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We Are the Lonley
John Prine

Down the hall upstairs from me
There’s a girl I swear I never see
I hear the ringing of her phone
She must live up there all alone

She hangs her clothes out on the line
They’re hanging there right next to mine
And if the wind should blow just right
She could be in my arms tonight

Can’t agree enough with theothercanadianguy about John Prine vs. Miranda Lambert - she’s not up to his music.

This is one of my favorite Prine songs. It’s campy fun, but I especially love those first few lines.


Dearest darling:

I hope you weren’t planning on eating the bacon and eggs after work in the morning because they are in my belly. Yes, I know they are were the only groceries we have but you can blame Josh for making me want breakfast for dinner.

Feel free to drop into McDonald’s on the way home and buy yourself something to eat… my treat! (Use the joint account.) 

All my love but none of the bacon, 


“oh Mister Canadian man! I like the size of your shovel!”
“Well my little snow bunny, the bigger the shovel the more snow gets pushed around….pushed around *Hard*”
“Ohhhh mmmm yaaa….I like the way you handle your big hard shovel, you big strong Canadian man!!”