theories in the quran

but wait guys!!!!! i rewatched the episode and i just noticed : mikael is drinking alcohol? i mean it looks like it because i think it’s vilde’s bottle? so if hes drinking does it mean he isnt a religious person? and then idk are the theories about even learning quran for him invalidated???? help me sort this out guys theres too many thoughts going on in my mind atm because the episode got me fucked up™

(honestly im the most clueless person about religion, especially islam so feel free to educate me on the matter if you feel like it cause i don’t want to come up offensive in my post or anything??)

Have We not made the earth a resting place? And the mountains as stakes?

~ Surat An-Naba’, Verse 6-7

The Qur'an indicates that the mountains have deep roots by using the word stakes to describe them.. In fact, mountains do have have deep roots, and the word ‘stakes’ is an accurate description for them. Mount Everest the height of which is approximately 9km above ground, has a root deeper than 125km.

The fact that mountains have deep stake-like roots was not known until after the development of the Theory of Plate tectonics in the beginning of the 20th Century.

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Basically, I live in the Netherlands and have been born and raised here as a Muslim, but I'm sick of it. I've been looking more into the Big Bang Theory, and have realised that it has a lot of evidence, with more being discovered each day. The theory of God, however, has no evidence or proof. If there was no Quran, Muslims would be lost. But i don't want to think like that. I just want to be a good muslim. I'm so confused.. Please give me some advice.

Just cause science can explain something does not mean it disproved Allah. Just cause science can calculate the rate an object falls on Earth does not disprove Allah. Just cause we can explain it does  not mean it disproves the One who created it. Just cause there are theories of the Big Bang does not mean Allah does not exist. Science and religion can go together up to a certain point. And Big Bang is no proof that Allah doesn’t exist, in contrary, what more does a person need? Theory of God has no proof or evidence? It’s all around us. 

Did you created yourself or were you created by chance?

How can this world behave in a systemic orderly matter without someone governing  it? If it has no maintainer, it would slowly but surely erupt into Chaos.

Of course without the Quran we would be lost. Without Allah’s guidance we would be lost. Mankind is lost in deed cause without Allah’s guidance, we have no good only evil. Without Allah’s light we have only darkness.