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I'm so glad I'm not the only one feeling this way.


I’ve felt this way for a LOOOOONG time.

Did I want the “nasty rumors” to be true? OF COURSE NOT!

Did I want to dislike TF as much as I do? OF COURSE NOT!

But they were true, and it’s not looking good for him either, so… all I can say is


I know this is cliche, but this band saved mine and a lot of people’s lives. So, this change, back when it started in July, gutted me.

And then to be ridiculed and labeled as a conspiracy theorist fucking pissed me off because the evidence was overwhelming and people were willfully ignorant.

But… whatever. My special boy is happy doing what he wants to do and that’s all I can ask for.

@stonerlucretia replied to your post: evil lucretia theorists how does my ass taste

People have dead ass been reblogging my posts like “is this true” and making posts in the tag like “I’m still getting major evil vibes ”

the ride never ends w these ppl does it fjdgnjdfg

griffin: shes good and has been trying to protect her friends and fix the mistakes they made

taz fandom: yeah but shes still evil right

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Scullys thoughts while in that limo with Tad?

Why did I agree to this champagne isn’t worth it is this guy really as slimy as he seems?  how is Mulder’s paranoia infinitely more charming I guess it’s the paranoid conspiracy theorist you know and love who would watch this guy on tv even with everything I’ve been through I don’t drive around in a bulletproof limo with tinted windows I’m going to need a drink after this.

Signs as Conspiracy Theories
  • Aries: The moon is just a hologram
  • Taurus: The government killed Paul McCartney and replaced him with a lookalike in order to help them in their agenda to control young people's minds with LSD
  • Gemini: One out of every 25 people is actually a lizard
  • Cancer: Aliens helped construct the pyramids in Egypt and many other world structures
  • Leo: Yoga is actually an evil practice used to get people to worship Satan
  • Virgo: The entire Middle Ages was made up and we're all living around 1500 CE
  • Libra: Cabbage Patch Kids dolls were made to resemble mutant babies created by the US government's radiation experiments used to get people to grow accustomed to babies after nuclear war
  • Scorpio: Elvis Presley never died. He had someone else killed in his place as a stunt and then continued living as a new famous singer.... Cher
  • Sagittarius: Michelle Obama is actually a man and her children are just actors
  • Capricorn: Throwback Thursday was created by the NSA to get people to upload and catalog pictures of themselves that existed before the internet
  • Aquarius: Many of the world leaders are possessed by or are actually reptiles
  • Pisces: The Ice Bucket Challenge is a Satanic baptism ritual

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