I remember playing the casual story for the first time. On the first day, a chatroom with Seven opened and I chatted with him.

707 said to me,

“Even though I can’t be the knight in shining armor to protect you

I want to be able to tell the knight who the villain is.”

And that kind of got me thinking….

If the theory of 707 loving MC in every route was true then…

That means that even if you wouldn’t choose his route, he still loves you so so so much that he would tell your ‘knight in shining armor’ who the villain is so that they could go rescue you.

He wants to see you safe.

Even though you don’t love him back,

He will always love you.

some thought provoking questions

  • why did taehyung and namjoon get arrested in the same place jungkook got beat up in i need u? what were they doing?
  • jungkook is walking through the streets aimlessly in i need u. is he running from home after his fight with yoongi? is this why yoongi self immolated?
  • is hoseok in a hospital for physical or mental care? is he in a hospital for his overdose in i need u?
  • when does run take place in relation to the prologue and i need u? is run the prologue to i need u, which is the prologue to the prologue? is i need u the last thing that happened in this sequence?
  • why isn’t jin in the polaroid that jimin burns?
  • why did yoongi and jungkook fight. why.
  • why does jin look so stricken at that one point in run? why does he look like he has realized something? what has he realized?
  • do the scenes of tae falling into the water and struggling to get out represent his state after jumping from the tower in the prologue?
  • who is dead? who could possibly be alive and hallucinating? is everyone alive?
  • is jin the dead one? does he live as a spirit, trying to be with the boys? is he the one the boys are grieving for? or are the boys dead, and is jin imagining he is still with them? is that why he looked so stricken?
  • what do the beginning and end scenes of jin falling into water and resurfacing imply? is this all a dream?
  • what was the party about?
  • ?????

I noticed a sad.

This cap is from The Return. It shows all of the evacuated citizens of Beach City. The Pizza family, The Frymans, Buck and Mayor Dewey, Sadie and her mom, Sour Cream, Onion, and Onion’s dad/SC’s stepdad, and Mr. Smiley, and Lars are all there.

But there are no family members around Lars. The Steven Universe character page says he is “a high school slacker”, so shouldn’t he still be living with his parents?

Unless they are not around.

And he lives alone in that house.

Which would explain why he has to work at the Big Donut, despite being a slacker.

                     HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

                    You beat the game!


                     ==> END GAME.

Y'know, something just occurred to me. We still don’t know why Cas keeps being resurrected when he dies (other than lazy writing and rash plot choices that need to be undone). What if it’s the profound bond he has with Dean? What if during Dean’s rescue from hell, during his reconstruction and everything that followed, Cas has placed a part of himself in Dean and sort of made him his very own horcrux? And as long as one of them is alive, the other one can’t die? I think they’ve never been dead at the same time, have they?

So….aside from the part that James makes a cooler Ash than Ash does, lets take a look at this for a second…..

Considering that James is, in fact, older than Ash (from the wiki, Jessie and James are somehow in their late teens…go figure) we are essentially finally seeing, in a way, what ash might look like if he actually aged.  If you think that he has spent about a year in each region, Ash would be around the same age as James at this point, so to address the fact that he never ages, we, in a way, are seeing what Ash COULD look like if he did age a bit.

Theory X and Theory Y

via wikipedia

Theory X and Theory Y are theories of human motivation created and developed by Douglas McGregor at the MIT Sloan School of Management in the 1960s that have been used in human resource management, organizational behavior, organizational communication and organizational development. They describe two contrasting models of workforce motivation.

Theory X and Theory Y have to do with the perceptions managers hold on their employees, not the way they generally behave. It is attitude not attributes.

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