. You are some of the best friends anyone can ask for and I can’t wait to hug you and be there to share this wonderful experience together. There will be many more wonderful experiences I’m sure for you, and this is only the beginning.

incorruptus | a mix for ronan

Listen here

i.  jungle - jamie n commons & x ambassadors/ ii. control - halsey/ iii. don’t threaten me with  good time -panic! at the disco/ iv. west coast smoker - fall out boy/ v. everybody’s watching me (uh oh) - the neighbourhood/ vi. up the wolves - the mountain goats/ vii. the quiet - troye sivan/ viii. dream - imagine dragons

the other raven boys:


I’m married now. Thought it would feel differently but I’m still pulling Azzman, Torgny and Will’s luggage through the airport so it is pretty much the same as before.

I can’t explain to anyone how much I love my friends. I have the best friends in the world. They are amazing. I am surrounded by the best people in the world. I hope I never have to imagine my life without them.

Where everyone else in my life falls short, disrespects me, and hurts my feelings, my friends come through. They helped create the most amazing day and weekend of celebration. If it wasn’t for them I would have been sad on one of the best days of my life. But instead I’m filled with love.

I love you gay fucks. You are the best thing to happen to me since The Kid and The Swede. Thank you!

Liquid diet sucks my nonexistent balls. Day three.

  • I haven’t thrown up since Monday, which is awesome. 
  • So hungry all the time I could slit all of your throats to steal the food from your food porn pics. But really, what good would that do? I couldn’t eat it. 
  • Slimfast is marginally less disgusting now that it doesn’t taste like a metal can. What took them so long to do that?
  • It’s still pretty gross. Vitamins man. I need them. 
  • theothersarah wanted faces. DOUBLE FACE POST. 
  • If the rest of today goes well I may start to nibble on little things again tomorrow. We’ll see. 
  • You would think an upside to this would be weight loss. I haven’t checked but I’m not noticing that. FUCKERY. 
  • I love you guys a little bit. Don’t let it go to your fucking heads. 

@sarahgyle is reading The Raven Boys and texting me as she goes through it. She just read the part inside the tree where the gangsey has their visions and she texts me:


i love when sarah reads things on my recommendation and i can watch the books consume her life. true friendship.

You guys I stayed at Fred and Sarah’s hosue this weekend and had an amazing time with awesome people and adorable dogs but you’re going to have to wait until tomorrow for a properly gay post about it because I need to organize the pictures I want to shove in your faces. Thank you for your understanding.

pet peeve tuesday

When distant family members get all butt hurt when you don’t invite them to any of your gatherings/events. They don’t socialize or communicate with you but as soon as they hear you have something going on they want to be included. No, I’m not sorry it doesn’t work that way. People invite those they want to share the moment with.