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Theory 77 is awsome, and so is this song. I’ll definitely be getting his new album! I’d say more, but I’m in a hurry, so just listen to it and enjoy!

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Mom, I'm confused with ch 42 when Reiner says, "Our objective was to wipe out all the humans within the Wall, but there's no need anymore. Eren, if you come with us, we won't touch the Wall ever again". Why bringing Eren home would be more important than wiping out humanity? They haven't known about Coordinate power at that time. Maybe they have a hunch that Eren has the power? Or maybe they think Eren is a lost Warrior or something?

Bear with me anon while I answer this in a circular way. I feel like I need to provide some background to backup my answer.

Chapter 77 gave us plenty to think about. We were gobsmacked with the details of Marco’s death, but the opening panels were especially interesting to me.

As they stand on the rooftop watching Titan Eren carrying the boulder that will seal the wall in Trost, Reiner mentions that they’ve found “the key they’ve spent the last five years searching for”. What is that key?

At this point in their five year recon mission, they’d made three significant discoveries:

  • Historia is important to the Wall Cult
  • Eren is a Titan Shifter
  • Eren’s basement holds answers to the mystery of the titans

Since kidnapping Eren was the focus of the Female Titan’s rampage, we could assume that he was the key they were talking about, but we didn’t know if it was because of his shifting ability or his connection to the basement.

While “finding the key” was important, it didn’t mean their mission was complete. It was the appearance of the Beast Titan that meant they could go home.

At the end of chapter 46, Ymir speculates this to be the case. She says, “That ape, the Beast Titan, is the cause of this recent mess…you two are trying to get to it. Because if you do, you’ll be able to go back to your hometown, right?”

So the Beast Titan made going home possible, but Eren, Ymir and Historia were still important to them. 

Reiner told Eren if he accompanied them they wouldn’t need to touch the walls. He may have been lying to get Eren’s cooperation. Or he may have been telling a selective truth - they wouldn’t need to touch the walls because War Chief Zeke had other means of destroying humanity.

My pure speculation is that the information in the basement is what they were looking for when they started their mission. Eren was important because he knew were it was.

Now that they know he’s the Coordinate, he’s absolutely their focus. War Chief Zeke’s final words to Reiner and Bertholtd were, “We have one goal, right? Regain the Coordinate here and put a stop to this cursed history.”


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Annie's Father/Ape Titan Theory
  • SPOILERS!!! Ok. Who else thinks that the ape titan is Annie's dad? In chapter 77 Annie didn't want to harm Marco, but when Reiner mentioned the 'Father' she finally did it. The only person that she wanted to make proud was her father, as seen in earlier chapters in the flashbacks and we never see his face. Or the ape titan is the Father of all the titans because they(titans) have to obey him.
  • Let me know what y'all think.

Theory 77 - Disclaimer.

From the man himself: “Beats, Cuts, Words, Crappy Video, Bad Camera, Make do, No cameraman, First Attempt at Editing, Stupid life and dumb face by Theory 77. Hello kids. Many thanks.”


Ancient battle footage. Better stop now - can hear the cat eating something it shouldn’t be…