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Clara/Eleven, nurse/soldier in WWII

There in the front of the pit stood a man who looked utterly out of place as he was dressed in a Victorian get up and had what appeared to be a bowtie, which was most strange in an area of war where all anyone saw was dirty water and blood. 

That was the weirdest bit… until the glowing hands started and the man screamed in pain. 

A nurse was called for instantly and all she could say as the man laid there (supposedly) dying was, “Oh you clever boy, you stopped running.”

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I thought he was good, too. Especially in period film

Perhaps it’s just that he been associated with a lot of well known characters (legolas, will turner) that it’s hard to see him as a fan cast of Brandon Stark. like when you see him you automatically think of Legolas. idk. i think next time, if ever i try to fan cast again, i won’t pick popular actors so it would be more believable.

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no like missing words in the middle of sentences that were definitely accidents and I don’t know why I’m even still talking about this because you are obviously being a pain ON PURPOSE


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i only have 1 person to judge me if i send fanfics thru inbox

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I just spit my water across the room.


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That was our deal. I mean, it should have a plot but they should also makeout at some point. I AM TRYING TO HELP YOU



In Which Makaria Reads The-Non Dialogue Part Of Eri’s Western AU And Stutters/Mispronounces/Switches Around Words In What Is Definitely Not Her Best Fake Southern Accent

Read along!

He had been a right pain in the neck ever since he moved into town and stuck his little brother in her schoolhouse. Amy had no trouble with Atticus—he was the most wonderful student she’d had yet—but Jake,Jake was a different breed.

He was handsome, strong, and intelligent to boot. He beat the sheriff at darts and the mayor at chess, and when he won a game he treated the whole saloon to drinks. He had the entire town eating out of his hands and all the ladies (even the married folk) succumbing to his charms.

Oh, how Amy hated him.

Unfortunately, he never seemed to tire of her company. Always stopping by the schoolhouse in the mornings, bringing her apples and rock candies and penny novels. The students all called him her beau, but if his desire was courtship his speech certainly didn’t show it. He teased her mercilessly, about her freckled cheeks and her loose cinnamon-colored hair. He didn’t sidestep or skirt around her opening doors and covering puddles. He treated her like an equal, not like a fragile schoolmarm.

Men who wished to court her treated her with such flattery that she couldn’t take even an iota of it seriously. She would rather have the shameless, but truthful, flirtations of men who went to the brothels—at least they would tell her what they wanted straight.

But, instead, she had Jake, who acted like she was the sun to his blistering skin. If he would just stop bringing her that god-damn fruit and start speaking his god-damn mind already he might have a chance at having a shady afternoon.

Until then, she would make sure that she was a right pain in his tanned hide.