theothercanadianguy posted the lyrics to this earlier and I hadn’t played it in a while, so I figured what the hell.  Great song.

Thursday three ( a day late. Shutup)

In continuation of my original idea to say something nice about 3 followers I will do this every Thursday. The idea is to actually spend a few minutes looking at followers you may not have much interaction with. Whether they be new or just unfamiliar. Today’s three:

He’s not the Canadian you’re thinking of but he probably knows him. I just started following him because I see him throughout other blogs. I tend to bond with other Dads that want to be dads and He’s got a cute little one who he clearly adores. Witty and funny and, well, Canadian so my wife made me follow him. :)

Again…. I get along with dads that want the job. I have followed his blog for a few weeks and enjoy the diversity of his posts. Usually entertaining with a raw feel. It’s just the stuff that comes out of his head or across his page and I like that. More Dads need to post about the love for their children like Fisher’s dad does.

She is a colorful (literally) addition to the dashboard and likes to spread a positive message. From the big island of Australia so if you read her posts with a fake Aussie accent it makes it more fun.

Thanks for following my ramblings. I appreciate your time!
Somebody ate all the hot wings

Then fell asleep on the couch. He’s been grunting and calling out from time to time. His guilt is probably weighing heavily on his heart.

Serves the fucker right!


Dearest darling:

I hope you weren’t planning on eating the bacon and eggs after work in the morning because they are in my belly. Yes, I know they are were the only groceries we have but you can blame Josh for making me want breakfast for dinner.

Feel free to drop into McDonald’s on the way home and buy yourself something to eat… my treat! (Use the joint account.) 

All my love but none of the bacon, 


There’s not enough punching in the vagina on TV.

Out of context quotes

(This has been sitting in my drafts folder forever - as you can see by the first tag - and it makes me laugh every time I read it. My fella is very funny and slightly weird.)

“oh Mister Canadian man! I like the size of your shovel!”
“Well my little snow bunny, the bigger the shovel the more snow gets pushed around….pushed around *Hard*”
“Ohhhh mmmm yaaa….I like the way you handle your big hard shovel, you big strong Canadian man!!”

I just can’t help myself…..Imagination movers are getting on my nerves.  They really can’t solve all the problems by using their imagination and sing about everything!