The next ‘Overwatch’ character might be a spider-like robot named Anchora

  • On Tuesday afternoon, the Overwatch team released a fictional interview with Efi Oladele, a genius 11-year-old inventor from Numbani.
  • After Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan shut down rumors that Doomfist would be the newest character, the fandom turned its attention to this potential new entry, hunting the web for as much information as possible.
  • In less than 24 hours, Overwatch fans have already uncovered some hints that the new character might actually be a new, spider-like robot character named Anchora — but the evidence is far from perfect. Read more (2/22/17 12:20 PM)

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why has no one talked about the importance of the word “hello” in twenty one pilots and its evolving meaning

tyler wrote trees at the age of 17. trees first appeared in no phun intended. the song appears again in regional at best and vessel, redone, revamped, remastered. three versions of the same song - the number three being a recurring motif in their songs. “hello” being a scream into the void, in desperation and loneliness. ending every single concert with a unique rendition of trees, an ever-increasing number of people screaming “hello” back at him.

then there’s self titled, the only album before vessel that didn’t have trees in it. instead, “hello” appears in another form, in addict with a pen. this “hello” is hesitant, a wary greeting, insecure but still trying to reach out.

and finally, there is the “hello” in blurryface - in korean (annyeonghaeseyo) at the beginning of tear in my heart, but a “hello” nonetheless. this newest “hello” precedes the only love song tyler has ever released, dedicated to his wife, shouted in enthusiasm and love and hope.


 Lemme walk you through this official piece of art~

 OK SEASON 1: In season one we got hit with a brilliant plot twist which revealed that Pidge was female. Allura (the sweetheart) was the one to find out and actively show support. Allura and Pidge hold the sign “gender" 

 SEASON 2: Boom! Fan theory confirmed! Keith, the poor tortured soul, was confirmed Galra which caused a lil rift in the team. On a mission with Hunk (aka ball of sunshine) he was shown to comfort him a lot, all be it in his own quirky way. Keith and Hunk are holding the "race” sign. 


 In all of their signs, the people who were helped look a bit more shy or awkward . Who looks shy and awkward in the lgbt one? LANCE! 


 lance, my child, might just have been confirmed as part of the LGBT community. Take that as you want, but I personally would like to believe he’s bisexual. But obviously trans, gay ect are still open to thought! 

 I’m genuinely so so happy about this, if it’s true or not, the art is enough to make me smile.

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So, you all now that headcanon/theory that Symmetra’s futuristic ear muffs are for her sensory issues, right?


They look slightly different, but that’s probably because Viskar probably made Satya’s, and Efi could have gotten hers from a retailer/made them herself. (And, of course, Satya’s in 3D and there’s an overall sketchy-ness of Efi’s picture. The muffs might look more alike when Efi is animated in a short or put into the game.)

No other character in the game has these kinds of ear muffs besides Satya, and while it hasn’t been confirmed (at least to my knowledge) that they are for sensory issues, it could be probable.

Conclusion: Efi might have sensory issues, either due to being autistic or something else. It would be cool to have two canonically autistic characters.

(Images are not mine. I just poorly MS-painted red circles on them.)

y'all…what if rolo is lotor??? like we know that lotor is half altean and half galra

galras are mostly known for being purple while alteans are made recognizable from their ears  ( as we can see from the haggar reveal ) see up here is a picture of lotor

you know who’s purple and has their ears covered??? fucking rolo. bonus points for white hair. 

as far as i can remember rolo is the ONLY character we’ve seen as having purple skin besides people who were confirmed galra. And apart from Alfor, Allura, and Haggar ( all altean characters mind you ) Rolo is the only character we’ve seen with white hair. 

Also not super hardcore evidence but Rolo and Lotor, save for one letter have the same letters in their name. 2 o-s, 1 r and 1 l. ROLO = LOTOR ??????

I mean this is a pretty out there theory but???? what if ???

Tbh idk if Keith is actually gonna end up piloting the black lion? Because if he was, based on a narrative’s POV, it doesn’t really make much sense to put so much emphasis on Keith and Red’s bond in season 2 just to turn around and shove Keith into the black lion season 3. There is obviously a reason why the writers chose to show how close Red and Keith are. Either it’s just setting Keith up for an angsty “I have to leave my lion and we’re really sad :(” plot or Red is just gonna flat out reject the idea of Keith leaving them. And personally, I think it’s gonna be the latter. Red’s trust is really hard to earn, which makes me think that they wouldn’t he as willing to accept any other pilot except the one that they’ve grown attached to.


I once read a theory about Garnet’s visor being a tell of who is more “in control” of her at that particular moment and I got curious. So I went looking and it seems like a very plausible theory (though I would phrase it more as who’s personality is more prominent at that particular moment and not who’s “in control”) and I wanted your opinion on it. These are only 8 out of like 30 screenshots I took, but it appears to me that the visor is most often blue when tact is required and also when talk of the future is brought up (or when Garnet appears to be using future vision), and that the visor is most often red/pink when Garnet is angry or is dealing with a subject that’s emotionally-based. What are your opinions on this theory? (And can you phrase it better than I can bc I feel like I’m doing a terrible job of explaining this.)

I get where this theory comes from and in the context of the screenshots it does make sense. My only hesitation calling this “confirmed” is that it dispels the idea that fusions are individuals. It sort of makes it seem as though Garnet is just a big mecha with two little people in the control room. They work together to get it moving but sometimes one coordinates a more complicated move than the other.

Garnet as an individual has a personality, has beliefs, experiences and makes decisions. And I also find it flattening to reduce Sapphire to the “tactful one,” and Ruby to the “emotional one.” So to support this theory supports those implications, and I’m not too fond of said implications.

What I’d be willing to say is that there are times we’re really supposed to see the dichotomy, such as in Keeping It Together when Garnet is really falling apart and her component parts are “showing.” Because when Bismuth tells her, “You’re Ruby is showing,” it’s a joke between friends, but in the context of the other jokes being said (like about Pearl having an owner), the content alone is supposed to be very derogatory and insulting. It’s telling Garnet she’s not a relationship but only two individuals in a beautiful trench coat.

Jelly Star

Alright so me , a brand new member of the Star vs. The forces of Evil just watched Face the Music. And I got to say it didn’t give much hope to the Starco shippers with at least 3 more cannon kisses between Marco and Jackie.

But the thing that got me was when Star was walking from the concert.

Look at the way her eyes seem, even though animated are distant and cold. Star is a very emotional person as shown throughout the series. Usually when she smiles it meets her eyes, so for her smile to be so out of place with the look in her eyes it just makes you think that something bad is happening inside of her due to the relationship of Marco and Jackie.

Just after this she goes to cast a spell. And look what comes out of her wand, A GREEN BLAST. Now sure I’m new but I’ve cached up and when a spell it means its dark magic. Now of course Star has used dark magic even without being dark but ever since her evaluation and the comparison between her and Eclipsa, you have to presume that there is something dark inside of her. But here is the thing, What would cause such a dark reaction like this to someone as cheerful as Star? answer; she’s jealous. She walked away when she saw Marco and Jackie kiss during Just Friends, she lied to Marco when he went looking for her. The only explanation to all of this, jealousy. Because let’s all face it, Star is completely and irreversibly in love with Marco. And that just might be her down fall.   

Rose Theory (YEP Another one)

Everyone except Daehyun and Himchan dies (Daehyun is most likely the killer, as teased by his uncropped teaser, and Himchan most likely escapes or is an accomplice). Why?

Everyone but these two are lying in very uncomfortable, unorthodox positions and locations. Plain and simple; it isn’t normal behaviour for a 20 foot tall man to squish himself between a wall and a kitchen cabinet, or to lean against a heater during winter, or to crouch next to filthy pots in your expensive suit.

Why do they do this then? Because the teaser pics are enactments of the positions that those members die in:

Jongup falls down against the heater:

In a quite obvious and dramatic placement, youngjae falls onto the carpet:

Junhong is shoved between the kitchen cabinet and a wall:

and Yongguk is attacked in the kitchen and falls down against a cabinet onto the dirty floor: