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I've said it before and I'll say it again, but I totally headcanon Otabek as a huge closet nerd. Like he's seen every episode of Star Trek and has Star Trek themed mugs. He watched all the old episodes of Doctor Who and his bedroom is painted like the Starry Night TARDIS painting. He goes to cons and cosplays all the time. He has so much merch oh my god. Lowkey has a set of snk plushies on his bed. He writes long and in depth metas/theories and somehow his predictions are always really accurate.

Y E S when he gets into a book/show/video game he doesnt just get into it he dives head first and never goes back

hes lowkey embarrassed abt all of it when yuri comes over but yuri’s just “ok just show me all this shit” and hes like YEAAAAAA

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Oh my god, i love your meta. It's really good, it's very aware of the complexities in skam's characters and relationships, and I hope you keep doing it. I also loved your post about the fan theories - so funny. I hope you write more funny posts. Do you happen to write fan fiction or hc, as well?

i cry anon i cry, why are you so nice!! i’m super self-conscious about my writing, but i’ll admit i do have a couple of secret headcanons in my drafts, i just don’t know if anyone would ever want to read them and i’m always so anxious about everything i’m really making this harder than it ought to be aren’t i??? i do like to write things and i guess i could do prompts if anyone had them but then again i don’t know if anyone would actually care and thinking about people hating on my things makes me second guess everything and want to hide in a flower bush that smells nice and doesn’t have thorny bits??? also thank you for telling me you found that post funny, i cry?? i don’t really know how to write funny posts in english, i have a causerie-like style when i write in my own language and i feel like i can’t capture the same vibe when i write in english which frustrates me at times, but thank you!

i reeeeeeeeally wanna try and win the grand prize for elr but the there are two things standing in my way

1. I’m a major fucking dumbass, and all my theories and headcanons are just piggybacking off of meta posts i find. 

2. the thought of having a skype hangout w/ rt staff shot my anxiety through the fucking roof like oh my god i wanna meet them of course but a PERSONAL SKYPE CALL

but i really want the script so im just gonna




like, corrupted gems turn into monsters, and the big catbear things that jasper was collecting were directly contrasted with lion as battle mounts in crack the whip

and lion is completely incongruous within the setting thus far, in that we’ve got no explanation for what he is or how he exists except that he has something to do with rose, like not even pearl knows where he came from

and it was the weapon the diamonds used that corrupted the gems on earth into monsters, but what if rose found a way to use it to make something stable and loyal, or if it reacted differently to a diamond?


So this started out as a well thought out thing but then I took a nap, woke up, and started rambling.  It’s no where near as smart as other things I’ve done but still.  Meh.  I want to talk about it.  Also there are no pictures.

Water is a pretty powerful thing.  It’s important to every culture on Earth.  When it comes down to it, our bodies need water to survive.  It’s important, which explains why so many gods and goddesses are born of water, why so many astrological signs are rooted in water, why so many different religions have rituals that require water.  There are even people that claim they have reached enlightenment just because they have meditated on the properties and wonder of water.  Water is awesome, okay?

But what does it have to do with Teen Wolf?


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Hi! Your analyses are crazy-amaze-y and I'm so excited for your Big Bang - sounds so interesting + love your researching! But what I'm asking if it's not too much, is what the deal is with Sterek. I ship all the canon ships as well as Stiles with everyone, the cutie, + without fandom input I thought Sterek bonded over Scott's incompetency in Magic Bullet, but I read it that they're both in love with Scott, rather than each other. I'd love to ship Sterek so what's the story in your eyes? Thanks!x

Okay gosh.

I come from the Spike/Buffy school of shipping in the sense that I love it when you have complete opposites fall for each other.  "The best ships hate each other first" kinda thing.

What I LOVE the most is that their dislike for each other is mutual.  Derek finds Stiles annoying and Stiles finds Derek annoying.  But that annoyance stems from a lot of the same reasons: the influence they both have on Scott (Derek hates that Scott will turn to Stiles first leaving him out of the loop, Stiles hates that Scott has Derek to turn to about all this werewolf stuff and leaving him out of the loop,) their reluctance to work with each other, HOW the other’s methods work, etc.

But mostly I like that it’s mutual - so they are equals in their relationship.  (“relationship” in the sense of interaction not romance because lol if you think they have romance right now)  Neither one really has the power in the relationship at all.  Yeah, Derek is the Big Bad Wolf but all his threats come up empty ended and Stiles doesn’t really buy them anymore.  He’s already seeing through Derek’s tough skin.  And I like that.

And like… they have kept mirroring each other?  I mean, it might be the shipper goggles but they seem to have similar paths in terms of emotional backgrounds and sporting masks (which isn’t just them, wearing masks is a big theme of the show) but even their narratives have parallels and their character growth seems to be growing at a similar pace.

I mean.  The first season they were parallel in how much use they were to Scott.  This season they are parallel in how much use they are in general.  Stiles thinks he’s inadequate to help at all and Derek  knows that he’s kind of a sucky Alpha.  They both think they suck at what they know they have to do.  The fact that they have both been… ugh what’s the word… held captive by the Kanima together is kinda a symbol for that?  They both see the world they are in, know what they have to do, but feel like they have no autonomy to do anything about it?

They are together in this though.  Everyone else (at least in the main six) is active in their world.  Derek and Stiles keep getting paralyzed.

…this whole thing has prompted me to make a bigger post with pictures and such as to why I enjoy it so much so uh… probably in the next couple days that’ll pop up.  So you are to thank for that.

Another thing is that I really believe that it could happen.  And the best explanation of this is boot’s post here: because srsly.