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The reason Hoseok was happy with the cake the girl bought him even if it wasn’t his birthday and the fact he was eating the chocolate bar during Wings short film Mama was because his mom left him something sweet to eat before she abandoned him. It was a sign that she still cared about him, so he kept enjoying sweets as a way to recall her. 

BTS Highlight Reel Theory “Love Yourself”

First of all let me say that the girls in the highlight reel are really cute and I love them. A lot of people are saying that they are bts’ love interest or that the “Love Yourself” is based on romance but if it is ,how is it connected to HYYH? So, this is my theory and I am just trying to make sense out of this as everyone else.

THE GIRLS MAY NOT BE LOVE INTEREST BUT A REFLECTION OF THEMSELVES OR THEIR GUIDANCE ANGELS. When I watched over the teaser I saw a lot of similar features that the girls have boys.
Jin’s girl have a grace to her beautiful and eternal also physically she has the boardest shoulders out of all the girls. Jungkook’s girl seem tomboyish and very young by the her style is messy and carefree. Yoongi’s girl is very obvious she’s short but also have a fierce attitude, as shown she took away his lighter. Namjoon’s girl showed a bit of clumsiness when she through down the papers and shyly thank him. Taehyung’s girl was also very obvious her badgirl attitude reflect on Taehyung in the past when he used to get into trouble. Finally, Jimin and Hoseok’s girl she had a very bright arua like Hobi but for some reason I think she is there for both of them. Not in a love triangle but to guide Jimin to help Hoseok (that’s for the next explanation)

If this is really part of HYYH how is it connected, since HYYH was about their youth and friendship? Well, love plays a big role in growing up, rejection, heartbeark, the whole concept of “Love Yourself” is you have to find yourself first and appreciate yourself. The girls are there to help through the hard time their are facing (the friendship that the boys lost with each other) to help them through and reconnect, maybe with each other and heal them from their past.

The scenes have similar concept to all of them. When Jin’s girl drop her book why didn’t he didn’t run after her or did he see something in the book from his past (his note or pictures he though of the memebers by the sea). I think she is there to help him go back by the sea(as seen in his poster)

Jk’s girl is helping him heal maybe from being alone and hopeless because he can’t walk. She guide him through a better hope and one day he can walk again.In his poster he’s shown to be very happy.

Yoongi’s is very obvious, from the past his lighter was always connected to him. He was shown smoking a cigarette which can be portrait as self-destructive even his concept quoted that “ Don’t come near me, you’ll be unhappy”. But you see she stopped him and give him an alternative meaning so he can live longer. She give him a lollipop which is also connected to Namjoon. Even at that scene he looked at the lollipop as if it reminded him for something… or someone.

Namjoon’s I’m kinda unsure about but his quote “ I only will watch you from behind, cause now is not the time”. He was watching the girl from behind but as she drop her fliers he went and help her. By that incident she make him come forward, I think she is there to help him realize that the time is now and to stop looking from behind.

Taehyung’s is obvious as Yoongi’s, the girl was shoplifting but he stopped him from doing a crime which can get her in trouble. Taehyung is well known for a lot of crimes in his past and I think she is there for to redeem himself from his sins such as paying the item for her.

Jimin and Hoseok are very connected in HYYH, they have similar personalities and problems. Like in a their solo song Lie and Mama the setting is very similar. I don’t know how to explain it but the reason why there is one girl because Hoseok has a personality disorder as he suffer from when he was child when his mother left him.

In his solo short film the doctor diagnosed him with munchausan’s symptoms

Because of this he’s mentally unstable and can’t get thing straight. Jimin is also suffering from something as his quote said “ I lied because I thought there was no way that you would love someone like me” I think this means he’s behind in something from Hoseok but don’t want to tell him because he think it will hurt him. I think she is there to help Jimin reveal his lie to Hoseok and help Hoseok with his disorder.

I have more theories on this but my main thing is I don’t think this is a romance concept BH is trying to show. Let’s be real it’s them when is anything this simple there is definitely more to theses girls than love. They have a lot of connection with the boys from HYYH and I think they are really there for to help them heal individually and slowly guide them to each other.

Tbh I believe them to be feminine reflection of themselves (don’t get me wrong I love the love concept) but it’s too simple to be just that.

Also thank @jungshookah on twitter for the munchausan’s symdrome info. 

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Love Yourself

So, here’s my take on the highlight reel. The girls are their consciences. Jungkook wanted to leave the hospital bc he felt like he should’ve died but his girl stopped him from leaving. Suga took to smoking bc he felt guilty for hitting JK and Suga didn’t want to straight up kill himself so he took to smoking to slowly kill himself. His girl stopped him from doing that by offering an alternative; the sucker. The girls being their consciences doesn’t fit well with the rest of them.

 Tae was at the 7/11 eating his noodles when he spots his girl trying to steal something. He stops her and goes to pay for her. She leaves the store then. I thought that she left and walked away and wasn’t waiting outside. She still could be Tae’s conscience. He would’ve once done those things, so his girl was like; hey let’s do this thing that we used to do, but Tae decided that those things were bad and wanted to stop, so he showed his girl what was right She was mad at him for doing it so she left bc she felt that Tae didn’t really need her right then, but he would later on. 

Here it gets trickier.

 Jin is waiting to cross the street. The train passes and he sees his girl. She looks to be in a hurry. As she passes him, one of her books drops and he picks it up and starts to read it. I think that the book is the memories of the rest of the boys that he either forgot or repressed. I think his girl dropped on purpose so that he would remember. She was in a hurry bc she didn’t want to she his reaction to the memories bc they would hurt him. Nobody wants to see a loved one hurting.

 Rapmon, I think, is sad that the boys lost contact with each other and is people watching on the bridge, trying to put himself in their shoes, trying to see what it’s like to have a normal life. He sees his girl struggling to talk to the people. The flyers drop out of her hands bc she feels ignored and out of place with the rest of the world. How this is Rapmon’s conscience is that it’s how he feels in the world. He feels out of place and lost; trying to get help from others, but they don’t want to help him. He can see that she needs help so he tries in the best to help but it seemed like she didn’t really want it. After he helps, she leaves. She doesn’t want to show Rapmon that she is weak.

 So now the last ones; I’m doing Jimin and J Hope separately. Jimin is seen recording J Hope dancing then a girl comes in with a cake for J Hope. She looks over to Jimin and catches him recording her face. Jimin gets shy and hides his phone. She beckons him over. I think this girl is Jimin’s conscience bc she wants to include him with J Hope. Jimin was seen as looking on from afar and his girl wants to include him with celebrating J Hope. Jimin is shy with his girl bc he knows J Hope wants her for his own and doesn’t, necessarily, like sharing with Jimin. Jimin wants to stay out of their way and not be a part of it. He would much rather watch J Hope be happy again. 

 J Hope’s conscience was his mom. His mom took him to a province fair/city fair and told him that they were going to play hide'n'seek. J Hope covered his eyes and then his mom left him there. J Hope’s conscience left him when his mom did and he grew up not having a conscience so he turned to drugs. He later found Jimin, a dancer with a conscience, and took up dancing but still had his drugs. He wanted what Jimin had so he tried to take it from him, but it didn’t work out that well. We see Jimin’s girl reach out with the cake and I think that she is trying to find a way to give J Hope what he lost. I think she is also celebrating that he has fully turned to dancing and has started to leave the drugs behind. When J Hope was given the cake, he was reminded of when his mother left him, bc he knows what the cake represents even though Jimin’s girl and Jimin never stated what it was for; that is why Jimin’s girl said Happy Birthday and feigned forgetfulness when J Hope was like, it’s not my birthday.

 So, all in all, I think these little drama videos are going to be about how you need to be in touch with your conscience/ inner self so that you can start to live with what you done and that even though you make mistakes, you still move on. I’m not that great at coming up with the bigger picture, but I hope this makes sense.

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Dear possessive ARMYs, Y'all know who you are So don’t think that just because their new concept involves ladies doesn’t mean it’s any less than previous concepts. Y'all need to grow up. Support the boys, support the music, and most of all support your fellow girlies. Also, THEYRE NOT YOUR PROPERTY. They are grown ass adults. GROWN ASS ADULTS. So respect them, respect their decisions (whatever they may be), and respect the girls. Moral of the story: dont freak out and spread hate, just chill out and enjoy the hype with the rest of us

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Scrooge’s Grief for Della Duck (An Essay):

A.K.A. Scrooge McDuck grieves and misses his niece Della, but has tried to bury that pain for the past ten years. 

DuckTales handled Scrooge’s grief for Della wonderfully for me.

His grief isn’t apparent like Donald’s, or the consequences of her disappearance aren’t obviously shown as it is with Donald. His overprotectiveness comes from losing his sister.

Scrooge’s a man constantly on guard with his feelings. It’s like pulling  teeth out when it concerns him opening emotionally. He doesn’t want to appear vulnerable, and this is a feature from the comics. Pride and fear keeps his emotions close and under his heart. His hidden grief for Della, or rather her absence, and the subsequent rift it caused in his family, is in-character.

But this could be guilt as well. I have the opinion he may believe he’s responsible for TSPoS incident despite what he tells Donald.

This essay is currently over 2,000 words long, so I understand if you’re not interested in reading. These are my personal observations after rewatching the pilot movie on Youtube (it’s DisneyXD’s official channel), and from my personal readings of Don Rosa and Carl Barks’ comics, which have been a while. I plan to reread Carl Barks as soon as I can as well as catch up with the European comics.

Disney isn’t holding any punches for this show. It was a 23 hour marathon for the pilot movie. Thanks, Disney.

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So the new Paralouge brought about some new info on the whole Loki mystery, and this means that, like with the story connection with Xander supporting Veronica of his own will, may point to Sacred Stones characters also having relevance in the story line, especially with Seth’s advice to Veronica about being a ruler. Maybe Loki or his Dark King will turn out to be Fomortiis who managed to possess Veronica, and is trying to corrupt her mind to make her kill people, like it did with Lyon.

Also, Maybe a GHB with Lyon? I hope so.

I know some of you are not so thrilled about the girls because its important to “love yourself” first but what if they get to learn to “love themselves” because their love interests teach them to? What if in the end they might just realise the important things as 0T7 and not as different people with couple goals? Think about the possibilities.
Its bighit guys Im pretty sure whatever they serve us will be served fresh.


Linkin Park’s music videos One Step Closer [

Everything you say to me
Takes me one step closer to the edge
And I’m about to break
I need a little room to breathe
‘Cause I’m one step closer to the edge
And I’m about to…

  • Kylo Ren: "I could show you the ways of the Force." He offers, while Intensely staring into her eyes. "Marry me..."
  • Rey: "The Force? Marry you?" She considers her options. Closes her eyes.
  • Kylo Ren hopes she'll say yes...
  • She opens her eyes.
  • Rey: "I wanted Han Solo to walk me down the aisle!"
  • Kylo Ren: "Shit."
So we all know Kyoshi is famous for living to be 230

I’ve been wanting to expand on my theory but I think that Avatar life spans are just really long. Toph, Zuko, Katara, Kanna, and Hama were all in their 80’s and were still acting as though they were only middle aged, Bumi was 112, Guru Pathik was over 100, and Aang was biologically 166. Roku and I assume Sokka only died younger because they were in combat.

Just some thoughts/theories on Wynonna Earp 2x11

So, Emily said that in the AU Wynonna never existed, but Nicole coming to Purgatory and meeting Waverly shouldn’t be influenced by that. However, I don’t think Waves is marrying Nicole because Emily also said: “The WayHaught ship is coming in, along rocky shores, but I would have faith”. It wouldn’t make sense if they were getting married. In fact, no one said that Waverly was getting married at all, it could be Jeremy’s wedding or someone else’s. The point is, who could she be marrying? Jeremy? Definitely not because he’s gay. Champ? Unlikely because she didn’t care that much for him. Some random guy? That’d be weird. I guess we’ll just have to wait.

I also read in a tweet from the TV Junkies that in the next episode “allies become enemies”. I kinda think they’re talking about Dolls. Without Wynonna he’s probably still a bit of an asshole like he was at the beginning of season 1. Also, in the promo we saw him saying to Doc to keep his hands up, while pointing a gun to his back, so they’re probably not on friendly terms. Anyway, Doc seems to remember Wynonna and apparently he’s gonna come out of the well eventually. 

Widow Mercedes is kept in a glass cage by BBD and she too is aware of the “spell” that has been cast on them because she knows what’s going on and knows that nobody remembers who Wynonna is.
That’s gonna be a really interesting episode, I can’t wait!