Mutsuki’s Fate? (Spoilers)

I’ve just finished reading Tokyo Ghoul:re chapter 77 and I thought I’d make a post about Mutsuki’s fate. I’ll keep this short and simple. I can’t say for certain, but I believe it’s unlikely that Mutsuki is dead. I believe Mutsuki realised to free himself from this abuse, he had to take action and did so by killing Torso. He did it by dismembering and decapitating him so he becomes literally what his name is, hence the torso at the end. This is pure speculation, so don’t take my word for it.


Theory 77 - Numb

Theory 77 is awsome, and so is this song. I’ll definitely be getting his new album! I’d say more, but I’m in a hurry, so just listen to it and enjoy!

TGRE 77:Thoughts & Theories Who’s Corpse Was Found?

So I’m sure that this has already been theorized, but I’m going to post this anyway. I promised that I would post more of my theories and thoughts and I aim to keep my promises. 

So in this chapter, we learned a lot of information about the events currently happening on Rue Island. We learned on Miza’s past, her reason for her affection towards Naki. We do not know if she is alive or not. But she is presumed dead.

We also learned that Kurona is alive and that she is now insane. Quite possibly she had eaten Shiro and that caused her Kagune to change somewhat as her Kagune seemed to have a …weird look to it. It is quite possible that Hanabee is dead after his encounter with Kurona. She seemed to have implanted her sister’s eye inter her head in order to get closer to her presumed dead sister and now giving her the appearance of looking like a full-fledged ghoul despite the fact that she is a half-ghoul. 

Now on to Urie.

In Urie’s case, I think we have gotten more confirmation about him being on the brink of being a half-ghoul. He kept on mentioning the smell, wondering why if it’s horrendous why it smells like this. Of course, he was wondering about the amount of the smell which we later discover was from the amount of blood from the body he discovered.

However while this body has been thought of to be Mutsuki’s. But I believe that body belongs to Torso.

Given the scenes, we have read of Torso’s treatment of Mutsuki we know he has been abusive towards him. He had taken Mutsuki’s arms and legs, but unlike in the past, he left Mutsuki alive. Torso didn’t want Mutsuki dead, he wanted him alive, there for him to care for and pamper like a doll but still able to praise Torso for his abuse towards him. He married Mutsuki (in a weird forced sort of way that is completely insane) And Mutsuki was mainly defenseless. 

The key word is mainly.

Mutsuki is a Quinx, he has a kagune that he has learned how to control. My theory is that between the time where Torso was last shown with Mutsuki and when Urie found the body one of two things happened.

The most likely is that Mutsuki snapped. Like Shironeki in Part 1, and because of this snap Mutsuki killed Torso in the manner he killed many others with Mutsuki’s binkaku. In a show of insanity Mutsuki has either regrown his limbs or stole Torso’s in order to escape from the cave he was kept in. 

Of course it is possible that Mutsuki had just used his binkaku to kill and dismember Torso and nothing else. I find it difficult to believe that Mutsuki was able to put a sheet on Torso and have him sitting upright in that chair with out the use of extra limbs when we know that Mutsuki’s binkaku is a one bladed tale.

The second option is that someone, another ghoul found Torso and saw Mutsuki. Got into an altercation with Torso, killed him and dismembered him the stole Mutsuki.

The issue with this is there are litterally too many variables in this theory. It could have been one of Kanou’s men. So Kanou would have another Quinx to study for his current experiments. Or in a long shot it could have been Nishio. 

Why would I say Nishio?

Because Nishio was one of the two characters who did not go to save Hinami. The other being Tsukiyama.

Nishio was also not there when Tsukiyama was saved by Touka and Yomo. It is possible that Nishio has resumed his hunt for Torso after Tsukiyama visited reback in chapter 42 (or was it 44?) This hunt eventually lead him to Rue Island under cover as a Aogiri Ghoul. And while a majority of the Island was too busy fighting he decided to use this as a cover for him to kill Torso.

Nishio, who has met Mutsuko before, might have remembered him and if the theory of Torso having killed Kimi is true then Nishio probably felt somewhat careing for Mutsuki. This is one of Kaneki’s underlings, a dove, but one who was broken and beaten. Nishio might have saved Mutsuki as a way of guilt for not saving Kimi. 

So those are my crack pot theories. Sorry agains it’s a bit late but I needed to get this out there.


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Theory 77 - Disclaimer.

From the man himself: “Beats, Cuts, Words, Crappy Video, Bad Camera, Make do, No cameraman, First Attempt at Editing, Stupid life and dumb face by Theory 77. Hello kids. Many thanks.”

Eto: What is her future?

so i know everyone is freaking out about arima’s death flag (trust me, i am too), but like no one’s talking about eto???
Like shirazu, eto decided to cut her hair– which is a major death flag (i.e., shirazu died a few chapters after his own hair cut). symbolically it comes from the biblical tale of samson and delilah who, as you all know, found strength from god due to his long hair which he had never cut since birth.

Eto shockingly parallels this as when we were all almost 100% sure she was the one-eyed king, her hair was incredibly long. when we got the recent flashback of eto during her childhood/teens, her hair is cut fairly short– and she isn’t seen doing anything particularly bad during said flashback. in fact, we see her actually accepting her editor (a human who had discovered a human head in her fridge!) as something akin to a friend, considering that she neither threatens nor harms him. in short, she is fairly tame compared to current!eto

now, after her haircut she is immediately imprisoned in cochlea. she only frees herself and pursues furuta after getting her ‘last’ meal, that of her editor. in a rage, she is attempting to kill furuta, and in the process, kills a bunch of V agents; this parallels the biblical story in which samson, after praying to god for one last moment of strength, pulls on his shackles and collapses the entire building he is imprisoned in– killing himself and all those inside the building in one fell swoop.

tl;dr: haircuts = death. eto may die soon and the signs are very similar to shirazu’s confirmed death flags. i’m not sure how soon, but given all the religious symbolism and how she is seen as both a devil and christ figure, i am not 100% sure she’ll stay ‘dead.’ if it were up to me, i’d want her to survive till the end of the manga but i digress…

Hey guys I’m taking my AP Music Theory exam tomorrow and I’m pretty sure I’m getting a 2 so if you can send me some encouragement about it not being the end of my academic career I’d appreciate it


Ancient battle footage. Better stop now - can hear the cat eating something it shouldn’t be…