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This is a theory pointing out that Jenna Marshall was the other/true Red Coat. I believe she was on the A-Team since Charlotte’s rise as Big “A”, and I believe Sara Harvey was only a decoy like Charlotte stated.

First of all, I am going to start with the fact that Jenna went to Noel Kahn’s Halloween party in 2x13 (”The First Secret”; the prequel episode) as Lady Gaga… in a red, hooded outfit. You may think that it means nothing, but nothing is really a coincidence in Rosewood. Foreshadowing much?

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At that party, she met Mona and they befriended each other, becoming friends seemingly. This, to me, says it all. This is when Mona knew she could turn Jenna against Alison.

I’d also like to point out that Jenna usually wears ‘Jungle Red’ lipstick. I am assuming it is her favorite color. After all, it was Alison’s signature color too.

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Jenna was working in two different divisions, and in both, she tried to take down the Liars—the “A-Team” and “Melissa’s Alliance” (with Shana). When we saw Jenna with Melissa and Shana in 3x24 (”A dAngerous gAme”) while Charlotte was plotting against the Liars at the lodge, Charlotte had to bring in a decoy Red Coat… which was Sara Harvey. Jenna and Sara never met though until Season 7 when they knew they both assisted Charlotte in her gAme.

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No one other than Jenna has had a stronger reason to hate the Liars. They BLINDED her! I’d be pretty pissed too, even if it was an accident. Jenna came to Rosewood as the new girl who just wanted to make friends. Alison, being the bitch she was, decided to instantly hate Jenna only because she turned down her offer to join her group (the Liars). Yes, Jenna may have sorta forced her step-brother into relations with her, but that was an mistake. Like Jenna says, “We all make mistakes that we’re not proud of.

Jenna turned into the way she is today because of Alison and the Liars. THEY damaged her! She didn’t do it to herself. She couldn’t forgive them for what they did to her. And to think they’ve still gotten away with it disgusts me a little. Since then, Jenna has wanted revenge. She became Red Coat and assisted Charlotte to take them down.

Remember Emily’s disappearance in 3x01 (”It Happened ‘That Night’”), and that Jenna had “rescued” her? She didn’t rescue her. Jenna was there that night digging up Alison’s grave with Charlotte. Jenna claimed she had found Emily drunk and lonely, so she put her in the car. Emily didn’t remember anything that happened that night until it slowly came back to her. She recalled being in Jenna’s car… and Jenna was wearing, somewhat, a red coat!

Jenna was seen putting her hair up while driving the car, but why? Because she was wearing a blonde wig as RC!

In 4x01 (”’A’ is for A-l-i-v-e”), we see Jenna going to Wilden’s funeral with a man named Nigel. Later on in 4x07 (”Crash and Burn, Girl!”), Toby and Caleb go to see Nigel for answers towards the “girl in the red coat”. Nigel claims he was paid by CeCe Drake, who is Charlotte. Who says he wasn’t protecting Jenna by revealing her partner’s identity instead of hers?

He was later seen having a drink with a girl he called “babe”, who I think was Jenna. There were dark glasses sitting on the table, hinting towards it being Jenna. Toby and Caleb found out he was the pilot of the plane Red Coat was seen getting off of at the lodge fire. The lodge fire makes perfect sense when it comes to Jenna. The Liars blinded her with a stink bomb that started a fire. Maybe Jenna wanted the same to happen to them?

In 3x24, the episode that has the lodge fire incident, we see “A” sending Jenna a message, saying: “32 Rte 6. Be there at 9 tonight. -A”. Was Charlotte telling her where to go?

I found something quite convincing. When I. Marlene King was responding to a fan regarding Red Coat on Twitter back in 2013, she said this:

Jenna could easily walk in heels like that when she was supposedly turning blind again, and possibly run in them, as shown in 3x24:

Jenna is a great liar. She’s a master at lying like Charlotte. We now know that they were good friends, but Shana revealed to Spencer in 4x09 (”Into the Deep”) that Jenna was afraid of CeCe/Charlotte. What if this was a cover-up? We know that Nigel protected Jenna, so Shana probably did too. Or maybe Jenna was afraid of Charlotte because she knew her intentions and what she was capable of, yet she still played the game with her. Marlene said that Charlotte was the one who hit Jenna and left her to drown in 4x09. I believe this wasn’t true. It was another cover-up. It also doesn’t make sense with the timeline now that we know Charlotte and Jenna were friends.

Jenna was Red Coat most of the time and the only time Charlotte was Red Coat was in 4x12 (”Now You See Me, Now You Don’t”) when she was used as a decoy to distract the Liars from Alison, and also when Red Coat crept into the DiLaurentis home and snuck into the basement. Those were the only times she was Red Coat. The rest was Jenna. Sara was only Red Coat when Charlotte needed her to be. She was a decoy like she said she was. Charlotte protected Jenna. We know that Jenna is working with A.D. to bring down the Liars, and she wants to find Charlotte’s killer. She was definitely good friends with her and working with her at some point if she wasn’t Red Coat.

I’d like to point out that Red Coat started appearing when Jenna got her sight back, and then disappeared again when Jenna lost her sight. Coincidence?   We saw Wren in 4x10 (”The Mirror Has Three Faces”) coloring in a red coat onto his picture of a long-haired brunette. Many fans have suspected Wren of being involved with the A-Team. Was this hinting towards Jenna being RC? Maybe he knew?

I could go on and on, but I believe Jenna was always the real Red Coat. She is endgame.

What do you all think? Let me know!

Thanks for reading.

Red Coat is Uber A

I’m not talking about CeCe, Alison, or Sara Harvey. I’m talking about a totally different new person. She has been the one in charge. She’s the final A. 

She was the one that helped Mona get out of Radley. This wasn’t Charlotte because Charlotte needed Mona to get out of Radley. Uber A was visiting Mona using the visitor’s pass with the name “CeCe Drake” that Wren authorized. She’s endgame

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Does Bucky's arm rust when it gets wet??

Super good question

MCU wise we don’t have too much canon info on his arm, I did hear a pretty good theory that it’s coated with titanium alloy.

Obviously he gets it wet multiple times and it still seems to be in working condition, knowing Hydra it would be constantly getting upgraded and seeing as winter soldiers missions would see him in all types of environments I’d say they’d have taken measures to prevent rusting etc, we also assume he has enough knowledge of it to perform basic maintenance on it if need be, he doesn’t even seemed concerned about getting it wet either.

Sorry if that isn’t the most coherent answer I’m super exhausted

If anyone has any info/theories please add them x

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Watching your pretty watercolors makes me wanna try them, do you have any advice for someone who don't have any idea of watercolors?

Hi Gruberv

Thank you for your patience, been busy the past few days.
For advice,  I would recommend this wonderful youtuber.

He is easy to follow and shares a genuine enthusiasm for watercolor. But more importantly he will visually show you all the basic watercolor techniques, and common trouble shoots/beginner mistakes that happen. He also covers on brush usage, paper, and more. Definitely check him out!

Second link, is optional, but worth looking at once you have the basic foundation. Its more on the science/technical understanding of watercolor. single pigment vs premixed, light fastness, how paper is made, and understanding how pigment interact with the paper fiber. How to properly store watercolor paintings and paper, all that fancy good stuff.

As for supplies and just getting your feet wet (with out breaking the bank, as I totally understand that art supplies can get expensive very quickly, not to mention the plethora of choices) I recommend checking if their is any art retail near you for the following items and ask if they accept coupons etc, most do now a days.

I highly recommend purchasing the Grumbacher Academy Artist watercolor set.

but, buy the tubes individually, and don’t get white and black. for learning watercolor, you don’t need these 2 colors, plus saves you a little bit of cash! (detour explanation later on) 

These were my first paints when I started learning watercolor, they are pretty vibrant for what their worth, and easy to use.

White paint doesn’t exist in watercolor, its technically a gouache. (opaque watercolor) which will technically lighten your color, but it will chalk it up leading to a dull/muted finished. the same goes for black, only it kills the saturation of the color quick, leading to dead colors. To get a lighter color, you simply dilute the paint with more water. To get white highlights in your painting, (eye shine, snow, sky, etc) you have to preserve the white of the paper, either by using masking fluid or painting around the white area. As for getting darker colors, proper use of color theory and  few coats of paint, one can achieve rich darks, that look vibrant.

Its why most if not all water colorist, work from light to dark. you can only go darker, not lighter. Watercolor in the end is essentially like layering color stained glass, only once you put it down, you cant take it back/change your mind.

palette for your paints.

Small size, it folds once your done which helps prevent dust getting into your paint when your not working. And, it makes it portable in case you want travel and take your paints with you.


Round, Size 8, if budget permits throw in also a Wash ½"

The round will cover pretty much all your needs, the wash is just a straight square brush/ which is good when you need to fill out large areas or get hard crisp edges.

2 medium size plastic or glass containers for your water.  One for rinsing and cleaning your brush between changing color paint, the other clean water.


For starter, Fabrianno studio watercolor paper is a great inexpensive paper to practice on and to get a feel for watercolor. Its 140 lb, which will handle all water techniques really well. If possible, buy the large single sheets, and cut them down to smaller sizes to extend the paper use. That way you can paint and freely make mistakes. The faster you can get comfortable with  making mistakes in watercolor, the faster you will get a understanding on how the paint works.

Last but least, I  highly recommend that if you start feeling confident. I would purchase a Arches 140 cold press sheet. It is expensive, but it’s worth to experience  painting on artist quality paper. You will feel the huge difference on how much easier it is to manipulate the paint/water on  artist quality paper. You can also cut this down to smaller sizes to extend the paper use.

But for now, I do recommend just having fun and freely making mistakes on the Fabrianno studio paper and just get a feel and understand on how the paint moves/react with the brush and paper. And, enjoy the colors and effects of watercolor!

A good way to practice any medium, with out having to think too much “what to paint”, is a simple fruit still life.

Hope this help, if you have any other questions/concerns, please feel free to note back.



Ridiculous Legends of Tomorrow Theory #528:

Rip Hunter’s coat is actually sentient.  He didn’t actually steal it from Jonah, it fell in love with him and followed him home.  He kept trying to return it actually, but it kept appearing the next day.  Billowing dramatically.

This is, of course, the real reason Rip keeps getting that coat back.  He didn’t have it when he carried Mick to Sickbay, but did right after the nuke hit.  That’s because it wrapped itself around him at point of impact.

It went with him when he touched the time drive, but Phil forgot about it, so it kept trailing after him all forlorn (it was happy to get a guest role in the movie, even if it was with a fake Rip.)  Then after it got kidnapped by Eobard, it followed evil Rip around too.

Possibly it dyed itself black so he’d take it to 3000.  I am undecided on this.

Rip has no idea, of course.  Gideon suspects, but it just billows innocently whenever she tries to scan it.

‘Just as well I wasn’t planning on doing anything this evening, eh? But you can tell me one thing, sarge. How do you know all this?’

Vimes hesitated. But at a time like this, what difference did it make?

'I’m from this city,’ said Vimes. 'But, oh, there was a hole in time, something like that. You want to know? I travelled here in time, Ned, and that’s the truth.’

Ned Coates looked him up and down. Blood covered Vimes’s armour, and his hands, and half his face, and he was holding a bloody sword in his hand.

'From how far back?’ he said.


Night Watch by Terry Pratchett, pg. 445 (paperback)

You cannot tell me that at that moment Coates didn’t see Old Stoneface when he looked at Vimes.

Honestly, I feel the Aria theorists must feel the worst right now. There is NO denying the Aria clues. The noir references, the literacy references, the links to personality disorders. Why did they give those to us if they were deemed irrelevant all along? You Aria theorist have been my favourite. Thank you for such clever theories.

My PLL Theories Masterpost

Theories about Uber A

Theories about Big A/Black Veil/Redcoat

Theories about That Night

Theories about the Twin 

Theories about Jenna

Theories about PLL Clues

The Monster of All Theories

What I’m about to say, I don’t believe has been said in any other theory before. Yes, there is a twin, an identical twin… And it is someone we have met, someone we think we know very well and yet don’t know at all. There are three. Bethany, Courtney, and Charlotte. All identical, only two are twins, Charlotte is a doppelgänger of both identical twins so you could say… There are triplets among us, at least there used to be.

Charlotte never meant to hurt anyone, she never did- in fact, the only things she did usually ended with no one dying, and yet someone… Someone out there was a cold-blooded murderer. That person is still out there. That person is who I’m going to name “Courtney” (an ode to the books!).

She killed Jessica. She killed Ian. She killed Garret. She killed Charlotte. She corrupted and tried to kill Alison. She met with Melissa. She had the visitors pass. She lived in the haunted house. She went to UPenn. Everything Charlotte didn’t admit to, Courtney was behind it. She was behind it all. It was said that Bethany Young was 20 when she died, making her and Courtney two years younger than Charlotte. Charlotte isn’t the one with the twin, Bethany and Courtney are identical twins and they look EXACTLY like Charlotte, and I’m going to prove it.

Lets start at the beginning, the twins story- this is the story of Bethany and Courtney. We originally thought that Charlotte was the one with the twin, that the other girl represented Alison… It sounded right but didn’t really fit, Charlotte never caused any intentional harm to Alison- therefore she couldn’t be one of the twins. We knew one of them was crazy enough to stab the other over a doll, that one of them was sent to Radley, and one of them was dead. Now, in the story- they never said the other twin died after the stabbing, it is merely assumed she died from the wounds.

Both twins survived, one was insane- the other was not. The dead twin that we see over and over repeatedly tells us that her sister keeps telling lies to her parents about her, I think it’s quite possible that Courtney stabbed herself to get Bethany thrown into Radley. In 3x13, the dead twin shows up again- she says she called her mother and asked to go home but her mother started crying. The dead twin then says her sister tells lies about her- telling her parents she ran away, that they fight all the time.

This could be interpreted as Courtney telling her parents that Bethany ran away from Radley when she was actually murdered.

How do I know that Bethany was the non-violent twin? The tapes. The tapes that were recorded during Bethany’s stay at Radley.

“She’s a bitch. She’s an evil bitch. I don’t mean nasty or rude, I mean evil! Without a soul! You could be the nicest person in the world, she gets them to do anything she wants! 5 minutes with her and you’d drown a bag of kittens if she asked, 2 minutes if you’re a man!”

The person that Bethany is talking about doesn’t fit anyone on the show that we know of, Charlotte was not evil, and I can’t stress enough that she repeatedly uses “she” to identify this person. But… There’s more, from another one of the tapes Bethany had been recorded on:

“Not destructive, self defense! It’s me or her, she’s not the only one who can make plans!”

Bethany sounded like it was either her or the other- neither could live while the other survived. (Harry Potter reference for my potterheads!)

Does that sound like someone who would just randomly push someone off the roof and then blame it on someone else? No… Because the one who pushed Marion off the roof wasn’t Bethany, it was Courtney. How do you think Charlotte knew how to get in and out of Radley? Someone showed her how.

I believe Courtney snuck in and out of Radley at will to cause trouble, that way she could do whatever she wanted and Bethany would take the blame. She’d take the blame every single time because she wasn’t the twin that was admitted.

Now, lets take a step back to 5x13, the Christmas episode… While rummaging through the DiLaurentis house, Hanna found a letter, a letter from Bethany to Alison. Does this letter sound like someone who has any intent on hurting Alison?

This letter solves one of the biggest mysteries on the show… The yellow tops. Courtney sent letters to Bethany pretending to be Alison, she’s the one who bought the yellow tops, she’s the one who set everything up. Charlotte following Bethany from Radley back to her house to protect Jessica proves the fact that she had absolutely no idea there were more than one yellow top out that night, in fact it proves that whoever set everything up was NOT Charlotte but someone else.

It’s funny how Melissa and Charlotte were supposed to have this huge relationship, yet the only time Charlotte mentions her was when it involved the trip to Cape May. Charlotte supposedly went to UPenn with Melissa, Melissa supposedly called Charlotte to tell her that Mona was in Radley… But Charlotte was already IN Radley. She had never met Mona before, she knew nothing about her, she listened to Mona talk about how happy they were that Alison was gone… And yet, why did Charlotte need a visitors pass? Why did she tell Melissa to notify her if Mona was ever in Radley? It’s because Charlotte wasn’t the one using the visitors pass, it was Courtney. Courtney used Charlotte’s “Cece Drake” alias to gallivant around, she made friends with Melissa- corrupted Alison, and caused mass mayhem around Rosewood.

Courtney started the entire thing, from day 1. The attack on Alison in the haunted house? It was right after the frat party, and right after Alison started receiving messages… And ironically, right after Alison told the twin story the first time. Courtney created destruction wherever she went, she got people in trouble and felt no remorse whatsoever.

The fact that Charlotte, Courtney, and Bethany looked alike worked for Courtney’s advantage, she could do whatever the hell she wanted and one or the other would get blamed for it. That’s also why Jessica was taking “Bethany” out, only it wasn’t Bethany, it was Courtney- she was blackmailing Jessica for either the existence of Charlotte, or the murder of Mrs. Cavanaugh- probably both. It was said at the stables where Jessica took her riding that “Bethany” threw a bucket at Jessica’s head, they never came back. Courtney then hated Jessica, she started to feed Bethany lies about Jessica having an affair with their father… This is when Bethany’s drawings turned dark, this is when Charlotte realized Jessica could be in danger- and therefore giving Courtney the motivation she needed to kill her twin once and for all. If Courtney’s plan worked Bethany would’ve killed Jessica, Courtney would’ve killed Bethany (both of them wearing the yellow top), and Alison would’ve went down for the murder because she was also in a yellow top. Bethany killing Jessica would match the anger she had towards Jessica so no one would question it, and Courtney murdering Bethany wouldn’t be questioned since both were in yellow tops, and Alison would’ve gone down for the murder because of the letter planted in the DiLaurentis house so it made to look like she planned to kill her. (Season 5 storyline anyone?)… That is, if Charlotte hadn’t have escaped and accidentally knocked Alison out in the first place.

Now, getting to the proof that Courtney is in fact Uber A… There are some requirements for the person who actually IS Uber A… 1. This person knows everything that happened on Labor Day. 2. This person dug up Bethany’s body in 3x01, proving that someone knew that body wasn’t Alison before anyone else. 3. This person knew every single person involved with each crime, aka Mona and Melissa, along with the accomplices who covered them up. 4. This person is highly intelligent, but absolutely insane and dangerous.

Charlotte had no idea that Alison was alive up until the night of the lodge fire, so how could she have possibly known the person in Alison’s grave wasn’t her? The simple answer is, she couldn’t have. This proves that whoever Uber A is knew not only the Bethany was dead and that Alison survived, but they knew who was responsible for each crime. Didn’t you ever wonder why exactly Melissa, Wilden, and others did the things they did? There was something they had done that someone knew about that held it against them.

Last episode Melissa said Charlotte called Wren and told him what Melissa had done, this would be impossible because Charlotte was watching Jessica bury Alison, she had been with Jessica the ENTIRE night while Bethany was knocked out and buried. Meaning someone saw everything happen and watched it unfold.

Another thing Charlotte said during the 6x10 finale stuck out to me… She said she could never trust Mona, that since she hit her best friend with a car, how could she trust her? And yet, the red coat who dug up Bethany’s body had Mona do it. Speaking of red coats, one of the scenes  with the A ending has red coat torching bobbleheads of the girls, if Charlotte had worn the red coat just that one time at the saw mill… Who bought the black hoodies in 3x01?

Now, I’m going to go back to the Season 4 finale when Jessica was murdered. We all know Charlotte didn’t do that, Jessica was the last person in the world who knew Charlotte existed and was the only person left who loved her. The person who did this was heartless, they wanted to hurt Charlotte and Alison in any way necessary, and that was taking away someone they loved, and someone who the killer absolutely hated. No one on the show hated Jessica more than Bethany, at least that’s what you’re made to think- and yet, if Bethany is dead, who STILL hated Jessica enough to kill her? Courtney.

Courtney isn’t like Charlotte or Mona, she has no real reason to do what she does… As Bethany said, “She’s a bitch. She’s an evil bitch. I don’t mean nasty or rude, I mean evil! Without a soul!”

Knowing just how evil, and just how smart Courtney was, she did things for Charlotte to hate Bethany (i.e. killing Marion and blaming it on her), and she did things for Bethany to hate Jessica (telling her about the “affair”). She pitted people against each other without them knowing it was even happening, and they didn’t even know they were being manipulated, Courtney had a reason for every single move she made- she never did anything that wouldn’t serve a purpose.

Now, reading the synopsis for an upcoming episode, it says that Alison believes she’s going insane- I think Courtney is going to be showing up (much like what Alison did when she was supposed to be “dead”) just to torture Alison, making her think Charlotte is still alive. Alison will probably think she’s going insane and will most likely be put in a place like Radley (possibly by her own hubby *cough*).

Now, who do I think killed Charlotte? Like I said in my Vertigo theory (which you can read here:, I think Dr. Rollins was the one to help murder Charlotte- while Courtney was there. From the tapes Bethany was recorded on, she said Courtney could get anyone to do anything she wanted within a few minutes of knowing them, 2 minutes if you’re a man. And I can guarantee you that he’s using his marriage to Alison as an alibi, Courtney probably told him to do it as an alibi but also to further damage Alison and put her away permanently. And we’ve also seen recently that whoever the big bad is right now has access to Medical Records, (Veronica and Yvonne’s).

And now, she’s going after Mona and Melissa as well, she’s framing Melissa for murder and torturing Mona as well. Melissa is going to most likely be pinned for some murder, whether it’s Charlotte or Bethany- right now it looks like Melissa may be going down for Charlotte’s murder because of the murder weapon being a part of her luggage bag. And remember, Melissa HATES Charlotte now for telling Wren what she did… So they’ll believe the motive.

Now, for the physical proof:

In 6x10, while Charlotte is explaining what happened Labor Day- she says that Bethany left with the Yellow Top, and from this letter that was found in 5x13… Someone was sending Bethany letters pretending to be Alison, and THEY are the ones who gave Bethany the yellow top. In 3x19 Jason stumbles out of the house, drunk and high- he sees Melissa and someone who looks like Charlotte in the yellow top. I think it’s very likely that Melissa was talking to Courtney, in fact- I think Courtney was the one who outed Alison and Ian to Melissa.

Whomever Melissa was talking to in the yellow top, she knew- she knew very well. And in 6x10 while Charlotte was explaining how she accidentally hit her thinking it was Bethany, Alison says that Jason saw her and Melissa talking, but it couldn’t have been Charlotte because she was in all black. So, whoever Melissa was talking to looked EXACTLY like Charlotte.

And in episode 4x24, when Alison was telling the girls what happened on Labor Day, she discovered the EXACT same yellow shirt in her room- along with an A message. So the person who sent both Alison AND Bethany yellow tops had a plan for them, and Charlotte was NOT included in that deal.

And again in 6x10, Charlotte said she stopped visiting Mona once they started weaning her off her meds- and yet, in 3x01 Red Coat took Mona to the cemetery to dig up Bethany’s body which Emily recalls in 3x18. This proves that whomever dug the grave up KNEW whoever was in that grave wasn’t Alison, and Charlotte believed Alison had been dead up until she discovers that Alison is alive in the Lodge Fire.

One of the most prominent pieces of proof that Bethany, Charlotte, and Courtney looked alike was in 6x10, while Charlotte is explaining what happened Labor Day when she mistook Alison for Bethany- Charlotte says this: “She stole my clothes and knew I had out privileges so she snuck out of Radley.”

Speaking of Red Coats… A recurring thing that keeps popping up are twins, specifically twins in red. Well, take a look:

The last photo is from the night Charlotte was murdered, whoever was in that red shirt was there when Charlotte was murdered… And since Marlene has confirmed there is an identical twin coming up, along with the fact Alison believes she’s going insane. It has to be someone who looks exactly like Charlotte without being her twin… I believe Courtney is alive and well, and we’re going to meet her… Very, very soon.

(P.S. Melissa is still the one trying to figure out who the killer is, and Dr. Rollins is still the one who killed Charlotte… None of that has changed!)

I have a lot more physical proof that she exists, but I’ve been writing this theory going on about 10 hours total so… If you have any questions, shoot me a message!

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Rip's mysteriously disappearing and reappearing hero coat, any theories? Coat on when he finds out the Time Council won't do anything even though Savage has time travelled. Coat off in the cell. Coat back on when running onto the bridge. 2x1, no coat when putting Mick in stasis, hero coat on in the 2x9 flashback immediately after that, leaves with coat. How does he have the coat to impersonate himself near the end? And how does he have it back for the end of 2x13?

Hah.  It is a quandary isn’t it?

On one hand, he may just keep fabricating the damn thing.  But that seems like a cheat for someone who seems as sentimental about objects as Rip is.  So I have one of two theories.

The first is that the REAL coat went with Rip when he used the Time Drive.  It is/was hanging up in Phil Gasmer’s apartment somewhere.  Phil created a duplicate, with Gideon’s help, to masquerade as himself in Raiders.  Which he was wearing when captured.

At some point off camera, presumably when saying goodbye to George Lucas, the crew ended up obtaining Rip’s real belongings from Phil’s home.

My other theory is that Rip Hunter has the stupidest metahuman power ever: coat summoning.  :-)


Remember how after Emily was drugged, she kept remembering little pieces of what she did that night? 

She remembered going to Sputnik’s diner. Holden was there with a temporary eye tattoo from Eric Kahn’s party. Someone wrote “I’m sorry I left you” on the menu.

Maya used to go to those parties when she was living in Noel’s cabin for a short time when she was thought to be in San Francisco. 

Another thing Emily remembers is Jenna driving her somewhere, with her sight back of course. Jenna wore a red coat. When asked about it, she said she found Emily drunk in the middle of the road, and Emily ran out of her car at a stoplight.

What Jenna said was probably a lie. At a later Kahn party (where CeCe gave Spencer’s college application to a UPenn friend), Spencer got Noel to tell the truth about what happened when she found out Noel was with Jenna that night. He says they found Emily at a diner. It must be Sputniks. Jenna says she lied about it to protect someone. She told Nate she was friends with Maya, and Maya stayed with Noel so they were probably close!


So who wrote “I’m sorry I left you” on Emily’s menu?.


Take a look at these screenshots of Maya’s “massugar” website. There are little pictures that link to photo galleries or videos. Several of them are from a DINER! On the right side there are black and white photos of a checkered tablecloth with condiments. On the bottom right (bottom pic), there is even a photo of a neon “DINER” sign. I didn’t see these things in the scene of Emily going back to Sputniks, but they are classic diner visuals. Mona said “Maya knew”, and we never found out what! Maybe she learned too much and had to fake her death to avoid being silenced. We never saw a body… What do you think?

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In theory, could one merge/coat their etherium body parts in mizzium?

There wouldn’t really be a point. Tezzeret lived on Ravnica for years and never bothered. It’s a great non-magical substitute for the rarer and more valuable Etherium.


Lately, I’ve seen a lot of people show an interest in Maya’s character again and asking if she is alive, part of the A team or a victim of A.
I have been pretty dismissive of all Maya related posts because I just thought she’s dead, no point putting anymore thought into it, but you know what? I think maybe I’ve been wrong about Maya…

As I’ve been re-watching the show I’ve come across some things that have me looking at Maya in a new light, a shady, dodgy, finger pointing light.

The first thing I want to bring to everyone’s attention is the parallels between Ally’s disappearance and Maya’s disappearance.
- The newspaper article about Maya’s disappearance reflects Ally’s
- A takes a copy of the paper with Maya’s disappearance article in it. We’ve seen the A lairs full of Ally is missing articles, is A adding this to the collection?
- The girls go on a crusade to find out what happened to Maya, as they did with Ally
- Maya’s body is found at the Dilaurentis house
- The reveal of Maya’s body being found is the same as Ally’s
- We never actually see Maya’s body, just as they did with Ally and we later find out it was never actually Ally
- Emily received messages/emails from Maya even though she was meant to be dead, just as the girls received messages that sounded like they were from Ally when she was missing
- As the girls investigate Maya’s disappearance they begin to peel back more layers to Maya and uncover secrets, this is exactly what happened with Ally.
I think the fact the story of Maya’s disappearance/death mirroring what happened with Ally isn’t a coincidence. It could lead us to believe Maya’s disappearance was more planned than an accident. I can’t quite put my finger on it but I feel this definitely has a deeper meaning.

A plain and obvious point; Maya moves into Ally’s house. Why the Hell would you want to do that when you know someone died on that property?

Maya latches on to Emily right from the start.
We know Maya comes across a lot of Ally’s things while she is at the Dilaurentis house. A lot of the things she comes across are very personal and often relate to the relationship between Em and Ally. She could have picked up on the fact Emily had strong feelings for Alison and knowing this played at Emily’s confused sexuality and wormed her way into Emily’s heart. Did she really love Em? Or was Maya simply using her? We know Maya goes back and forward between guys and girls like its no big deal but when Emily brings Toby to the dance Maya flips her lid and tells Em to come to grips with who she is. So it’s a do as I say not as I do kinda situation is it Maya?

And just while we’re touching on the subject why does Maya keep finding things of Ally’s? We know Mrs. Dilaurentis kept all of Ally’s things and when she moved back into her house she put Ally’s bedroom back to the way it was like nothing had happened. So you’d think Mrs. Dilaurentis would have packed every last little thing up so why does Maya always seem to keep finding Ally’s things? It seems to me she’s making it her mission to find these things, she has easy access to the things the Dilaurentis’ packed up, or she took these things from Ally at an earlier point in time.

In the early epsiodes of season 1 Spencer sees a blonde girl in Maya’s bedroom. Is this Ally? Cece? Bethany? Sara Harvey? Another crazy blonde? Whoever it is she is in Maya’s bedroom, that is dodgy.
In another episode when Jason is played by the other guy, Spencer sees him in Maya’s bedroom as well. Jason popping over to his old house I could understand, but why he’s in Maya’s bedroom has me very suspicious.

Maya is sent to True North Camp, or is she?
When Maya has dinner with the Fields’ she talks about her family and portrays her parents as being pretty chilled out, casual, easy going sorta folks that get wedding bands tattooed on their fingers. But then these same parents send their daughter off to straight narrow camp the second they find out she has a joint in her school bag. Really? Her parents reaction just doesn’t gel with the parents she portrayed at dinner. Did she even go to this True North place or was this an elaborate lie?

When Maya is being sent away for the second time she tells Emily her parents found an old joint and she hasn’t touched any weed since she’s been back. She tells quite a tale full of tears and drama and says she is going to run away. Five seconds later she is outside smoking a joint. Guess that joint your parents found wasn’t so old, hey Maya? Lying to her parents I get, but why lie to Emily? Very untrustworthy behaviour Maya.

Earlier in the season Emily spots Maya talking and being friendly with Noel at a cafe right before they are about to have dinner with Em’s mum. When Emily asks about it Maya tells her he was helping her with her phone. At the time this seems believable. Later on Spencer confronts Noel about his relationship with Maya and he says it was a texting relationship (apparently he supplied her with weed).
So Maya and Noel are making it sound like they hardly know each other and we really have no reason to doubt them until we see photos of Maya staying at Noel’s and find out from Holden she’d been going to exclusive parties that Noel hosts/attends.
And just how long had Maya been staying at Noel’s? The photos she posts on her blog are of her in her pyjamas, so she’s been there for at least one night. At Noel’s Hanna and Em find a bag of Maya’s things and an empty bed that’s been slept in.
Maya is abducted the night she confides in Emily about her parents threatening to send her back to camp. So if she was taken that night that means she was already staying at Noel’s because we have seen the photos of her in her pyjamas at Noel’s. So, this throws into question Maya’s story about her parents sending her back to camp and it raises another question, how long had she been at Noel’s for?

All the while Maya has never mentioned she’s been going to parties with Noel and Holden and never invited her along, and she kept her online blog a secret from Emily.

When Em and Hanna are at the Khan’s and find Maya’s bag they find a pocket knife that belonged to Nate/Lindon and a birthday card Emily made for Ally when she was 14.
Why, oh why would Maya pack a card that belonged to Ally in her bag when she is planning to run away? I find this incredibly odd. Emily dismisses it and says Maya must have been planning to give it to her, but it just doesn’t make sense. There’s something very fishy about the way Maya always has all these Ally/Em things with her.
Why does she have Nate’s pocket knife? A knife for protection makes sense, but she has Nate’s? Is it a momento? Did Nate in fact give it to Maya for protection? I don’t know, but it’s definitely odd that she has his pocket knife.

We see on the surveillance tape from the Khan’s Maya is abducted. So if she is taken by Nate/Lindon here why does her body turn up at the Dilaurentis house? Those two places are not near each other so it’s not like she struggled and fought him down the street until she lost the battle and he killed her. So why is her body turning up at the Dilaurentis property?

Whether Maya is alive or not I’m not certain but this is a big point to consider before ruling out the possibility she is still alive or at the very least didn’t die when we thought she did.
Emily is with Nate at a secret little getaway cabin when she gets a phone call and is told she has one minute to get out. The person on the phone uses a voice changer thing so you don’t recognise them but think about it, who would want to warn Emily? Later on, after Emily killed Nate she gets another phone call and is thanked for getting Nate out of the way.
We know Nate was stalking Maya and obsessed with her, if anyone would be glad he’s gone it’d be Maya. Before you start saying it was A on the phone, A has never once called the girls, ever. A uses texts and written letters to get in contact with the girls, never a phone call.
So maybe Nate honestly believes he did kill Maya. He might have knocked her out or hurt her until she was an inch from death and then maybe someone comes along and saves her (like Grunwald did for Ally), or maybe she played dead and then got away, it’s possible.

As I delve further into Maya’s character and how dodgy she is I start to wonder if she isn’t more involved with the A story, Ally’s family and the mannequin family in A’s Dollhouse. Here’s a few points to consider:

The A team (Mona and Toby) had Maya’s mobile phone and were going to plant it on Paige. How did the A team get a hold of Maya’s phone? And why is it being planted on Paige? It seems like a pretty random choice until you think about the consequences. If Emily had found Maya’s phone with Paige there would be no more Paily. Sounds like something a jealous Maya would want doesn’t it?

We know Mona has spoken to Red coat (who they explain is in charge of the A team) but doesn’t know their identity. This is revealed in the episode where the girls are at Spencer’s lodge and it gets burned down. Mona admits she doesn’t know who red coat is even though they have spoken on the phone. So, could Red Coat be the one who called Emily and warned her to get out and then called her again to thank her for getting Nate out the way? Could Maya in fact be Red Coat?

I’ve had a lot of issues with identifying who the mannequin family in A’s Dollhouse is meant to represent. I don’t know if anyone else has put any thought into this but the father and son have darker skin than the mother and daughter. Then in A’s playroom we see two families at a train station, one is the mannequin family and the other is a family who too have darker skin.
We really never found out anything about Maya’s family so it could be that her family is a lot more involved in the A story than we realise.

Lucas Drugged Emily, Ezra`s $$$, and What is Ted`s Secret? - 3x05 Analysis

3x05 -  “That Girl is Poison”      

       Ezra Can`t Stock His Fridge, But CAN Buy Expensive Antiques

Ezra`s financial situation has always been such a mystery to me. At this point in the show Ezra is unemployed and he is going on job interviews. Having been a teacher prior to this, so it doesn`t seem like he earned a ton of money to begin with. His family is super rich, yesm but he wants nothing to do with his relatives or their money. 

So, in this episode Aria brings up the fact that Ezra`s fridge is empty except for a lime that`s starting to grow fur. Another episode, another lime reference. Based on what Aria says we are supposed to get this idea that Ezra is running out of money. But maybe that`s not the case?

Ezra gifts Aria an antique camera, which Aria later finds out (from the photographer who takes photos at Jenna`s birthday party), is a VERY expensive camera. So where is the money from, Ezra? It`s possible that he was the secret informant who got the $50,000 reward from Jason, but something in the next episode makes me think that that`s not what happened. Nonetheless, Ezra has $$$. In season 4 we learn that he probably has more money than we ever imagined. Ezra lives in Rosewood, so he either owns the apartment he lives in and only pays for things like gas, electricity, etc. or he is renting it. On top of that he rents out an apartment in Ravenswood and sets up a lair there, complete with a very expensive looking computer system that allows him to track the girls, disable car engines, and etc. 

Then he starts taking Aria to that creepy cabin that belongs in a horror movie and says that he`s taking care of it while his friend, the owner, is away. I think that`s a lie too and Ezra probably owns it. He installs cameras in every room so he can see what Aria is up to when he leaves her alone one night and goes to (probably) run Shana out of town. More on that in my season analysis posts though :D

So this is one of the questions I`d like to get answered in season 6 - where is Ezra`s money coming from and was he the one who got the $50,000 from Jason DiLaurentis?

                    Emily`s Coat and Paige Accidentally Drugs Herself

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The Last Time We Saw the Elusive “Dr.” Wren Kingston

I have been going over episode 4x10 “The Mirror Has Three Faces” in my head time and time again because it is the last time we saw Wren. I wanted to watch him closely to see if there were any clues hidden in his actions, so I decided to go back and re-watch the episode. I found a few details to be quite interesting.

The suspicious behavior begins when Hanna tracks him down at The Brew. She asks him if he can sneak her in to visit Mona in Radley, the same way that he snuck in CeCe Drake. (Mona was currently back in Radley because of her fake confession to Wilden’s murder, and little did we know at the time that CeCe was also a patient at Radley in the past. So Wren “sneaking” her in to see Mona doesn’t add up to begin with - unless, of course, CeCe had been released during Mona’s time as a patient and needed Wren to sneak her back in to visit Mona, so they could plan their “A” shit - We now know that CeCe was already a patient there during Mona’s first admittance, and Wren had to have known this as well. Which is one of the reasons why he is so suspicious!) He tells Hanna that he can’t help, but as soon as she leaves, he makes this infamous phone call to someone who is obviously his ally:

At the time, Veronica was serving as Ashley Marin’s defense attorney in the Darren Wilden murder case, so Wren heads over to the Hastings to carry out “his end” of the deal. 

On his way, he stops to spy on Hanna & Caleb… CREEP.

When he arrives to the Hastings, he violates his doctor-patient confidentiality agreement without a care in the world by telling Veronica that he is there to warn her about Mona. Mona, his own patient, and someone he is supposed to be protecting by law. He says that Mona is “going to turn the tables” on her & that she is dangerous. He says that by confessing to Wilden’s murder, Mona is somehow going to use it as a way to hurt the girls. “She wants to see them hurt, as well as the people closest to them, like Ashley Marin,” he says. Hmm sounds like something “A” would want, actually. And we now know that "A” was Charlotte DiLaurentis/Drake.

Wren knows that by saying this, Veronica will head straight to Radley to confront & threaten Mona. Those Hastings girls sure can be impulsive sometimes. The manipulation turns out to be a success, because that is exactly what Veronica does. 

After she leaves Radley and her visit with Mona, the confrontation is reported & she gets thrown off of Ashley’s defense case. Ashley is left without a lawyer during a critical time in her case. The DA begins to suspect that Mona’s confession to Wilden’s murder was coerced, and that the person who coerced her was Veronica. Obviously this is what Wren wanted, but I wonder what he would gain by causing difficulty in Ashley’s case? He obviously wanted her to stay in prison, but why? Maybe to “hurt the people closest” to the Liars, as well as hurt the Liars themselves. That’s funny, because this was definitely Charlotte’s main course of action in those days.

So now that Wren’s “end” has been taken care of, it lead me to wonder who the other person was that he was talking to on the phone & what “end” they had to take care of.

The only possible answers I could find in the entire episode are these:

1.) By Charlotte’s request, he was speaking to CeCe’s “roommate” in Philly, who Aria was currently on her way to meet. This roommate tells Aria the story about CeCe hating Alison and her 4 “she devil” friends because of something that went down before Ali went missing. Remember that frat party Alison took the Liars to before she disappeared? The one where a drunk girl was thrown down the stairs?

Well apparently when this happened, Alison spoke with the school committee and blamed CeCe for this, which got her kicked out of UPenn.

But it quickly became apparent that CeCe didn’t hate Alison because of all the interactions we saw between them after this episode aired, and also because of everything we found out in the 6A finale. CeCe loved Ali (who we now know was actually her sister, and then more recently we are told they were just cousins). But regardless of how they were related, Charlotte did a lot of things to prove that she loved her family member (even if it was just an obsession). Ali loved CeCe too & had her back when shit hit the fan even though she didn’t even know they were related at the time. CeCe also knew that Ali was alive once she had Mona dig up the bones at the graveyard, so if she hated her so bad like her roommate said, then why didn’t she blow up Ali’s lie & tell everyone that she faked her death and skipped town? We now know why - because CeCe ended up being Charlotte DiLaurentis/Drake/Big A and she obviously wanted Alison to herself. She had a plan in order to obtain her, and this plan was already set in motion. She wanted Alison, Mona, and all of the Liars trapped in the dollhouse so that she could play with them whenever she wanted.

So maybe, just maybe, Wren was instructed to make this call in order to help Charlotte move her plan right along.


2.) He called the Red Coat that was currently living in the DiLaurentis basement (and this Red Coat turns out to be Charlotte DiLaurentis/Drake in the flesh). Hanna heads over to find Emily at the DiLaurentis house, but no one is home. She goes into Ali’s room and catches a sense of nostalgia as she goes through her things. She opens her jewelry box and we get a glance of the reflection in the mirror: Red Coat is standing directly behind her.

Did Wren call Red Coat and have her steal something from the house so Hanna couldn’t find it? Or maybe they wanted to scare Hanna? If he did indeed call her, then the only picture that sticks in my mind is this:

Originally posted by plltherapysessions

Wren has been MIA for 2 ½ seasons, but he has been mentioned. There have also been many clues pointing towards London, England. And with the discovery that Elliot Rollins is also British, Wren will stick in the back of my mind until the very last episode of the very last season. 

WREN IS INVOLVED. Somehow, someway.

hold up, wait a second, duh

remember 2x13 “The first secret” which was the flashback Halloween episode set in 2008, and the girls walk past that house, the same house they’re scared in later that episode/night. They stop because Emily thinks she saw someone through the window. Which she did because we see the blinds move.

we’ve never been given answers to anything in this whole episode, and now it makes sense. It was because it was Charles. Especially because after the door opens it pans to this 

do you catch my drift? Mona never admitted to being the one who scared the girls that night, and if Charles was residing out there, it could have been him.

Also can we talk about the fact that, if this is the case, the writers have known what they were doing the entire time. They knew they couldn’t give us the answers to this episode because it involved Charles, with whom we hadn’t known about until season 5, 3 seasons later. This excites me.

Also, Aria mentions “ I wish they’d just tear this place down already, every time I walk by here I get the creeps. I can’t explain it, i just feel like something really bad happened here” - long shot but could that “something bad” have involved the girls? and Charles and that’s why he’s torturing them?