Listen to This when reading the Imagine. Song doesn’t belong to me. Only used it for inspiration. 

Everyone sat in the cortex, bowls of popcorn in everyone’s lap, as Cisco’s rigged TV showed the Oscar’s.

(Y/N) sat next to Jesse, discussing that on earth one, Leonardo DiCaprio hasn’t won a single Oscar.

“Please, on our earth, he has won the most Oscar’s in history.” Jesse laughed.

“You have to be fucking joking.” (Y/N) spat, wide eyed.

“Language.” Harry mumbled, causing (Y/N) to fall backwards onto the floor in a fit of laughter.

Cisco laughed too, wrapping an arm around (Y/N) waist, and bringing her to sit in his lap.

“OHOHOH! THEY ARE ANNOUNCING BEST ACTOR!“ Barry yelled, causing all of the Earth One people to shut there mouths and stare.

“And the Oscar goes to………..Leonardo DiCaprio!”

“YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!” (Y/N) yelled, throwing her arms in the air. 

Everyone cheered, laughing and squealing. Cisco wrapped his arms around (Y/N)’s waist and dug his face into her back. 

“Cisco! I have an idea!” (Y/N) cheered, standing to her feet and dragging her boyfriend out of the cortex.

“What’s going on?” Cisco asked, stumbling after her.

“We, will be doing a rock cover of my heart will go on in honor of Leo getting his Oscar. Plus, it’s going on YouTube.” (Y/N) grinned, handing Cisco his electric guitar.

“You know i don’t like to play in front of others (Y/N)” Cisco mumbled, looking down at his guitar.

“Please! You’ve fought and survived the fastest thing in both worlds, you are extremely smart, and all around amazing. Your skills are amazing. You’ve played for me multiple times before.” (Y/N) grinned, wrapping her arms around Cisco’s neck.

“That was only for you.” Cisco mumbled, laying his forehead against hers.

“Then just imagine it’s only you and I.” (Y/N) grinned, pressing her lips gently against Cisco’s. 

“He was right, though. About you being special. You know, you’ve been hanging around here, trying to make yourself invisible behind this fragile little fuck-up routine of yours, but you can’t. You’re anything but invisible. You’re big. You’re kind of a great mess. It’s like a candle burning on both ends, but it’s beautiful. No amount of booze or weed or attitude is going to hide that.”  | Birdman, 2014.