I got my nipples pierced

I’ve been making a butt load of hoochie clothes for the summer. (I sew).

I recently hit 21k followers!!! Thanks XD

Still in my 2 year plus dry spell. (boooo…)

I got my 10 speed fixed.

Ummm what else…

The man I want is dating a lesbian who looks like a skinny version of me? (I know right)…

aaaand hmm… I think that’s about it.

Have a good weekend everyone :)

Pen pal anyone?

I’ve had a hard week. I’ve been sick, I’m running dry of content (even though my computers is WAAAAAY overflowed with photos.


I am looking for a pen pal. Like a real honest to paper and pen pal.  Not emails, or status updates, or messages, I want someone to trade notes with, and draw little pictures, and send little stories and other cool shit.

Soooo… I’m looking for 2-3 because I know eventually one will fall off, and I love giving/ recieving mail.

No really.

Just at least be 24 y/o, willing to write back, male or female, race, sexual orientation does not matter.

Don’t you love mail? Hit me up, for real for real. I’ll choose 3 people. :D

Hey guys.

Housekeeping stuff…
I’m Chrystani. I’m 25. I live in Long Beach.
I’m plus size. I’m bald. I’m beautiful.
This is a black culture blog.
I blog in theme/color. (I was inspired by
I don’t have any political stances, or life views.
I’m NOT a vintage blog, even though I’m a Vintage tag editor…


O I bought that book I posted the other day “Escape From Beckyville”. It’s REALLY good.

I HATE Irrational black woman AND irrational black men (the blogs)… Why do people keep adding fuel to the black hate fire!? Fuck I swear! You keep letting white people and our young people see us battle each other. Life is already hard enough for black people, why are yall helping out black hate???
Really, that shit is stupid. I don’t support it. Fucking bogus. We need to support each other.

Get off that dumb shit for real.

How YOU doin?

Hey. :)

Thanks to everyone who keeps up with the page. New and especially the old.

I am so aware that I have typos like a mug.. But meh. youre your theyre their there sale sell sail…

I’m 25. I’m straight. I’m bald. I reside in Long Beach California. I’m just plain ol african american.I plan every page I put out, nothings a coincidence…

mmmm… What else?

Someone contacted me this week about being on a daytime talk show because of a review I wrote for this nudist colony I went to… Skeeeetchy. But if its legit, I’ll for sure do it.

I just finished giving a pep talk to a pregnant teen. Like 1 min. ago. We were talking about names, and WIC and the baby daddy (she left him cuz he hit her)…

Yea… Life. You never know what someones going through.

I should be at work...


I’m here @home. Sick.

I went to Thread L.A. yesterday and met Peaceimages who is suuuuper cute, and suuuper nice. I have pics, but gotta get the film developed.

Talked with one of the awesome folks who put on the Leimert Park Artwalk about having an event with them. HYPED!

What else…

I got stopped to take a pic. for someones black fashion blog. I probably look nervous and ridiculous in it.

I finally (very late) bought the Theophilus album and siiiiigh… Super underwhelmed.  This is why I don’t like music.  Like whats with rappers, rapping over electronic indie beats, and considering themselves… Different? Indie? What?

Like you rapped on a indie track. Big deal, you're camouflaging bad rap with awesome sound tracks.

I’m ranting. O.k. bye.

Light Housekeeping

So… Jeans shorts are officially out of style. What will we wear this summer? I don’t know. Culottes, Leotards as pants, 

Thanks to all my followers. I hate that word… VIEWERS! yes. I love the love you give.

Hmmm.. I am bald, I’m 24 25 and I am female…

I have 4 other blogs. But I’ll tell you about one that is just about black men with beards…

And if anyone knows where I can find some high waist leggings that can fit a woman with ass and hips please shoot me a link…

Ummm what else…. O I am looking for (L.A.based) vendors and spoken word artists, hit me up at… I only say L.A. because the event is in Compton,CA and yea…


I’ve been un inspired lately.

I haven’t done any colors lately. Well, serious color anyway…

I need a muse. 

I’m sorry if I’ve been slacking off. 


*Off to other emo blog to whine*