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Shiemi was walking through Rin and Yukio’s dorm. She was just coming for a visit, but as she approached the door she could hear complaining inside. It was Yukio… and he was complaining about his tail? But, why? She found it to be the absolute cutest thing. She knocked gently at the door, the sounding echoing through the usual empty halls.

“Yuki-can?” Shiemi said softly,“ Its me….” She waited for him to open the door. Meanwhile, she was preparing a speech about why his tail was adorable and why he should never complain about it. Yeah, it threw him off balance and got in the way, so what? It as a part of him now. He would have to deal with it. She tugged on her scarf subconsciously and got a wicked idea.

First she’d come in and get comfortable, then she’d decorate his wondrous tail with bow ties. It would make them both feel better. And allowing her to touch his tail would prove to Shiemi how much he trusted her, it was always reassuring. So, she waited for her Yuki to answer the door, her usual bright smile evident on her face.

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Sasha picked up the phone. It was late at night and she was miserably bored. Dialing a random number, which was undeniably familiar, she waited for an answer. Why is the number so familiar? Thankfully her number was blocked, so they couldn’t call back. She changed her voice to one of a higher pitch which sounded oddly like a chipmunk on crack,” H-hello? Iz dis muh momma?”

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( 業 ) “…That’s a lot of people.”

Illuminati AU - Closed RP with TheOtherOkumura

The room was silent when the king of light made his entrance. Not surprising given that, with the exception of two stony-faced guards, the only only occupant was a rather morose looking teenager. A gift from Lucifer’s eldest sibling, and supposedly the newest recruit to his organisation. Yukio Okumura. 

The royal demon’s slit, serpentine eyes looked over the youth, still not entirely convinced that his brother’s “gift” would be a blessing, rather than a curse. His brother’s word was worth about as much as the trust of a serpent, and it would be well within his nature to offer him something so valuable simply as a means of one upping him later. Indeed, Lucifer had initially been offered both half breeds, an offer that he refused for a number of reasons.

The awakened half breed, Rin Okumura, would only be a nuisance if brought to the Illuminati, and Satan had already made it clear that he was to remain with Samael. While Lucifer would sometimes question his father’s commands, especially where Samael was concerned, he would never outright disobey him. Rin Okumura was Samaels, but Satan had stayed silent on what was to be done with the other twin…

He stared down at the boy in question, his tail swaying languidly as he looked him over. Assessing his worth as a recruit even before he opened his mouth. A moment passed in silence as the demon king considered his next action. Then, he quietly sat opposite the former exorcist.

“I take it that my brother has already informed you why you are here?" 

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It had been a tiring day. The king of light, powerful though he was, was not accustomed to leaving his bed for any significant length of time, and even the half an hour it had taken for him to give his followers their orders and ensure that all was going to plan was almost enough to exhaust him. As such, he had given the order that he should not be disturbed except in the case of a dire emergency, which was I he was taken by surprise by the sudden scent but now quite familiar scent of a halfbreed demon.

He did not even turn to look at the boy, remaining entirely silent as he crept as quietly as he could into the King of Light’s bed. His tail twitched beneath the covers, the only sign of his slight irritation and confusion at this turn of events. It was only once the halfbreed stopped moving that the demon king saw fit to speak.

“Is there a reason for this little surprise visit, Okumura?” he asked quietly, too tired to properly reprimand him. "Or should I consider this merely a social call?“


         “The reason more people don’t see them is because you can’t see demons unless you’ve been inflicted with a temptaint—so you may consider yourself lucky that you haven’t ever spotted one." 

"A temptaint? I’m not entirely sure what that is, I haven’t heard about it before or come across it in my studies before. Demons reside in movies and storybooks, surely not in real life.”

[ 罪 ] “What–?” Someone was just about to walk past him and usually, he would have just brushed it off as another person, had he not seen their resemblances. This guy looked more like his twin than Rin did! How was that possible?


No, he must have been imagining things.

“Um… Excuse me?” he called out, adjusting his glasses. “You’re…” He couldn’t even finish that sentence. This whole thing was so surreal.


A typical day for the King of Earth; seeing his Brother, following people, annoying them. This day seemed no different from the rest. His Brother spoke often with someone who he thought to be named Yukio, or so he had heard. A fact that interested him was that this boy was supposedly the twin brother of Rin Okumura.

Rin.” Amaimon hissed under his breath. That bastard child, the one he was ashamed to call his brother. So surely, this boy was also his younger sibling? If this was correct, why had Father never told him about this? He didn’t bother to ask about it, since he thought he would get nowhere - as nobody really bothered to tell the Earth King anything.

After days of watching Yukio from a distance, Amaimon finally decided to confront him. “Hey, you.” The demon calls out to him.

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5. “You gonna make me shut up?

{ ℜ };; — Rin had been talking on the phone with Shiemi, for h o u r s. By this time, Yukio had enough of their constant chattering and began scolding his older brother for not doing his work. Rin, however, glared at him, covering the phone speaker with his hand and asked Yukio rather sarcastically. “Or what? You gonna make me shut up?”  He scoffed sarcastically, his tail swaying behind him in amusement.