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Please you all have to remember this moment … Its so touching and so incredible ❤💔 Kai was on tears and so emotional, Kyungsoo was aware of that so he tried to cheer him up , he choose him after him to give a talk in a surprised way he want kai to laugh and change his mood to be happy (T^T) And then Kai lean on him and hugged Kyungsoo shoulders and Kyungsoo touch his hand to make him feel alright , Kai choose Kyungsoo to be with after being on tears and after that he felt good and he laughed while he still hugging kyungsoo shoulders.. You all can see here how Kyungsoo really care about Kai and want to make him smile (T-T) god how they treat each other make me speechless 💔❤ (Cuddlekaisoo) on IG talked talked about it .. This moment always make me feel beautiful pain in my heart cause their love is so deep and amazing .. They just make me feel like hdjdjfjrmkfkeiudbfk 😭

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What if Davids parents just never came to pick him up from Camp Campbell once summer was over. Then Mr. Campbell just sort of let him stay there and became his (mostly absent) guardian and David has lived at camp camp ever since.

Bless you, Anon, for keeping that sweet David angst coming my way.

I can definitely see something like happening to him. After all, Mr. Campbell was probably tired of having to hire and pay new counselors every few years by that point anyway, so ‘raising’ a child that could double as an unpaid worker would be like a dream to him. Meanwhile, David would just be so happy that his idol, a man he probably already saw as a father figure was now raising him to really question his situation.


“See you there”

Apart from rebranding, this statement could be related to a new chapter of BTS + their next comeback. If you went to their concert, you may remember that during a few of their VCRs, it seems like they were reminiscing and walking through their “past” one last time before moving forward through the doorways into the light aka “beyond the scene”.

samurai jack theory - horseman

can we just say that this guy that jack went with last episode saying “it’s time“ looks strikingly similar to

Kusunoki Masashige

Aka, the Japanese general known as a national symbol of undying loyalty.

He served under his emperor Go-Daiga. In his final battle, despite his knowledge that the emperor’s orders were basically a death sentence

he suffered a massive defeat and was forced to commit seppuku.

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Story 04 by @nerdforestgirl

Amy looked over at her husband who was sitting in her lab snacking on the food he brought for her while he watched her work. Sheldon didn’t mind watching her work for a while. He always thought she was cute in her lab coat, and seeing that sweater covered baby bump sticking out of it just put her on the next level. Though he knew she needed to sit and eat this thoughtfully researched and prepared meal.

“You need to rest more,” he demanded.

“You aren’t my doctor, and I want to get this finished before I stop to eat,” Amy snapped. She never knew if it was her pregnancy hormones that made her frustrated by Sheldon’s behavior or if it was just his tendency to be overbearing and annoying. Ether way, her day would be a lot easier if he would just go back to his office for a while.

Sheldon just shook his head and took another bite out of the carrot he was snacking on. It was hard for him to stay away from Amy for long when she was carrying his child. He was well aware that he was driving her up the wall by checking in a few times a day, but he always felt better when he knew how she was. Since it was just a walk across campus to visit her, he often found it hard to resist visiting her. So, here he was, watching as she lovingly prepared samples of brain tissue to inspect under her microscope.

That was until she set down the slide and put her hand to her belly and grimaced. Sheldon was up and to her in seconds. He was guiding her to a stool to sit down.

“It’s fine. She’s just kicking,” Amy assured him as she rubbed the spot that had been abused by her daughter. This would only spur him on to hang around her lab more, so she wanted to make sure he knew everything was fine.

“She’s kicking?” Sheldon asked in wonder. It was at that moment that Amy realized that Sheldon had never felt their child’s little kicks. She was used to the little movements that had felt more like popcorn popping than actual kicks, but over the last couple days her little girl had taken to real kicks. They just happened at work or after Sheldon was already asleep. It wasn’t like she was keeping it from him. She took his hand and put it on her belly right where their daughter was kicking her still.

“Wow,” Sheldon muttered. His eyes went wide as he left his hand there and felt the tiny movements under it. They stopped after a moment, and when Amy looked into his eyes they were shiny with tears. He got on his knees in front of Amy to speak right to their child.

“Hello,” he said clearly. “It’s me. It’s Daddy. I can’t wait to meet you.”

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Check her stories on tumblr and fanfiction dot net /  archiveofourown. You REALLY need to read them. I love all of them. Sweet and fluff Shamy? go to her. I’m also a big fan of Raj/Lincoln stories and other pairings. Thanks for all the work!!

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Do you think Sachiko woke up on that first February 28th, saw the date on the calendar and for a long moment just became filled with the need to make preparations? Bake a cake, set out the gifts, tidy the house to make it ready for him (and Misa, inevitably). So she gets up, gets dressed and goes downstairs, passes the family shrine on the way to the kitchen and–

she remembers.