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show: hey pay attention here while creepy nurses bring in IV bags full of this new memory-erasing drug

show (a little later): and now wiggins is going to literally point out the special drugs he’s been mixing up for sherlock in an IV bag

show: but, uh…

show: don’t worry about that second one, it’s probably nothing

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I don't even know what he did wrong because Morgana was shitty to him from the moment they met, but when he cracks a joke back suddenly he's the Worst and needs to apologise

I have a lot of problems with Persona 5’s writing. This is one of them.

Ryuji takes a lot of bullshit from everyone on the team, but Morgana is the top perpetrator. I think they wanted them to have a funny relationship where they kept bagging on each other but in a funny way, but it just didn’t work. Everything that Morgana said was malicious, and the only time Ryuji made a snide remark ended up with Morgana running away, which made his character feel hypocritical and weak, like he couldn’t take what he dished out.

Ryuji is set up to be a comic relief character, but somewhere in the game of writing/localisation telephone he went from being teased to being verbally abused. It may have been an accident, it may have been due to one person absolutely hating him on the writing team, but what they wanted him to be didn’t work.

Prison Break Theory

Ok, so I was just rewatching the first episode of Prison Break Season 5 and something that’s always confused me is why Michael had that picture of him in the Ogygia prison sent to T-Bag of all people. And in the episode T-Bag reads the quote that’s written under Michael’s picture to Lincoln and it says, “By the hand, you shall know the glories of your progeny and our world will be made right forevermore.” When I heard that I thought, wait, isn’t there an episode coming up that’s titled progeny? So I looked it up and what’d ya know, episode 8 is titled Progeny.

But wait there’s more. I googled the word progeny and found out it means descendant. This made me think of the fact that a lot of fans have been speculating that Whip is T-Bag’s son and that’s the secret Michael is keeping from Whip. And if you’ve watched the trailer for 5x08 you’ll see that there’s a short clip of T-Bag and Whip having a tense confrontation. Does this mean that the theory of Whip being T-Bag’s son is true? And if so, could it have something to do with Michael’s plans for his family when this is all over considering the quote also said, “our world will be made right forevermore.”

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Crazy Theory Time: The Fate of Theodore Bagwell

“T-bag will suffer like he’s never suffered before…”

This tweet is causing me to suffer like I’ve never suffered before. Seriously. When I started, prison break I never expected to be in this deep, or to care for someone as problematic as T-bag. But hey, here I am. And I really, really want to know what’s in store for our dear Teddy as we finish out season five.

Since the tweet I’ve had a few theories floating around in my head, and I’ve finally decided to write them all out. Thanks nonnie for pushing me to do it.

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hey buds, new podcast episode is out today!! if you’re new to the show we talk about lgbt stuff, ghosts, zombies, conspiracy theories, and aliens and just have a good time!! you can listen here on soundcloud or on itunes by searching ‘Ghouls, Go-Bags, and Gays’. thanks so much for listening and supporting our endeavors we love you so much!!

You know that feeling when you manage all the sounds and the feeling of different kinds of clothes against your skin all day at work but then the moment you get home you instantly snap at any annoying sound and even your softest pyjama bottoms feel like they rub your skin the wrong way?

That feeling, yes.

*gives up and throws clothes off, trying not to squirm too much at the folds in the sheet beneath you whilst listening to rain in headphones*


Finally finished this Grant request!
Yes, this is season 1, good-guy Ward.
I like HIVE, but good-guy Ward was gold.

Title: Mission
Pairing: Grant Ward x Reader
Summary: “Grant Ward’s reaction when the reader died protecting him”
Word Count: 1,649
Warnings: death, blood, guns, fighting, explosions, overall angst for good-guy Ward

Your name: submit What is this?

            "At your six,“ Grant warns before quickly turning and punching a guard.

           The guard falls on the floor as you duck, only narrowly missing the hit Grant warned you about. Per usual, he’s right and he saves your skin. You hold onto that "thank you” you owe him, knocking out the guard beside you.

           He falls the ground with a thud as Grant turns around to face you. There’s a few drops of blood on his face, and you’re not sure if it’s his or not, but you don’t have the time to ask. The two of you are back to sneaking through the halls before you know it.

           "We’ve got 2 minutes 33 seconds to grab that file and leave,“ you whispered to Grant.

           He quietly nods, smirking slightly. "Plenty of time.”

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Le Monde, M Magazine, Issue 18 March 2017, Editorial “Culture Club”, total look Maison Margiela by John Galliano, Défilé Spring 2017 collection; except bags, by Theory & Gérard Darel.

Photographer Josh Olins, Model Mayowa Nicholas, styled by Julia Sarr-Jamois