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people freaking out over these out-there theories while sana and yousef are just flirting and a beautiful relationship is blossoming?

maybe this season will be like the San Junipero episode of Black Mirror you know, not everything has to end so badly.

i say just enjoy the content we are actually getting and worry about drama and when it actually starts happening? and no one understands what all the s3 parallels mean yet so…

cause at the moment all i see is a beautiful muslim girl who is the literal sun with a crush on a beautiful muslim boy who encourages her in every way.


Please you all have to remember this moment … Its so touching and so incredible ❤💔 Kai was on tears and so emotional, Kyungsoo was aware of that so he tried to cheer him up , he choose him after him to give a talk in a surprised way he want kai to laugh and change his mood to be happy (T^T) And then Kai lean on him and hugged Kyungsoo shoulders and Kyungsoo touch his hand to make him feel alright , Kai choose Kyungsoo to be with after being on tears and after that he felt good and he laughed while he still hugging kyungsoo shoulders.. You all can see here how Kyungsoo really care about Kai and want to make him smile (T-T) god how they treat each other make me speechless 💔❤ (Cuddlekaisoo) on IG talked talked about it .. This moment always make me feel beautiful pain in my heart cause their love is so deep and amazing .. They just make me feel like hdjdjfjrmkfkeiudbfk 😭

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Keith, in the very first episode: you won’t like him anymore if you pretend you don’t know him

That chronic illness feel when...

You sleep for 9 hours but when you wake up it feels like you never slept at all

samurai jack theory - horseman

can we just say that this guy that jack went with last episode saying “it’s time“ looks strikingly similar to

Kusunoki Masashige

Aka, the Japanese general known as a national symbol of undying loyalty.

He served under his emperor Go-Daiga. In his final battle, despite his knowledge that the emperor’s orders were basically a death sentence

he suffered a massive defeat and was forced to commit seppuku.

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  • I had a life once, but then Camren happened

Moments you never forget !!!

I Don’t know about you but me that night, for us the morning around 6:15 am, after  his victory I didn’t understand nothing. The actor that I’ve loved since The Pillars of the Earth and I saw and met several times, for which I opened a blog and in which I immediately believed in his ability ’, had won an Oscar !!!

I went up and down the stairs for over 10 minutes, crying …… I was so ‘happy …. Thanks Eddie for this  great emotion and all the emotions that you’ll give us  in the future.

P:S: The Gifs aren’t mine so I have thanks all that people who made these. Thank yopu !!

Momenti che non si dimenticano !!!

Non so voi ma io quella notte, quasi mattino erano le 6.15 circa del mattino, alla sua vittoria non capii piu’ niente. L’attore che ho amato fin dai pilastri della terra e che avevo visto e incontrato diverse volte, per la quale ho aperto un Blog  e nella quale ho creduto subito nelle sue capacita’, aveva vinto l’Oscar !!!

Andai avanti e indietro per le scale per oltre 10 minuti, piangendo……ero cosi’ felice…. Grazie Eddie per qusta grande emozione e per tutte le emozioni che ci farai vivere nel futuro.

P.S. le gifs non sono mie quindi ringrtazie tutte le persone che le hanno fatte. Grazie!!!

i can’t tell if That One Scene in DSoD was supposed to be: 

  • atem reaching through the veil of death to save joey because they were close enough that, like with yugi, atem could sense he was in danger, or
  • joey’s memories of atem were something especially unshakable and unforgettable in joey’s mind and he used those as a foothold to fight his way back to existence

regardless, what i’m getting at here is that dragonshipping is real


|  This One Miraculous Moment |  Theory | 

“This happiness… Please let it last from now and into the future.”

After Yuuki reveals to Zero her feelings, and their issues finally get resolved, their relationship starts to head in the right direction. After a beautiful wedding, the happily married couple head into their future, together, as it should be. 

Before long, Yuuki finds herself pregnant. Zero has been preoccupied with work and when he finds out he’s overjoyed. However, the happy news takes a turn for the worst when Yuki miscarries. Yuki starts to blame herself and Zero comforts and assuages her worries, telling her that when they’re ready they can try again. 

Zero and Yuuki preoccupy themselves with work and Ai grows impatient, not fully understanding the hardship Zeki has dealt with already through the miscarriage. Eventually, Zeki becomes pregnant again.  And again.  But each time results in a miscarriage and they are unable to understand why. 

So desperate for those answers, they turn to their friend, Aidou, who is obviously knowledgeable on biology since he is making the cure for vampirism.  With his help, they discover that each time Yuki is pregnant, the children are twins and consume each other in the womb. They suffer from the infamous twin curse that results in hunters only having one child amongst twins because the strongest twin eats its other half. Worse, the combination of pureblood and hunter genes seems to aggravate the condition and Zero continuously impregnates Yuki with twins as a result of his genetics. 

With this knowledge in mind, it takes a toll on Zeki as they start believing their relationship is cursed in more than one way against all odds. Ai harasses Zeki any time she gets to drop hints to her dissatisfaction at not having a sibling. Zeki attempt to evade her interrogation, which leads her to believe something is wrong and eventually she figures out from Aidou that they’re incapable of having children. 

Devastation hits Zeki, as both individually guilt and shame themselves into believing they’re not right for each other as they can’t produce a family. However, in light of their bleak turmoil, they don’t give up the fight because it would be like giving up on one another, so with another hopeful try, Yuki finds herself pregnant this time with only one child. This proves to be the secret to successfully carrying a child to term, and Ren is born; their miracle son who was born against all odds. 

Thus they have this miraculous moment that they share together, knowing they finally made a family together, despite all the pain and loss they suffered to get to this one moment. Ren is not only the joy of their lives but also symbolizes their difficult relationship, proving that two people, no matter how much hardship they face, can overcome any odds as long as they don’t give up on one another.

But also whenever someone says Shiro’s favoritism of Keith is blatant and unfair like:

He only picked Keith as 2IC after he demonstrated an ability to actually pilot the fucking Black Lion.

That’s not favoritism.  That’s being realistic.  Keith can do it.  For whatever fan theories we have about that moment, Keith did the thing.  After that is when Shiro says that Keith should take over, because he literally just demonstrated his ability to do so.

Then he took a private moment on a mission that Keith needed to be taking anyway due to his lion’s capabilities to have a talk with him about it since they hadn’t discussed it since, and get an update on the situation.

Like, literally none of that is Favoritism.

So, like???  Where is this ‘unfair and blatant’ treatment to everyone else?  

anonymous asked:

I see people complaining why Harry never said anything about a solo deal etc. but him being able to make a first move on March 25 of all days and Columbia only adding him to their side today is not a coincidence. What kept Columbia from announcing it when they supposedly made the deal. Or why wasn't he in their documents? I think there was more stuff going on and it's too easy to say Harry could but didn't want to. (Niam's announcements were so different compared to this, including tweets etc.)

@lawyerlarrie and I talked about this offline last week and theorized that it might have something to do with a “non-solicit” agreement, which basically prevents related companies from poaching from each other.

All Sony companies/labels probably have a non-solicit agreement between them, so like, Epic can’t offer Adele, a Columbia artist, a better deal to move to their label since they both are under Sony. 

With Syco, they are a partner company with Sony and Columbia already had 1D on their label, so it got a little fuzzy, but we were thinking maybe Columbia couldn’t officially and formally announce the Harry signing because of that, but it wouldn’t affect Niall and Liam since they didn’t stay with a Sony label.

The theory doesn’t entirely work because the deal was obviously made last summer, even if it was only verbal, which would still be in violation of the spirit of the restriction, if not the letter of it. But at the same time, Rob Stringer - President of Columbia Records - was already tapped to lead Sony Music, so he had a lot of power over the situation and and the company.

So that’s my theory at the moment and now that it’s all “officially official” with Harry I’m hoping some other restrictions might be ending too.