i have several not really fleshed out theories about clue 5, but my guess is that it’s either Ben or Pedro’s desk

Pedro makes sense because of possible music recs from balthy (sigur ros), he has the scene from Dear Benedick as his desktop background (maybe a screenshot of him and Balthy exchanging a look?); he’s listening to An Ode; the whole organised vibe of the desk just seems to fit Pedro; and the date isn’t now, it’s the 18th of October - so the last video was MONTAGE. maybe pedro has realised Balth’s feelings and is ultra having a crisis and that’s why he’s listening to an Ode and has that desktop background???

Unfortunately I don’t really have much theory for Ben other than the essay written is much more his style. and isn’t it him and Bea who have Physics together? plus he could be listening to an Ode because he’s realised the implications behind it????? but all the organisation doesn’t seem like him, and knowing Ben his desktop would be either Doctor Who, flamingoes, or him and Bea. 

anyway, just some thoughts. especially as people seem to be missing the date! ben would probably be too caught up in him and bea to be bothering with an essay. and this is the day before him and Bea start rewatching the videos by the way. 

hmm hmm hmm hmm

Lady Eileen

What if she’s Erza sister? Like younger or a twin and she was raised in Alvarez?

And she was sickly or whatever and Neinheart took care of her and raised her. Then she becomes stronger and grows up to be so strong that she is one of the twelve. But Neinheart treats her with respect, calling her “Lady” because he knew she was noble (?)

Idk rambles haha


first of all lemme just say how fucking crazy that pll ep was. like i fucking had a heart attack several times. IDEK WAT TO THINK NOW IT’S PISSING MEOFF.

notice how this was the second halloween ep with the fucking lil girl and doll talk? cleaaarly allison related. I haven’t read the books (which i regret) but I know about the twin thing. I had a thought about something earlier and the fucking hand made me feel stronger about it.

what if allison never died? I mean so many people are connected to that night it’s crazy and after garett fake-killed her for Jenna’s sake, Allison randomly made it clear she wanted to be asumed dead. What if she randomly made contact with that twin of hers which ISN’T fucking psychotic, killed her, and just kinda went into hiding?

The little girl in this ep was talking about how her sister always tells lies getting her in trouble, told her parents she ran away, wondering if she told her mom she told her something bad about her.

OR, that little story in the first halloween ep with the one twin stabbing the other WAS a lie. Maybe as like a little psycho child Allison made it look like she’d been stabbed by her sis which cause her parents to do something. or something along the lines of that.

wow that was a lot of deep thinking, I’m too tired for this, time to sleeep.

spaceheartt  asked:

If you find a place to watch all 200 episodes of Sailor Moon, you should share. :) I can't find a place to watch them that has good quality.

sailormooncenter has some but not all,  and sadly most of the Japanese episodes were removed from YouTube (if not all of them), I did find a torrent for the first season on thepiratebay which I’m downloading now, but unfortunately had no luck finding a direct download or streaming site.