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I seriously believe darius zackaly I think his name is, is the beast titan. Same face, same hair, even the same glasses! Imagine that, commander of the military is the commander of the warriors, crafty...

Hi Anon~Sorry for my late reply~^^

Yup, up to now there’re many predictions about the identity of Beast Titan. I agree Mr Beast Titan (aka Zeke) looks like Zackly, while Zackly said something fishy in chapter 70 (here, Zackly’s appearance is similar to Zeke!)

In Chinese snk fandom, it seems that most people believe Beast Titan is actually a Yeager, since they’re both titan shifters with pointed ears in their titan forms:

And also, Zeke looks like Grisha (wait…Eren’s uncle? lol)

In my opinion, I tend to believe Zeke is actually an Ackerman~!

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Firstly, here is a comparison of different Ackerstares~!


Levi: credits to @amayaokami


And here’s Zeke’s:

Wait I’ve missed Grandpa Ackerman:

Back to Zeke again:

Look similar…..right? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

More important is, in chapter 77 Zeke said they must fulfil their duty to retrieve the Coordinate (it appears the Coordinate is not the power of the Reiss family) and put a stop to this cursed history—which reminds me of the persecution of the Ackerman and Asian clans.

It also appears the “Hometown” people consider those who live inside the Walls are evils and dirty? Are their children educated to hate people living inside the Walls and seek revenge on them? Because the King of the Walls had stolen the Coordinate power+titan serum from the “Hometown?”

To read more about my headcanon regarding Zeke, Ackerman/Asian clans and their relationship with the “Hometown”, you can read  The Ackermans’ Solemn Hour: My Ackerman headcanon story

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Well, isn’t this chilling…

War Chief Zeke discusses letting other children eat Reiner with the same tone most parents would use to tell their kids that they won’t get dessert if they don’t finish their veggies. It’s absolutely chilling. 

But it also gives us insight into Titan abilities. We can glean that serums aren’t available on the shelves of the Warrior Village Walmart. They may be hard to come by. Special abilities, like armor, are only given to those deemed worthy.

The panel with Reiner’s injury was deliberately drawn to show the spine relatively undamaged . Was this to allow for his regeneration or to show that the spinal fluid is intact for other reasons?

Someone sent me an ask about the possibility of Bert eating Reiner. My initial instinct was to dismiss the idea, but if Reiner’s armor is rare and valuable, it only makes sense. Bert would do his best to keep it away from Eren and the Survey Corps. 


Theory 77 - Numb

Theory 77 is awsome, and so is this song. I’ll definitely be getting his new album! I’d say more, but I’m in a hurry, so just listen to it and enjoy!


Theory 77 - Disclaimer.

From the man himself: “Beats, Cuts, Words, Crappy Video, Bad Camera, Make do, No cameraman, First Attempt at Editing, Stupid life and dumb face by Theory 77. Hello kids. Many thanks.”