What I Wore 

Chemise Lacoste

The Original Polo by Lacoste

Teal jeans from ZARA

Shoes from H&M

Aviator sunglasses by Ray-Ban

Bracelets by H&M, Micha Design, Asha Patel Design, Burberry

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Lacoste L.12.12

Celebrating 80 Years of #TheOriginalPolo with Lacoste

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René Lacoste, the Crocodile. Nothing specifically destined him for a sports career except a strong passion for tennis that began at the age of 14. The legend became a reality with the renowned “Mousquetaires” and the Davis Cup victory in 1927. His tenacity and consistency led those around him to compare him to the likes of a Crocodile, never letting go of his prey. Following this, a friend of his drew him an open mouthed saurian, Which René Lacoste quickly stitched onto a his white blazer. The signature is born.

René Lacoste was in search of elegant yet comfortable clothing to replace the classic tennis shirt traditionally worn on tennis courts. His inspiration stemmed from the clothing worn by polo players, and he decided to add to that a buttoned collar. A first series of stitched shirts was produced for his own personal use. White and adorned with the famous crocodile logo, the “Chemise Lacoste” was born.

Upon its arrival on tennis courts, the “Chemise Lacoste” was a veritable crowd pleaser. In 1933, the first series of the shirt was produced in collaboration between the sportsman and a Troyan industrialist, André Gillier, a stitching specialist. From the choice of cottons to the final assembly, perfectionism and rigor of the associates were already expressed. The spirit of Lacoste.

The family of polo shirts is getting wider by adapting itself to new trends, styles and introducing new materials and fits. The range continues to diversify itself, without compromising the authenticity and the elegance of the L.12.12.

Subtlety. The L.12.12 adapts itself to every occasion with simplicity. Timeless and elegant, depending on the mood of the moment, it can be sporty, glamorous and chic. It’s originality is preserved.