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People in this fandom can REACH. This entire fandom is obsessed with crazy reaches and insane theories and reading into every little detail. Before hiddleswift officially died I used to think it was just me and my fellow hiddleswifties being crazy, but it's this entire fandom. I find it amusing that a large majority of swifties were calling hiddleswifties lunatics for reaching like that, but now I'm seeing that reaching is what this fandom is all about!

oh, this fandom has been collectively reaching for ages about a wide variety of things, and everyone knows it. 

even taylor. 

oh my god i think i figured out the weird and confusing lyrics on the red velvet teasers it actually started with yeri so her lyrics are ‘i used to dream of becoming jam when i grew up’ which references her fruit the grape .. which are probably one of the most common flavors of jam/jelly . yeri as a young grape wanted to be jam.

joy’s lyrics are “it hasn’t been long since i’ve arrived in Korea” and this was confusing at FIRST but i looked it up and only in the last couple of years did south korea strike up an agreement with new zealand - which allowed for more importation of kiwis, Joy has only recently come to korea bc sales of kiwis have skyrocketed allowing her to ‘arrive’ im yelling what is this

ok so irene says “when i was a child i wasn’t tough like this, i was weak’ which i was thinking like ? is this theory batshit or does it have any connection and IT DOES JSALKDFJSD. cherry trees are very hard to cultivate and not get diseases, and they also take years to mature to the point where they arent vulnerable. so yeah irene is a cherry that has been very suseptable to dangers but isnt anymore because shes grown up.

*ok edit: irenes fruit isnt cherry its watermelon but it actually still applies because watermelons are hard to grow especially in cool climates and need a lot of care and attention. but her ‘tough’ exterior will give her the strength idk what im talking about

seulgis lyrics are “i always got caught at school for having an inappropriate hair style” which i think is pretty self explanatory. the top of a pineapple aka its leaves are spikey and one of the most notable characteristics of the fruit. and an interesting fact is that pineapple leaves can have toxic effects if eaten, due to the enzymes in the fruit.

wendys lines are ‘i hate how im rolling around all the time’ and shes an orange … rolling around … the real question is why shes in a cap and gown

A Dark, Not Pretty Waverly Heritage Theory (Or An Attempt at Formulating One)
  • Okay, so... this isn't the obvious thing to discuss after the episode we just saw, but something said in this episode triggered in me the remembrance of several other lines that have been (very subtly) hinting at things about Waverly and I think now is a good time to not lose this thread.
  • Okay.
  • The demon says something eerily similar to Waverly that Bobo also said to Waverly very early on.
  • Goononna says to Waverly: 'I don't want to ruin the surprise, but you've got dark corners that you haven't explored yet' to which Waverly just shakes her head and ignores her.
  • Bobo said to Waverly: 'You've got depths that neither of us know the bottom of yet' to which Waverly gets defensive and ignores.
  • With the added taunt that Goononna says to Nicole about: 'Waverly's not the white-picket fence in Purgatory girl you want her to be anymore', which, at the moment of the scene in question, seemed like just assholery innocuous teasing for the sake of discord within Wayhaught... but I'm starting to think maybe it isn't. Innocuous, that is.
  • Why can Waverly fight off the demon possession better than Wynonna? Apparently better than most people, if the implications are to be believed. As Dolls' implied, /seven weeks/ of Waverly getting a pretty impressive upper hand on a powerful and old as shit demon? I'll be the first to say our girl is strong willed as fuck, but it still seems a stretch.
  • Add onto these thoughts the stuff that Waves read in Willa's diary, plus Bobo and Ward's strange reluctant partnership of sorts we know nothing about?
  • And the weird truth that (albeit subtly) Bobo always seemed to have a soft spot (even a slight affection spot) for Waverly, and not even talking about the 'imaginary friend' years?
  • I think Waves has a connection to demons, or to revenants, or to just something in the realm of that, and I have every reason to believe it has to do with her heritage, /and/ that whether he's directly involved or not, Bobo knows /exactly/ what it is.
  • Also, Waverly's admission that the goo was /calling/ to her? Weird phrasing, don't you think?
  • I'm not sure if I'm concerned, intrigued or excited but all these hints don't mean nothing, I'm positive.
  • I don't know what they mean, but they mean something.
  • And I know it's gonna be good.
  • Thematically, at least. Character development wise. I'm scared as shit what it'll mean for Wayhaught, though.
  • Thoughts please? I'm interested if anyone has seem the same trend of comments or is thinking along similar lines?
so i was thinking.....

you know how when harry sees james, lily, remus and sirius w/ the resurrection stone? and remus & sirius look “younger than he’s ever seen them,” but lily & james are described to be wearing the clothes that they died in?

is JKR trying to imply that enough of remus & sirius died the day james & lily died that when they came “back” they were their 21 year old selves? 

like, although remus & sirius lived, it could be argued that what made them them died on october 31st, 1981.

i mean, sirius lost james and lily, who were betrayed by peter and was sentenced to life in azkaban for a crime he didn’t commit with the knowledge that: 
a) peter had gone free and
b) remus, his only remaining living friend, thought he was the reason james and lily (and “peter”) were dead

and he has to live with that for TWELVE YEARS. by the end of that, he’s not really sirius anymore. 

and remus, poor sweet remus, he thinks that james, lily and peter have been killed, murdered, because of sirius who is supposed to be their best friend and who he loved so much and he went from having an amazing group of friends who loved him and supported him when he thought that no one ever would to nothing in one night, and he lived for twelve years alone. twelve years of full moons alone, always remembering what used to be and believing sirius was the one who ruined it.

so, i think it could be argued that, by the end of the twelve years, remus wasn’t really remus anymore either

so essentially, remus, sirius, james and lily “died” in 1981


Just a small, small fraction of all the times Shizuo shows that his -first- though is Izaya. *Chuckles*

Shizuo’s Mind:

If something weird happens - It’s Izaya.
If something bad happens - It’s Izaya.
If someone shows up at random - Izaya is behind it.
If someone pulls a blade on him - Instant Izaya asociations.
If he gets angry and can’t kill the person he’s angry at - Go beat up Izaya…. even if he hasn’t done anything wrong.

I think that if a tsunami hit tokyo, pigs started to fly, or any act of god happened, his mind would go to Izaya.

I wonder if he would end up beating up anyone who orders Otori too… *Chuckles*

The Conclution: The main theme in Shizuo’s mind is hos constant obsession with Izaya.

The Random Info:

Because Shizuo supresses his emotions to the point he has no clue -what- he feels, other than anger….would it not be possible that whenever he feels any strong emotion towards someone, even attraction…especially attraction (as they share similar physical traits as with hate/anger).. he could misinterprent it…
And he had zero reasons to dislike Izaya, yet he jumped to hate at first sight.

Izaya also states that he once did try to Love Shizuo too…and he constantly tries to talk him out of attacking him. I have only seen him attack Shizuo out of self defence, (and to defend his humans) and very rarely at that. Usually he avoids fighting back like the plague…

One really COULD speculate on their relative emotions here. *Chuckles* Especially considering the fact that Izaya’s mental state pertaining to social concepts is a bit…insane.
I mean… I’m pretty sure drugging that guy he had doing detective work for him and putting him in a suitcase, then having him taken to the airport, when said guy needed to go there anyway…was a case of a friendly practical joke. (Everything I can see, he really likes that guy, tho he has a funny way of showing it.)

I think that it is fair to say that as long as Izaya tries to beat you up personally, teases you, and get you into (relativly) harmless, scary situations, he likes you.
If he didn’t, he would destroy your life, like he did with Nakama. And he would have no problems gettingnyour friends and familly involved.

So all inn all… he does seem to like Shizuo. He IS playing with him, and he loves games. He behaves entirely different with those very, very few that he dislikes.

Theory 4/4 “its a time loop of insanity”

@starfleetrambo @theory-box

the first thing we must grasp to understand this theory is that this is possibly the hundredth of times this has happened, Lord devil has won every time before and when he wins Father Time loops time back to the beginning and only lets himself, Hell’s Kitchen remember the loops, they learn a little bit more every loop and this helps them hone Ren to defeat Lord Devil, but Ren needs help doing this so he gets help from Sorrien and with every loop the Sorrien of that loop is aged, given a new name and left with the memories of there adventure but only vaguely and hazily; like a dream, this is to not have them alert anybody that Ren is a human and not part of the Paffelo clan (So Sorrien is her own sister in a sense), the only other person who has some knowledge of the loops is Spinne who has glimpses of alternate Ren’s and these visions interest him so he obsesses over ren and follows him even since chapter 5, while this is all happening the current loop (the one we are following in the comic) is different since all previous attempts have failed Father time and Hell’s kitchen so they are mixing things up, where Ren is a wild card who failed due to him not having chosen to defy Lord Devil so Father Time and Hell’s Kitchen go to a last resort there own wild Card; Saff, Saff is brought in to hopefully cause a chaos and plant the seed of doubt in Ren to defy Lord Devil and thus he can not ascend and destroy everything.

This theory of insanity covers why Father Time knows Ren, Why Hell’s Kitchen knows and helps Ren, Why Celas does not stop Ren and Sorrien, Why Spinne is so infatuated with Ren, why Saff is such a focal point for lord devil since he does not want Ren to turn against him since Saff is doing his purpose, How Ren will truly win and we get to know that Lord Devil is being Cock Blocked by a higher power.

Kidge Headcanons -- Conspiracy Buddies
  • everyone’s having dinner okay
  • shiro gets curious and asks keith about what he was doing in the desert besides studying the blue lion
  • keith says how he had some experiences in the desert that he ~~couldn’t explain~~
  • pidge slams down their hands on the table and shout, “I KNEW IT! I KNEW there was something going on in that desert!”
  • because while scanning the sky every night they also scanned the area around the garrison - and would see some ~~inexplicable things~~ too
  • so now they’re finally being validated after lance and hunk would always call them crazy
  • “You’re coming with me RIGHT NOW, KOGANE” – pidge, probably
  • pidge proceeds to grab keith’s wrist and drag him into the living room where their laptop is 
  • everyone else at the dinner table is like, “… ?????”
  • pidge proceeds to prod keith for information that they furiously type down in a notepad on their laptop to compare with their own notes later
  • keith is super aprehensive – he’s never really talked one-on-one with pidge before, and doesn’t really get why they’re asking so many questions
  • but as they both keep talking, keith realizes the same thing pidge did at the table
  • his theories are getting validated by another human being
  • so he begins to ask THEM questions about what they’ve seen
  • pidge’s eyes light up, and they start listing off all of the weird signals and messages they’ve heard from unknown sources in the desert
  • keith tries to support their claims as best as he can with his knowledge – he had tech in the desert, but not all of the fancy computers that pidge had at the garrison
  • both are having the same thoughts – “so I’m NOT totally crazy”
  • the rest of the crew, however, had begun evestropping and were thinking the exact opposite
  • shiro thinks it’s nice that keith is finding someone he can open up to besides him about his experiences in the desert
  • hunk feels bad for denying what pidge was trying to tell him and lance about their theories
  • lance still thinks that pidge is crazy, and now thinks keith is, too
  • allura and coran find it bizarre that humans don’t know everything about their planet, like what lives on it, or how humans don’t have eyes sharp enough to spot these so-called “cryptids”
  • eventually everyone gets bored of the conspiracy junk and goes to bed 
  • keith and pidge are still in the living room, and have moved on to discussing other conspiracies
  • pidge: tech was way too primitive in the 1960’s to get to the moon
  • keith: right??? and that footage is so OLD you can barely see ANY details
  • they stay up half the night cycle discussing all of this, because neither one has ever had anyone to gush about their theories too without getting called insane or laughed at
  • finally both of their eyes start to hurt from staring at the screen of pidge’s laptop for too long, so they decide to call it a night
  • keith is about to enter his room before - “same time, same place, tomorrow?”
  • he looks down the hall to see pidge peeking out of their room, eyes wide and expectant
  • a small smile forms on his face, and he nods silently before entering his room with a wave of his hand, signalling pidge to have a good night
  • it’s silent until right before his door closes, when he hears a giddy squeal from down the hall, and the soft shunk of pidge’s door sliding closed
Hamilsquad's favourite TV shows & movies


  • Watches the news, obviously, every day and is very passionate about current affairs
  • His favourite movie is 12 angry men (Literally two hours of men arguing, yay!)
  • Huge fan of Sherlock, mainly because he somewhat identifies with the main character 
  • He quotes it a lot: ‘stop talking you re lowering the iq of the whole street’ is his favourite insult 
  • Loves the fact that he shares the same name with Alex from A Clockwork Orange
  • Huge fan of SNL, especially the political sketches


  • Watches a lot BBC documentaries
  • Like, a lot
  • Especially the ones about animals (his favourite one so far was about the Galapagos islands)
  • Basically seen every episode of Friends at least three times
  • His favourite character is Phoebe
  • Secretly really into chick flicks


  • Tarantino movies!
  • He knows every line from Pulp Fiction
  • Watches all the popular sitcoms, like HIMYM and The Big Bang Theory
  • He always sings the intro song of TBBT
  • Tells everyone his favourite movie is Citizen Kane
  • But it’s actually Devil wears Prada


  • Always obsessed with one TV show at a time
  • Currently it’s Game of Thrones
  • Always has the most complicated/insane theories about those shows
  • He’s usually right tho
  • Also James Bond films! 
  • When ordering a drink, he always says ‘shaken, not stirred’

hehe *coughs*

hi ii fandom im back to torture you some more cuz i have no chill

so no matter what one of the bright lights are going to be eliminated soonish and i think it will either be paintbrush or lightbulb

paintbrush has been getting angry and forcibly taking charge of the team a lot

and lightbulb hasn’t exactly been helping out so much

though both fan and test tube have been much more helpful in recent episodes

because its contestant voting we can try to pick out who will vote for who, paintbrush will be voting for lightbulb and its quite possible lightbulb will be voting for paintbrush, unless someone specifically does something to her during that episode. its likely that both fan and test tube will vote lightbulb, because paintbrush has taken over pretty well as a leader, or its possible that they will vote for paintbrush realizing that their anger can be very dangerous

unless its another double elimination, then their both gone ;)

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you are the most rational phandom blog on this site rn. respect 🙌🏽🙌🏽

i’m sure that’s not true but thank u bud

Steven universe alien theory.

So I noticed today, that all of the gems have a sort of alien basis to their design that I had never noticed until now. First was garnet

She has huge hands, a black and red appearance, a giant head, and her eyes might look like they were glowing if they reflected off her sun glasses.  Which all reminded me of the Flat woods monster

so that was weird…then I thought of pearl

who is tall, slender, has stark white skin and very exaggerated facial features…which reminded me of Nordic aliens

so that’s upsetting…this theory is building up far too quickly. Now heres the kicker, let’s move to amethyst shall we.

now initially, I wanted to say she was like reptilians….because she can shape shift, and she does have a charming, inherent Midwestern sort of persona. She is very down to earth, and playful. My girlfriend brought up that she is like a lot of “redneck” sort of aliens, reptilians, the chupacobera. ….but then it hit us


the blob is described as follows
The Blob is an amorphous, gelatinous alien entity that was brought to planet Earth trapped inside a meteorite. Nothing is known about its origins, the natural habits of the species, or how common they are in the universe. This creature has no definite shape or size, being able to change its form at will. It quickly consumes all living things it can capture.


still not convinced. Let’s move to the two most damning pieces of evidence shall we. Let’s talk about the obvious fucking lampshade sitting right in front of our god damned faces. PERIDOT!


she’s a little green man (lady) and the last one, the real smoking gun is lapis

now initially I thought about those people who think that angels are aliens or something… but no


the mothman legend came about because this thing showed up and started spooking people right before a bridge fell down and killed a bunch of people, people also say it showed up before Chernobyl, and many other big disasters. Mothman is a warning, an omen. He shows up right before stuff goes wrong

lapis shows up right before home world does. She shows up again and again right before bad guys do. She only shows up in episodes preceding something big. Even this last season we had a bunch of episodes back to back with her in it….and not to shortly after…the diamonds fuckin show up!

lastly. Let’s not forget, as pearl is so fond of saying, their bodies are just made of light. Like the beings made of light, another common “real” alien subtype

not only does the entirety of steven universe’s mythos rely on the ancient alien ideal of aliens influencing almost every part of history….but everyone of them is based on “actual” alien architypes.

even the famethyst has some weird connection to xenomorphs. They were grown on another world to serve another alien race, eventually the controllers (the engineers) lose control of them and are undone by them. They are even lead by a queen of their own species (our earth amethyst). Going to that extent, even jasper has some weird connection to the predator if you dig in enough.

this theory is insane, and because I saw pizzavangelions in kiki’s pizza delivery service, I know the crewniverse is reading this….if I’m right, can you please….leave a clue or something, something minor….let me know if I’m right



He Had It Coming - Part 1

Prompt: The reader is a young ambitious psychologist with a special interest in criminal anthropology. She gets the chance to sit down and talk with Captain Boomerang’s killer to grasp a better understanding of what happened and finds herself captivated by their romantic affair.

Prompt Request: “I’m not surprised that you murdered him.” 

Warnings: Cursing, mentions of murder, and sexual suggestion

A/N: This started out as a one shot but as I started writing the story I came up with so many more ideas. There will be more parts to come! Let me know if you want me to add you to the tag list!

Originally posted by heartofdevastation

At the break of dawn the cops received an anonymous tip that Digger ‘Captain Boomerang’ Harkness had been murdered. They found him later that morning naked and handcuffed to a bed in a small motel just outside of Metropolis. He had been stabbed fifteen times in the chest with one of his very own Boomerangs. How poetic..

When news swept over the world that internationally wanted bank robber, Captain Boomerang had been killed, headlines everywhere asked the same question. Who’d done it? What skilled superhero had managed to rid the world of this menace? 

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Theory on Fall Out Boy’s new purple album concept and its trailer.

I’ll just share it here because I’m currently watching the video on a loop and these insane theories keep poppin’ in my head, so I need to share one of them, the one it makes the most sense to me.

The video starts with a logo from a company called “Mania”. We already saw this name on the first cryptic video FOB posted along with movie theater addresses. Here we see “Mania Beach Resorts”, while we saw “Mania Entertainment Group” on the other one.
You can look it up on Google, and you’ll see that this company does not exist, thus, it’s fictional, created for concept purposes. I imagine this just like MCR created the Better Living Industries for Danger Days’ concept. But we’ll get to that.
Then, we can hear a whistling happy song while the video shows a happy couple on a beach, with a marriage proposal and three kids running towards the water on a pier. Everything seems perfect so far. Then, the image closes to a striking thunder lightning and a tidal wave hitting a rock really hard while the image turns purple. Then, “Fall Out Boy 27-4-2017” shows up and the image is shut down after some people running from or towards something on the beach with a really strong noise.

First of all, let’s understand the meaning of the color purple, so the theory can make a little bit more sense:
“The color purple is connected to the mystical world and it means spirituality, magic and mystery. The purple brings the sadness and introspection feeling. Stimulates the contact with the spiritual side, proportioning the purification of the body and mind, and being released by fears and other disturbances.”

Mania is an entertainment group that own, as far as we know, a beach resort where people have fun, enjoy their vacations and etc. They are evil. They control and possess the entertainment environment. Just like Better Living Industries did, in a worldwide mode, of course.
The company harms the hell out of the natural environment.  And, even not being showed on the video, it harms people’s lives. Mania has so much control that they are even displayed on the beginning of the trailer, like they possess it.  
They make it all seem okay, while it’s not. That’s the point of the video showing happy people at their installments, and then…

It’s a metaphor for the Noah’s Ark, on the Bible.  God created the humanity and was not glad with the path it was being taken, so he created a flood so all the humanity was extinguished.

As the color purple is connected to the mystical side, it gets revolted with the way this company has made the world become. Then, it turns against the men’s will and destroys everything. How? By colossal tidal waves. What does waves and water reminds you? Purification, which is one of the meanings of the color purple. The role of FOB on it, what the company did and how the nature acts is yet to be shown on the video, or as I believe, a series of videos, telling this story, just like The Young Blood Chronicles did.
In the end, we can see a group of people running towards or from something. They are running from the nature’s revolt.

Besides the album concept matter, we can relate this to Fall Out Boy’s story, while the fans are always pointing that they changed, they sold themselves out, and this album will be like “Hey guys! It’s not like that. We can do something different than what the industry wants. We are a fucking tidal wave and we will crush this shit down”. I can hear Pete saying that clearly in my mind.

Well guys, you can share your opinions, I’ll be glad to hear it. Thanks for reading it!