I miss this.

(one of the few photos of the 3 of us together)

While cleaning my workspace I found a photo that the talented Michelle Krusiec shot of my partners (Benny and Julie from OA) and I after we did a feature on her back in early June.  I’m kind of being nostalgic right now.  I miss the early days of OA when the three of us had more “free” time together.  Every Monday night we’d jump on Skype and update each other on plans and who we could reach out to in the community to feature.  After talking to the potential interviewee we’d lock down a date and the three of us would all go out and do the interview followed by a shoot with yours truly.  I enjoyed these outings together because our personalities seemed to balance out one another well.  Benny ours entrepreneurial hustler, Julie is the bubbly-sweet-gullible-you’ll-love-her-no-matter-what-person, and I was am the sarcastic, weirdo kid with the camera.  Together none of us got any sleep and generated weekly content that rocked your socks off >:] 

Moments like these aren’t meant to last forever.  I think that why looking back we appreciate and enjoy them so much more.  Starting up OA was an awesome learning experience.  I couldn’t be more thankful for the opportunity.  Obviously the online publication has slowed down a lot because Benny, Julie, and I no longer have the that much free time anymore.  Julie parted with OA beginning of September to focus more on acting.  We’d be hypocrites to the website if we didn’t follow our own dreams.  Benny and I are focusing on a new project called NewMediaRockstars while keeping OA alive on the side as a passion project.  Its funny how much we’ve grown within the last few months.  Looking back it feels like we were little, lost kids not knowing what they were going to do with their lives.  We came together because of an idea and ran with it.  There aren’t that many AA role models out there.  We wanted to find them all and share the experience of meeting them with others around the world.  I guess through the accumulation of these inspiring stories the three of us ourselves are gradually forming a more solid idea of what we’ll individually be doing in the next few years.  For myself I knew I wanted to give this photography thing a go few years back, but I never had an idea of how I wanted to shoot.  Only now am I beginning to see what my style might be and what I want out of the images I make.  Only time and hard work will tell what will become of my “photography career” will become. 

Okay, I’m done being nostalgic.

I can’t believe 2011 is almost over though!  This year has honestly been a crazy ride for me, considering that it is the first year that I am putting all my efforts into growing as a photographer.  I’m all in with no backup plan, and I’m fully enjoying the ride.  

Stay tuned ..because I need to produce and plan four upcoming shoots in the next few weeks.  Oh and finish editing that mountain of files.  Argh.

and thanks for laughing/hating my 50 Reasons Not to Date a Photographer. I’ll admit I’ve been guilty of a good chunk of these. 
She's Not Just a Girl

Two weeks and a day ago, I released my cover of Adele’s ‘Someone Like You’ on my YouTube channel hoping for much, but expecting little to nothing at all. After all, how many covers of that particular song are out there on YouTube; and beyond that, how many Asian Americans, who are much more established and successful than I am, are out there? 

A few days later, comments from subscribers started popping up on that video - 'Arden sent me here’. Scratching my head, I was thinking to myself, ’… Not that Arden, not possible’. Apparently, it was possible because sooner than later, lots of people started to like that particular comment. And then people started to say that Jason Chen sent them, liking that comment in the multitudes as well. 

I really believe in the value of honoring those who have walked before you, so naturally, I messaged Arden and Jason, thanking them for their kindness and generosity (seriously, thank you guys). We’re talking about a working model/actress/singer and freaking YouTube stud here, so why expect any sort of response? But once again, I was proven wrong when both replied to my messages and Arden went even further in disproving my presumptions by Facebook messaging me, which ensued in a long conversation that bounced from subject to subject.

Arden and I worked on a collaboration yesterday with the very talented Ken, Chad, Melly, and Danny (thank you for the product placement, Danny!) and still, it feels so surreal that someone of her caliber would be so secure in her own skin to reach out to someone who has a mere fraction of the number of subscribers and views that she does. published their feature on Arden tonight and as I read it, I couldn’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude for Arden. Not just because she had sent so many people to my video or because - as so many of you guys would say (pigs) - 'SHE’S SO HOT’, but because as the feature implies - she is humble; she exudes a warmth about her that draws you to her; she strives to be a light in an industry that is, quite frankly, filled with lots of people who get jaded by it all; and for someone who struggled so long with images of self-worth and beauty, she is beautiful (inside and out). If only more of us could see her, and everyone else, beyond the image we may be presented with or even choose to see.

Ask any of my closest friends who know me to the depths of my core: I cannot stand BS. While I am very aware of the code of etiquette I have to maintain in the public eye, I’m from New York and I will tell someone if they are taking way too long deciding which bagel to get while standing in front of the counter. With that said, I say this:

Arden, as thankful as I am for all that you have done for me thus far professionally and will do for me, I am more thankful for the person - the woman - that you are and the values that you stand upon. You are so much more than a pretty face and a successful figure within a network of other successful individuals. You have such a beautiful heart and goodness gracious, I’m so thankful to be able to call you 'friend’. I only hope that as I grow and mature as an artist, that, like you, I will not forget the humble beginnings from which I began and will continue honoring those who have blazed the trail before I stepped foot on this journey. 

So if you haven’t checked out her YouTube channel(s), I don’t know what you’re still doing here on my blog. Go here and here. And check out the feature by TheOtherAsians on Arden. Our girl crashed the server in minutes. Get it, girl.


Let’s swim with @davidchoimusic, Choizles!

Live USTREAM Jam Session THIS Friday

For anyone at a computer this Friday between 2:00pm - 8:00pm PST, tune into USTREAM ( for a live jam session with all your favorite artists and YouTubers! This live stream will be to encourage all viewers to help CPAF compete in the Toyota 100 Cars Program to win a car for a women’s shelter. People confirmed to be in the live stream including:

- AJ Rafael
- Andrew Fung
- Andrew Garcia
- Aziatix
- Dawen
- Grace Hsu aka. “Peachies”
- Jason Yang
- Just Kidding Films
- Kevin Lien
- Megan Lee
- Paul Dateh
- Phil Chao
- VInce Bantasan
- and more!

So for those interested:

1. Check out the U-Stream Jam Session From 2:00pm - 8:00pm PST at

2. Go to between 3:00am - 9:00pm PST and help CPAF vote!

For more information about CPAF, please visit: 


Check out what Julie’s been doing …with Wes?!

An Open Letter

Evening OAers!

There’s never a day that goes by when we aren’t grateful for all the tremendous support everyone has shown us.  Whether its through hanging out with team for an interview, nominating a feature, sharing the articles or telling your friends to check us out  we personally want to thank and acknowledge each and every one of you.  You guys are amazing!  

However  the costs of maintaining the website, travel expenses, and time dedicated to recreate the experience of meeting our incredibly talented featured individuals has taken its toll on the team.  Granted we love OA and are passionate with highlighting and showcasing members of the Asian American community pursing their passions, but it would be hypocritical of us to encourage all of you to chase your dreams if we (Benny, Julie, and Melly) aren’t chasing ours.  Julie is an amazingly multi-talented performer and has gotten busier with honing her craft as an actress.  Melly has started test shooting again with various agencies in LA while also working with Benny on another awesome upcoming project.

Fear not, this is not a farewell!  As we said before in a past interview: “what we can promise you is that will never stop pumping out the best content for you." In order to ensure each feature maintains quality and character OA will posting a new feature every other Thursday.  Thats two interviews to look forward to each month :)

Thanks for sharing OA across your networks, we want to continue to be a platform for discussion and exchange of perspectives.  Stay tuned for our feature next week and keep supporting!  

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Peace and Love,

OA Team

Please Donate & Help OA!!

Hello everyone!

The OA team would love to thank everyone for their support for the last 6 months. Without any of you guys, we would not be here today. OA has grown tremendously in the past few months thanks to you. However, we need your help! For every feature we put out, the whole team spends A LOT of time to make sure we are constantly producing great content for you every week. Our very own Julie Zhan and Melly Lee has even cut back hours on their day time jobs to make sure OA content stay top-notch Because of that, our personal funds to keep this site alive along with gas to drive to our interviews have been dwindling at a very fast pace. 

We are calling everyone out today to please help donate in support of OA. We want to keep putting out features for you! It doesn’t matter whether it is a penny or $100. Anything and everything counts! Any funds we get from your donations will be STRICTLY to help OA. But donating is not the only thing you can help with, simply sharing this post and telling your friends will be good enough as well! 

We love you all and we thank you for all the help and love you have shown us. We want to continue keeping OA alive and we hope you can help contribute like you’ve all been doing already. 

Thank you!!!

OA Team

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CAPAL Empowers Political Consciousness in Asian American Youth

Hey there, OA readers. Let me introduce myself – my name’s Connie. I’m a second-generation Chinese American who works for a non-profit during the day and aspires to be a freelance writer at night. I first found out about The Other Asians through a friend and, since then, I’ve been hooked on their focus to highlight Asian Americans pursuing non-traditional careers. At the root, I’m a non-traditional Asian in the sense that I graduated with a humanities major and studied abroad in Spain for a whole year where I was one of the few Asians – but more about that later.

Reading about the boys of the Jubilee Project made me feel incredibly empowered and inspired. All of them are so motivated and passionate about particular issues. I thought it was especially cool how one of the them, Eddie, worked in Washington D.C. and was a part of the Obama campaign. It made me remember my own summer experience interning in D.C. through the University of California’s UCDC program.

It was the summer of 2008 and the internship was one of the most enlightening experiences of my college career. After sending out a horde of resumes and cover letters, I landed a position at the Department of Labor under Elaine Chao’s internship program. For my parent’s, Elaine Chao is a rock star - she’s the first Chinese American to be appointed to a President’s cabinet in American history. Not only did I get a hands-on learning experience in the policy-making process, but I even got to pass by the White House on my walk home everyday.

Though it was cool to work at the Department of Labor, the best part of interning in D.C. was participating in the Conference on Asian Pacific American Leadership (otherwise known as CAPAL). I loved hearing the speakers talk about their experiences on the Hill and around the Capitol. It made me realize that change could be created from the grassroots. I saw that, even though progress can seem daunting and larger than me, that collaboration could overcome obstacles. I was encouraged to participate in the democratic process and, who knows – one day, I might even drum up the courage to run for office.

Overall, the experience taught me about having an impact and how it has to start with us. I’ve taken action on the issue of Asian American representation by serving as a writer in a variety of online magazines that focus on Asian American issues. Hopefully, my writing will reach individuals and these individuals will take action and keep spreading the message. Thanks for reading this post; my passion is writing but I look forward to hearing about your own interests and pursuits. Keep a lookout for my next post in The Other Asians about Asians in Spain, the land known for sangria and bullfights but not necessarily the work of los chinos.

Written by: Connie Ho
Editorial Intern for OA