So you know how misha said that Cas is actually Cass. Well Cass is a short for Cassiel. The archangel of solitude and tears. Well Castiel is one of the many variations of Cassiel….and Cassiel was the angel supposedly to raise the righteous man from perdition and FALL IN LOVE WITH HIM. And Castiel is supposed to be based off of Cassiel. And he raised Dean. Who is the righteous man….so by logic…if they stuck with the mythology…Cass is indeed deeply in love with Dean. (which we have all seen) but the other theory is that Cass is actually the archangel Cassiel but his memory was wiped and raised to believe he was the angel Castiel. Which is why Chuck really took a vested interest in Cass and why Lucifer really took an interest in our favorite angel. Also Gabriel called Cass Cassie. Cassie….Cassiel…I KNOW I AM SEEING RANDOM CONNECTIONS BUT THIS IS A THEORY RANT. And most definitely Castiel is the angel of tears I many of you have cried bc of Cass or bc of how frustrating destiel is?

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