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Theory: Kirk’s ripped shirt in the newer movies doesn’t have small holes because it’s improperly portraying just how horribly he can destroy his uniform, it’s because he’s just at the beginning of his shirt-ripping career. From what I understand, even the beginning of TOS is set much later than the most recent of the new Trek movies, so Kirk’s still a bit new at this.

I choose to believe that, given time, this alternate version of Kirk will also eventually master how to properly rip his shirt during a mission, and will one day make it back to the bridge in a shirt of which nothing remains but the collar and one sleeve clinging to it with a sort of forlorn determination.


he watched 4 youtube tutorials for this

(the truth behind Shiro’s s3 bad haircut)

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Ya know I don't think I've ever seen someone draw fanart of Kuroiro from class B before and I didn't know I needed it until now. You are a gift unto this fandom. Keep it up

!!! You have no clue how happy this made me anon oh boy I love Kuroiro SO MUCH I’m glad you liked that doodle!! have one more

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Mob Psycho 100 headcanons: Teru has terrible aesthetic sense

Inspired by the part in the manga where Teru suggests for Mob to buy the ugly monkey shirt, though the reason behind this is initially unclear. It doesn’t make sense for it to be a joke to make fun of Mob, since Teru clearly respects and admires Mob (so much so that according to official guides, his catchphrase is “I am a commoner”). So it’s relatively safe to assume his intentions are mostly from goodwill, and that he actually does think the shirt looks good.

Thus, the infamous and beautiful Teru haystack hair can be explained as a result of Teru really thinking that the wig was stylish. Also his old, pre-haystack hair wasn’t exactly fashionable either.

Thinking of it like this, everything falls into place.

Teru just has a shit sense of style.

Ok so I was thinking about how Jaune’s belt-sash-scarf thing looks like Pyrrha’s.

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But that made me notice Ren, who out of the blue also got a new outfit

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So both boys are now wearing red belt-like things, just like Pyrrha. Ren even has more red inside his collar.

Now look at Nora

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Previously, neither Nora nor Ren wore any red, with the exclusion of the two small red strips on Nora’s jacket-thing. Also, it’s been pointed out to me that the inside of Ren’s coattails were also red.

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So this can be interpreted two ways:

One, Nora and Ren are wearing matching red jacket liners (Score for Renora!!!)

And two, all three remaining members of JNPR decided to wear red in memory of Pyrrha

I present to you the following Facts:

- Dirk throws the stars and stripes shirt at Todd, and Todd is still holding it when Dirk starts the car and pulls out of the parking space

- When they reach their destination, Todd is wearing the shirt

- At some point during the same car journey, they switched places so that Todd was driving (”I stopped the car to check the map, and you got out to start digging!”)

- Despite Dirk’s terrible driving that first time in episode one, Todd seems happy to let him drive at the beginning of episode five, until this car journey, when he apparently decides Dirk is never allowed to drive again (”Dirk’s outside. Can you take him? Hes not good with… cars”)

Ergo, vis-a-vis, I forward a theory:

- Todd took his shirt off mid-car journey and Dirk veered off the road, nearly killing them both, at the sight of his compactly muscled body

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okay, so I know I’m probably not the only one that noticed this BUT I just have to say it. In Bon Voyage 2, Namjoon asks Yoongi which shirt was best and Yoongi says the shirt on the right. Clearly, on the right, we see a disinterested Yoongi sitting enjoying his Americano WEARING THE SHIRT ON THE LEFT. HE DEADASS SCAMMED NAMJOON TO GET THE OTHER SHIRT SO HE COULD GET THE ONE ON THE LEFT. IM YELLING