To all my old followers I have decided to retire “The Otaku Quotes” blog. I have changed the blog name to “editedincolor” and will start a different kind of quote blog.

The reason I am retiring my anime quote blog is because I am not as big a fan as I was before. I rarely watch anime and only read manga occasionally now. The old me lived and breathed on these, the old me went to conventions and tried cosplay. The old me made quotes regularly and now I barely have any material to quote from. I just have no more credibility.

I made this empty blog to retain my name and for people to message me if they like. Maybe in the future I would like anime again and will come back with more material.

Hope you have a great day!

If you were wondering why I disappeared...

My mom fainted and it seemed like she had a heart attack. A lot of things happened and I got traumatized by it. It happened in front of my own eyes. We called an ambulance to bring her to the hospital. Her heart hurt, her legs were paralzyed, and she fainted.

I was so happy to find out she only had high blood pressure.

I was so scared and depressed by what happened that I drifted away from the world and society at hand.
I couldn’t think of quotes and I was uninspired.

I left my blog alone for a really long time but even so I gained 400+ followers. So… if you followed my
blog within two months.. Thank you. :)

I’m looking for a partner in crime because I just lost most of my inspiration though I got some back, It still isn’t enough.

Thank you again for your wonderful