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Theory: Kirk’s ripped shirt in the newer movies doesn’t have small holes because it’s improperly portraying just how horribly he can destroy his uniform, it’s because he’s just at the beginning of his shirt-ripping career. From what I understand, even the beginning of TOS is set much later than the most recent of the new Trek movies, so Kirk’s still a bit new at this.

I choose to believe that, given time, this alternate version of Kirk will also eventually master how to properly rip his shirt during a mission, and will one day make it back to the bridge in a shirt of which nothing remains but the collar and one sleeve clinging to it with a sort of forlorn determination.

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Ya know I don't think I've ever seen someone draw fanart of Kuroiro from class B before and I didn't know I needed it until now. You are a gift unto this fandom. Keep it up

!!! You have no clue how happy this made me anon oh boy I love Kuroiro SO MUCH I’m glad you liked that doodle!! have one more


Mob Psycho 100 headcanons: Teru has terrible aesthetic sense

Inspired by the part in the manga where Teru suggests for Mob to buy the ugly monkey shirt, though the reason behind this is initially unclear. It doesn’t make sense for it to be a joke to make fun of Mob, since Teru clearly respects and admires Mob (so much so that according to official guides, his catchphrase is “I am a commoner”). So it’s relatively safe to assume his intentions are mostly from goodwill, and that he actually does think the shirt looks good.

Thus, the infamous and beautiful Teru haystack hair can be explained as a result of Teru really thinking that the wig was stylish. Also his old, pre-haystack hair wasn’t exactly fashionable either.

Thinking of it like this, everything falls into place.

Teru just has a shit sense of style.

Ok so I was thinking about how Jaune’s belt-sash-scarf thing looks like Pyrrha’s.

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But that made me notice Ren, who out of the blue also got a new outfit

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So both boys are now wearing red belt-like things, just like Pyrrha. Ren even has more red inside his collar.

Now look at Nora

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Previously, neither Nora nor Ren wore any red, with the exclusion of the two small red strips on Nora’s jacket-thing. Also, it’s been pointed out to me that the inside of Ren’s coattails were also red.

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So this can be interpreted two ways:

One, Nora and Ren are wearing matching red jacket liners (Score for Renora!!!)

And two, all three remaining members of JNPR decided to wear red in memory of Pyrrha

@uncledefender asked me to write a meta on David’s shirts so let’s give this a shot:
Episode two: You’ve got a circle with a square chunk missing plus a vest, this is where they’re trying to go through David’s memories and they’re realizing parts are missing from it. David isn’t whole right now, he’s gotta figure himself out.
Episode three: He’s wearing a shirt that’s got the arrow pointing up over his shoulder. This could mean that there’s someone else pulling the strings behind him, and we now know the shadow king manipulates his memories. We sorta see more evidence in the episode, where once again Ptonomy accuses David of not letting him into further memories, to where David replies that it’s not him.
Episode four: The blue tornado. Chaos happens from tornados. David is stuck in his mind, his mind isn’t letting him wake up on his own. He’s not in control and from this, the shadow king helps him wake up and it results in chaos which leads to the next episode.
Episode five: The circle is full and complete, but it’s complete with a triangle. Two shapes making a whole. Not just any kind of triangle, a yellow triangle. Which is also pointing up at David. The yellow triangle can be thought of representation of the shadow king aka devil with yellow eyes. He’s there and he’s even more present now as he’s taking more and more control over David. The triangle probably also represents a reference for Pink Floyd. 
Episode six: David doesn’t have a shirt with a “shape” but I thought I would still talk about it. David is now back at the mental hospital. Of all places. Which I think is sorta his comfort zone in a negative way. It’s all he’s known for 6 years so going back and having everyone there makes sense. Also a nice setting to mess with the audience’s brain at the end of episode 5 lol. Whether it was the shadow king or David who put everyone in the mental hospital, it still speaks for itself. David was actually happy there even though it was an illusion. The outside world still scares him.
Episodes Seven and Eight: Still in that yellow triangle shirt for hopefully obvious reasons now. The shadow king is still present and now even more so. But, when David goes back in his mind and the device starts removing the shadow kings presence in his memories, the yellow triangle disappears. He also has a solid grey shirt with a vest, compared to the shirt with the circle with a square chunk missing from episode two. Two ways of showing he’s becoming more of himself.
End credit scene: Had to do a little research because I knew it meant something but I don’t know what pyramids mean exactly. So what I found is that pyramids can symbolize a bigger consciousness of strength and energy. David is now his full self. There’s also the fact that the pyramid isn’t completely a solid color. This could mean that David has stuff to now explore about himself because for once in his life he is of one mind.

Sheldon’s Star Sapphire T-shirt

If you’re in The Big Bang Theory fandom, you’ve seen this shirt before. But I’m fairly sure many viewers unfamiliar with comics don’t understand the significance of this shirt. In the DC comics there are different lantern corps, the most common of which is the Green Lantern Corps (I’m sure even fans not well versed in comics will know Green Lantern.) Well, the Green Lantern Corps is only one of the lantern corps. The lantern corps have power rings that bestow powers on the wearer, who is chosen because they have certain ideals and attributes that that particular lantern corps values. The Green Lantern Corps values willpower, and thus the rings are powered on willpower and the weakness of the Green Lanterns is fear. There are several more lantern corps the Sinestro Corps (fear), the White Lantern Corps (life), the Red Lantern Corps (Rage),  the Orange Lantern Corps (avarice), the Indigo Tribe (compassion), the Blue Lantern Corps (hope), and the Black Lantern Corps (death). Each lantern corps conducts itself differently and has its own unique oath. The Star Sapphire Corps represents love, and its oath is:

“For hearts long lost and full of fright

For those alone in blackest night

Accept our rings and join our fight

Love conquers all with violet light”

Notably, Sheldon wears his Star Sapphire shirt at the end of “The Gorilla Experiment”

and again when he has dinner with Penny in “The Spaghetti Catalyst”

Whether intentional or not, Sheldon’s Star Sapphire shirt gives these Shenny scenes a deeper romantic subtext.

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honestly im really interested in the list of canon thing you found!! pls make a list

you asked >B)

so, all of the evidence towards dave being trans is SUPER subtle and mostly wardrobe based.

the main problem with it is that a lot of the context clues are based off of a cisnormative worldview, which doesn’t surprise me because andrew hussie is a cis guy and often writes in a a cisnormative way but here goes;

  • so first off lets talk about wardrobe as a child. we know that john has a spades shirt and dave comparatively has a heart shirt and since card suits are a recurring theme we could just leave it there. theres a bunch of speculation about why hussie gave dave the heart but heres mine;

    daves toxic masculinity arc indicates that bro is a man with a very homophobic, cisnormative, hypermasculine mindset. idk if you’ve ever seen a cis person like this try to pick out clothes for their kid but tldr i don’t think bro strider would give a heart shirt to his kid if he thought he was a boy. furthering that i do think he was vaguely accepting of dave being a guy but resultingly turned up the heat on training and forced dave constantly to “prove” himself as a guy in order to be validated. this would really cause some emotional constipation about sexuality and identity tbh.

  • then we have his infamous tank top+long sleeved shirt combo theory. to a lot of trans guys the next best thing is layering especially if they’re not allowed to have a binder. for this i feel like its a mixture of bro not getting dave a binder because why would he be that nice + the fact that dave at 13 probably wouldn’t be very developed yet, just enough to be uncomfortable and have to layer his clothes.

    i personally like to think of it like a loose tank over a tight compression shirt, which bro actually WOULD buy dave because it’s a garment designed for sports and training.

  • oh boy! my favorite! dave + suits. in case you didn’t notice, every single outfit dave alchemized is a suit. this goes back to the layering sitation but ALSO, in my experience as a trans guy who hangs out with other trans guys, we all wanna look a little dapper sometimes. especially when we first get that freedom of wardrobe. that’s not to say ALL trans guys are like that of course so don’t assume anything, but i perceive daves thing for suits as a very trans guy thing.

  • his hangup with being attracted to guys is dubiously indicative of being trans, but the fact that his masculinity hinges on who he’s attracted to is a red flag. i can’t tell you how invalidating to my identity it is when people assume or imply that im straight because i like dudes. i can’t imagine what a 13 year old would be like in that position, with the hypermasculine upbringing that he has.

  • the actual obsession with dicks. like this is really common among young teenage boys in general but daves sense of humor being irony its easy to make the connection of: dave, drawing many dicks: haha get it its ironic bc i dont have one lmao

  • hella jeff is trans (NSFW link; it’s a canon sbahj comic, tw for an incest joke) and you’d think that as much as dave likes to draw dicks he wouldn’t have been shy about putting one on hella jeff if he were cis but he’s not.

    there are a lot of theories about how dave self-inserts his insecurities in sbahj through hella jeff too especially about being attracted to dudes.

  • “one of you fuckers thought i was a girl” from this conversation with tavros.

    because of the context this is probably the most dubious bit of evidence towards trans dave out there. we know that female trolls are stronger/more violent, so this could be in reference to that.

    however, some female trolls(the adults, namely) are shown to have breasts, and i know by the time i was thirteen i’d already developed them, so it makes sense to me that he could be mistaken for a girl because of this.

    it also indicates pretty clearly that he was misgendered by a troll and it bothered him so much that he had to bring it up later.

A behind-the-scenes video of Alex’s recent photo shoot (May 6, 2017) for Variety’s upcoming Emmy issue shared by his stylist, Jeanne Yang, on instagram (May 9, 2017):

“Recent shoot with #alexander skarsgard in @Margarethowellltd sweater layered over @theory t shirt @acnestudios  jeans and @tods driving loafers for the upcoming issue @variety Emmy issue grooming by @jamie_grooming styling by @jeanneyangstyle #biglittlelies #BTS.”

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Image credit:  Our cap from Jeanne Yang’s behind-the-scenes video

Photo credit:   EWagmeister twitter (x)

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Image credit:  Our cap from Jeanne Yang’s behind-the-scenes video

me at a restaurant on a date with my boyfriend john proctor

me: john I’m having such a nice time tonight

john proctor: *smiling at me across the table* me too

me: *pours him some more wine* hey do you remember those problematic tv shows I told you not to watch anymore?

john proctor: oh sure! family guy, girls hbo, game of thrones, and…uhh….glee!

me: hm…weren’t there five?

john proctor: *‘big bang theory’ t-shirt just barely visible beneath his jacket* five?


The shirt says 13, you all know what it means…

Hey, it’s Jungkook, Jeon Jungkook. Don’t adjust whatever device you’re hearing this on, it’s me, live and in stereo. Get a snack, settle in, because I’m about to tell you the story of my life; more specifically, why my life ended.

“It is a fierce and jealous love, Bilbo” Balin said about the dragon sickness

Richard Armitage said Thorin becomes “singularly obsessed with Bilbo”

Look at how close Thorin always is to Bilbo in botfa when he isolates himself from everyone else

Look at how he gave Bilbo the mithril shirt blatantly in front of everyone else, held onto the shirt so Bilbo had no choice but to let Thorin help him put it on

a fierce and jealous love
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jeanneyangstyle: Recent shoot with #alexanderskarsgard in @Margarethowellltd sweater layered over @theory t shirt @acnestudios jeans and @tods driving loafers for the upcoming issue @variety Emmy issue grooming by @jamie_grooming styling by @jeanneyangstyle #biglittlelies #BTS [x]

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