theory of alienation

Adrien bit down on the inside of his cheek and tried to suppress a smile as his classmates’ theories got increasingly more ludicrous.

“They must be stunt people! I bet they work in movies and the “magic” is all special effects!” Nino insisted. “

“There’s no way they could pull off stunts like that without some help,” Max remarked. “The more logical explanation is that we’re not dealing with mere humans. I’m leaning toward cyborgs, but aliens are also a probable theory.”

“I’m all for aliens!” Kim chimed in, and he high fived his friend.

“Please. Aliens? Stunt people?” Adrien could tell Alya was rolling her eyes even with his back to her. “If you paid any attention, you’d remember that Ladybug dropped a history textbook that is the exact same one that our school uses. She must be in the school, maybe Chat Noir, too! Think how close they could be to us.”

Adrien’s lips quirked up at the corner. You have no idea, Alya.

He heard a soft sigh, and craned his neck to see Marinette with her head bent over her sketchbook and an amused smile. As Alya’s best friend, she must have heard every one of Alya’s theories a hundred times over.

Max pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose with a sniff. “I think we’d notice if two kids kept disappearing from school on the regular to fight akumas.”

Adrien almost cracked up then, but was distracted by a loud snort of laughter. The source of the sound startled him more than the noise, for that sound had come from none other than Marinette.

Adrien looked around to see that every set of eyes had landed on Marinette as she outlined a sketch and bit back a grin. After a few seconds of silence, she must have realized that she was now the center of attention, because her eyes flicked up from her work and met his. Her smile faded into something akin to chagrin, but amusement still twinkled in her eyes.

“What’s so funny, Marinette?” Kim sounded offended on behalf of his friend. “It’s not like you have any idea who they are.”

Marinette’s teeth sunk into her lip to hold back another laugh and she cast him a wry look.  

“I guess not,” she said with a shrug, “I just find it funny that we all think we know anything about Ladybug and Chat Noir when we can’t even recognize them with a flimsy eye mask.”

Adrien’s eyebrows mounted his forehead and he felt his mouth twitch into a smile. The other students looked stunned by Marinette’s statement and they all shifted under her scrutiny. Eventually, Rose spoke up.

“It’s hard to catch a good look,” she said feebly, “with them flying around all the time.”

“Oh, come on!” Marinette laughed. “Nino and Adrien have met Ladybug and even they don’t have a clue who she is. I’ve met Chat Noir face to face, twice, and I still couldn’t pick him out from a lineup of all the blond boys in Paris! It’s silly for us to try and play detective.”

Adrien felt his heart speed up when she mentioned meeting him while he was in costume. So Marinette hadn’t caught on, even when they had been so close he could pick out every freckle on her face? Adrien should have been relieved that his identity was still secret, but he was a little disappointed that someone who knew him so well hadn’t even recognized him.

He’d know her distinctive personality anywhere, mask or no.

Marinette’s smile fell, and Adrien soon realized why. Alya had buried her nose in her textbook with a slump in her shoulder, obviously hurt by Marinette’s statement. He could see the wheels turning as she tried to come up with something to say, and then she smiled again, hesitant this time.  

“But maybe that’s part of the fun,” she said suddenly, “The mystery. Maybe it’s not about knowing who they are, but what they mean to all of us. They do so much for Paris, and it’s clear they love what they do, so we should accept that they want to keep their identities a secret.

“But,” she rushed to add when she saw Alya hadn’t lifted her head, “I think we should stay curious, and maybe one day…” her voice dropped and she shrugged, “maybe one day Ladybug and Chat Noir will be ready to show us who they are.”

The room was quiet as their classmates considered Marinette’s words. Alya lowered her book, hope radiating from her face. Adrien mulled over her words too, touched by Marinette’s sentiment. He wondered if he’d be ready one day to tell Paris that he was the teen behind the mask. It seemed so distant, so dangerous – but it flooded him with relief, too. No more hiding. No more lying. No more excuses.

He hoped the day would come when he and Ladybug could face Paris barefaced as a team, if only so he could know the incredible girl who had lucky charmed his heart and become one of his closest friends. Maybe she could even become his school friend, if she really was a student at François Dupont, and they could all hang out together!

He had a feeling she’d like Marinette; they had a lot in common.

  • me: constantly criticizes others for not using logic in their arguments and advice.

Conspiracy Theorist Max Spiers has been found dead in Poland.

39-year-old Briton Max specialised in UFOs and government cover-ups. He had been staying in Poland with friends, as he was preparing for a big presentation that he was going to give in the summer. Police have assured people that Spiers died of natural causes, despite no post-mortem being carried out. Friends reported that he vomited a dark, sticky liquid before mysteriously dying on a couch in his sleep. The most chilling thing about this story is the last text message Max sent to his mother:

“Your boy is in trouble. If anything happens to me, investigate.”

The Dark Truth About The Scooby Doo Universe

Yes this is a serious thought that I want to share.
I think I figured out something pretty cool about the scooby doo universe.

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  • how I used to be: omg i cant believe anyone would think the government would lie to us.
  • me now: the moon landing was faked, the moon is a damn hologram, elvis didnt die, 9/11 was completely an inside job, our whole history is a lie, the government is out to get us and could kill me any minute now and make it so nobody knows of my existence.

Scientists have discovered six more bursts of radio signals coming from a place in deep space outside our galaxy from where similar signals were detected earlier this year.

A total of 17 such radio signals have been received from this location in space, and given their nature, speculation has already begun on whether we are being hailed by extra-terrestrial life forms. What’s special about these signals is that even though they exist for only a short durations, they tend to generate so much energy that it could parallel the amount of energy generated by our Sun for a whole day! It is this aspect of the signals – as well as the fact that now a total of 17 such signals have been detected so far from the same region in deep space well beyond our galaxy – that is leading to speculation that there may be a sufficiently advanced extraterrestrial civilisation behind them.

The amount of energy in these signals cannot be produced by any conventional means known to man, but could be emitted by an artificial source from a civilisation that has harnessed the power of an entire star, these signals that are being received from well beyond our own galaxy, the Milky Way came six at a time, putting a big question mark on their origin. [the truth is out there]

Keith’s connection to the Lions?

Alright guys, I’ve been thinking about this since I watched Voltron S2 and then rewatched the first episode of S1.

During the two seasons we have right now, we have seen Keith connect to three different lions: the Blue Lion, the Red Lion, and the Black Lion. Now I’m not saying he has a deep connection to all of them, his connection is mainly with Red, but still, what has occurred is very unique. The only person/alien we see able to connect to more than one lion is Allura, due to her father entrusting her with this power before her 10,000 year sleep.

Blue was sending some sort of ‘feeling’ to Keith during part of his year in isolation out in the desert, until Lance came out to the area in which Keith discovered the markings of the Blue Lion. 

Keith later then bonds with Red Lion, becoming her paladin, even though it took some time and Keith proving himself to her (I’m going with Red being a female lion here). They later developed a deeper bond in S2, in which Red can sense her paladin’s distress.

But then in episode one of S2, we see Keith pilot and bond again with another Lion, Black, when Shiro is in trouble and they work together to save Shiro. This leads to Shiro giving the line we all love to hate, “If I don’t make out of here, I want you to lead Voltron.”

The reason I bring this up is because I believe the writers did this for a reason. Really the only person who should be able to connect with all of the Lions is Allura, but Keith has been able to sense two lions and is able to pilot two lions as well. I don’t know exactly where this might lead but there is a saying:

Once Is Chance, Twice is Coincidence, Third Time Is A Pattern

I believe that this is a long foreshadowing of something that Keith and the whole team will have to deal with in the future. Maybe we are thinking about something happening to Shiro too much, and should look more at Keith and where his story is going, with his heritage and other aspects of his past. I don’t think anything big will happen in S3 (unless its at the end and we get another cliffhanger)with this “scenario”  but I think it might be something to watch as we learn more about Keith’s past in the future season.

Or maybe I just overthink stuff to much with this show  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯