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A Theory on Moiraillegiance

It’s already been stated that Eridan and Nepeta wear their moirails colors

Eridan’s rings (back when he and fef were moirails)

and nepeta’s hat, tail and shoes

Now the question is why? Why do these two wear their partners colors, while Feferi and Equius do not? What Nepeta and Eridan have in common is both Eridan and Nepeta are lower on the Hemo-spectrum than Equius and Feferi.

Here is my theory. The moirail with lower blood will wear the highblood’s color, not out of devotion, but for protection.

We all know Alternia is a pretty violent place, and there is no consequence for a highblood killing a lowblood. We also know that moiraillegiance serves as a means for soothing and controlling highbloods who would otherwise be dangerous. AND we know that moirails can be extremely vengeful when their parnter is killed.

So in order to prevent accidentally killing a highblood’s moirail and setting them off on a murderous rampage, the lowblood wears the highblood’s color to show they are “taken”. 

Eridan doesnt wear as much pink. He is a seadweller, and immune to most hemo-spectrum related killings. However, his moirail is the Heiress, and pretty damn important, so it thus marks his importance as her moirail. It also warns his potential killer that they have the wrath of the heiress on them if they were to actually kill him.

Nepeta on the other hand, wears a whole lot of blue. Since she is practically a lowblood, she needs to make it pretty clear that she’s under the protection of a blue-blood.

So basically, wearing your moirail’s color is a warning sign. Equius and Feferi allow Eridan and Nepeta to wear their blood colors as a “bitch step off this is mine” sign to people who might want to hurt them.


WARNING, THIS WILL PROBABLY BREAK YOUR HEART Okay guys, I just had a massive realisation and you need to read this omg.

It’s common knowledge in the Mystic Messenger fandom that the codename Seven (707) can be read as ‘LOL’ when flipped, and this is likely a deliberate move by Cheritz. But what if there’s another reason for the codename 707? (hold onto your hats guys)

Seven is a hacker, meaning he deals with massive amounts of code. When there is an error in code, a message will appear with a number which is a label for that specific type of problem. For example, a common one is Error 404: File Not Found. All of the error labels and their meanings can be found online.

I looked up the error that goes with the number 707, and look what it is:

Now, keep in mind the theory that Seven’s memories aren’t lost when the player resets the game. Have a look at what the error for 707 actually is.

“When the server is unable to release that section of memory, error 707 occurs.”

It’s highly likely that Seven keeps the memories after the reset, meaning whatever causes the other characters to lose their memories cannot remove Seven’s memories.

And Error 707 occurs when a server is unable to release (basically get rid of) parts of memory on the server. Error 707 happens when memories can’t be removed.




CHERITZ WHYYYYYYY *cries in Korean*

So why haven’t I seen anything about Mabel having trouble with disassociating from reality because of that bubble Bill had her in?
I mean, we have all these other angsty theories about Dipper having panic attacks, Ford having seizures, and Stan struggling with amnesia.
Like, whenever something she can’t believe is actually happening, something good and wonderful, she breaks down.
Mabel’s crush asks her out? BOOM. Panic attack.
Dipper comes home declaring he finally kissed a human? Mabel has to spend fifteen minutes in Sweater Town before she can congratulate him.
Stan and Ford send her a picture of them getting along and bonding? She needs Dipper to hold her and assure her that this is real and she’s not still in the bubble. Bill is gone. They won.


holy shit dude

edit: sorry for all the confusion! yes, sadly, this is fan-made. i just thought it to be a very cool theory, and also very well edited!
Okay so...

I had this idea a while ago that Steven might have some psychic powers, such as telekinesis and telepathy. My suspicion first arose in the episode “Maximum Capacity”, during the scene where Steven breaks up the situation happening between Greg and Amethyst. As you can see in this video clip, Steven yells “Stop!” and then sees Amethyst shape-shifted as his mother. As this happens the T.V. playing “Lil’ Butler” in the background suddenly switches to static.

The fact that the shot focuses on the T.V. when this happens definitely means something. The crew wanted to draw attention to it. For a while I was uncertain about my suspicions but then came “We Need to Talk”. And with it another example.

Same sort of situation here. Greg raises his voice at Rose and suddenly the Record player starts skipping for 13 seconds before continuing onto the next song. Now whats the major point here?

It explains this.

Originally posted by water-gem

If Steven has weak telekinesis (that he most likely doesn’t even know about), then it isn’t too far of a stretch to assume he could have some form of telepathy that would allow him to communicate with Lapis through his dreams.

Originally posted by crystal-gays

So in short, yeah Steven has psychic powers that he doesn’t know about.

i feel kind of bad for laughing so much about dashcon

because this was a lot of underage kids getting conned out of their money for what they thought might be a genuinely fun time with other people who would Get Them

everything about it is just a complete trainwreck and i hope the ones who were hung out to dry keep this in mind for the future, but don’t let it wreck whatever fun hangouts might be ahead of them

…that said

the jokes people are making are fucking hysterical

The twins have always known that Grunkle Stan is a divorced bachelor.

Okay the context of this is actually all kinds of HILARIOUS to me.

SO. Legend of the Gobblewonker. Great episode, no matter which way you look at it. But check out this super specific scene way at the beginning of the episode:

Stan: Good morning knuckleheads! You two know what day it is?

  • Dipper: Umm… Happy Anniversary?
  • Mabel: MAZEL TOV

Stan: *proceeds to smack small child with newspaper*

Okay so inconsequential it seems to the rest of the episode but! The big thing that happened here that caught my eye was that Dipper and Mabel responded with “Happy anniversary” and “mazel tov” in relation to wondering what day it is. They could have said “Happy Birthday”, the actual day of the week, etc. So many jokes to be made! And Alex Hirsch decides to make a marriage joke.

While it technically wasn’t confirmed until Roadside Attraction, it’s always been insinuated that Stan was once married, got a divorce and is now a lonely bachelor. He makes a joke about his ex-wife in this very episode, and Hirsch himself has mentioned his ex-wife at cons. And now we know she exists! Marilyn divorced him after only 6 hours.

But… the Twins know about this. They always have known, and hell it might even be a running family joke; Stan and his 6 hour marriage.

Of course, if the twins know about it, that means this 6 hour marriage happened while Stan was not actually Stanley, but Stanford.

Stan probably married Marilyn while posing as his bro bro.

Think about this, and then think about his marriage being only 6 hours long.

“Now that we’re together, I just wanna let you know…”
“What is it, Stanford?”
“Well, that’s just the thing. Stanford isn’t my real name. I’m kinda posing as my potentially dead brother.”
“We’re getting divorced immediately.”

Camp Pining Hearts Foreshadowing Theory

Ok so we’ve seen a subtle similarites between the campers and the Homeworld Trio. First we have Paulette

She has a blue diamond on her hat and a blue scarf with water drops, similar to Lapis’ gem. 


Two yellow diamonds and a necklace that looks like Peridot’s gem. (btw i don’t think it’s a coincidance that both symbols of their gemstones are on their necks).

Peridot also mentions Pierre, a brute, a force to be reckoned with. Both he and Percy belong to the Yellow Team. Pierre is an allegory of Jasper.

That gives us:
Paulette - Lapis

Percy - Peridot

Pierre - Jasper

I’ve seen people interpretating this show as lapidot confirmed, but I think it’s more complicated than that.

We know that Paulette likes Percy, but Percy can’t return his feelings because of the Color War. Peridot ships him with Pierre and think that Paulette is too weak to have any place in camp’s hierarchy, so she doesn’t ship her with anyone.

I think that Peridot’s feelings about campers are connected to her feelings about Lapis and Jasper, because she subconsciously sees the similarities.

I think that Lapis wanted to form a positive relationship with Peridot when they first met, but Peridot didn’t even consider it and rejected her from the start. Why?

The Color War = The Diamond Authority

(look at those shots of Paulette and Percy - they both stand on different sides, which shows that their different affiliation, but with flags of Canada representing their common origin.)

EDIT: Paulette (Lapis) doesn’t have anything in the background while Percy (Peridot) has a house with a triangle - a symbol of how Lapis can’t see the home she knew in Homeworld, a place that is all that Peridot knew.

Peridot didn’t want to form any relationship with Lapis because she belongs to a different diamond. And we’ve seen the proof of it in The Answer, which is Lapis’ cameo.

Also, Lapis doesn’t look strong and Peridot has never seen her in action like we did. Lapis has no idea how Homeworld’s technology - Peridot’s element - works, which builds an image of weak, clueless Lapis on mercy of strong and intelligent gems like Peridot and Jasper. Peridot is underestimating her.

She is more drawn to Jasper, because not only they belong to the same diamond (when Peridot was explaining to Steven why she ships Percy and Pierre, the first thing she told him was that they are both on the same team, the Yellow Team), they also have a chance to “present the strongest battle formations”. We’ve seen how Peridot likes quarts, and it looks like a common practice for Homeworld to pair wise/intelligent gems with physically storng ones (Peridot/Jasper, Sapphire/Three Rubies). So I think that Peridot likes quarts so much because she was taught by Homeworld that a combination like this can deal with any task. Peridot understood how Garnet can be fused all the time not because she understood Ruby’s and Sapphire’s love, but because she thought that they form the strongest couple, opposites creating balance.

But I can be wrong of course.

All I can say with 100% certainty is that @laurenzuke played us all. 

Things That Concern Me: A Bulleted List

Filbrick Pines and Bill Cipher

  • Filbrick: Wears muted gold and blues
    Bill: Is gold, has blue ‘deal making’ flame
  • Both wear snappy hats
  • Filbrick has a pattern on his gold suit jacket similar-ish to Bill’s brickwork body
  • Gravity Falls is about family
  • Bill does not have family ‘anymore’
  • Filbrick is/was a pawnbroker
  • A pawnbroker is an individual or business (pawnshop or pawn shop) that offers secured loans to people, with items of personal property used as collateral. 
  • He made deals for a living
  • Bill makes deals like all the time that’s his shtick
  • Are they intended to be similar because they are both enormous douchecanoes?
  • Actually.
  • Consider.
  • Bill has one eye and is always watching, Filbrick hides his eyes behind his sunglasses, and seems to be keeping a constant eye on his sons
  • ‘Man, it has been so long since I’ve inhabited a body. Haha! Pain is hilarious!! And two eyes? This thing’s deluxe!’ - Sock Opera
  • Are the sunglasses Filbrick wears hiding a possible missing eye?
  • Was FILBRICK the last person Bill possessed? (before Dipper?)
the signs as voltron conspiracy theories

aries: keith is part galra

taurus: alfor was the former yellow paladin

gemini: lance will die but his brain will be uploaded into the blue lion

cancer: the blue glowy mask guy from the s2 trailer is matt holt

leo: thace is keith’s dad

virgo: allura was the former blue paladin

libra: shiro has some kind of microchip that allows the galra to track/control him

scorpio: thace is alfor in disguise (couldn’t find a link to this one but i’ve seen it, lol)

sagittarius: the garrison works for the galra (also couldn’t find a link for this one––the garrison is probably covering it up)

capricorn: haggar is allura’s mom

aquarius: the linda holt conspiracy

pisces: shiro will die (and/or get captured again) and allura will become the black paladin

Where Was Ford When Stan Opened the Portal?

(Aka it’s 2:30 am and I have entirely lost control of my life)

Alright people, I’ll get right to it. I think I know whereabouts Ford was when the portal opened to bring him back. I’ve just spent the last few hours sciencing the shit out of what we know so far, and I’m gonna share it with you.

I know I’m a little late to the party on this one, by while doing a little research earlier this evening I found out that the symbols around the edge of the portal are actually the symbols for the Behenian fixed stars. These are fifteen stars, used for magical and alchemical purposes back in the medieval days.

Now, there are sixteen symbols around the edge of the portal, but I figure that, if this portal is designed to be used both ways, there should probably be a ‘home’ symbol, right? So my guess is that that last unknown symbols stands for our own sun, Sol.

Now, when the portal stabilises and Ford finally does come back through, some of those symbols are lit up, like in the top image. Why is this important?

Because if you have six points of reference in space, you can calculate the midpoint to get a destination.

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Snape was secretly a magic genius

How is it that Harry Potter talks so little about how Snape is probably the third most powerful wizard in the world?

It would seem that he had an interest in the dark arts from a young age, probably because of his parents. Not only this, but he was controlling magic even before he entered school. “Snape knew more curses when he arrived at school than half the kids in Seventh year” says Sirius. 

When he gets to school, he’s a damn good student.  In his DADA exams he writes way more than any of his peers.

That’s Hermione Granger shit right there.  But even beyond Hermione, he’s correcting his damn textbooks.

The standard potion books seem to be set in stone, and haven’t changed from being the set N.E.W.T. texts in 20 years.  And here’s this 15 year old motherfucker correcting errors in them.  Even Hermione wasn’t this advanced, and she’s definitely gifted.

But that wasn’t enough for Snape. He was also inventing his own damn spells.

The guy could cast magic nonverbally. He was a master at Legilimens, casting it nonverbally and wandlessly.

He turned spy for Dumbledore, and - to quote him - “fooled the Dark Lord, the greatest wizard, the most accomplished Legilimens the world has ever seen” That’s some next level shit right there.

Not only this, but he saved Dumbledore’s life, containing the ring’s curse in his own freakin hand. I’m not sure if even Dumbledore could have done this, seeing as he admitted that Snape knew WAY more about dark magic than he did.

He also could FLY, showing that even while betraying the guy, Snape was eager to learn, and master, anything that Voldemort could teach him.

All this while being 25-30 years younger than Dumbledore/Voldemort?

If Snape hadn’t died so young, despite being a creepy pissbaby, he probably would’ve been among the greatest wizards that ever lived.

PLL Finale

Now that ABC family have confirmed what we are gonna find out in the season finale I am slightly worried that were not going to see the face of charles!!

They say we find out A’s motive to why he’s been torturing the girls…

But it says “Aria, Spencer, Emily and Hanna come face to face with A”

It doesn’t say that WE as an audience will.

I swear if that episode ends with the liars faces in shock I am done.

This is sort of my personal thing and maybe less about a larger connection. But Joker killed Robin and Batman basically smashes his teeth out and locks him up in Arkham Asylum. It’s in the asylum where Joker would have done the ‘damaged’ tattoo as a message to Batman saying, ‘You’ve damaged me. I was so beautiful before and now you’ve destroyed my face.’ That’s where the grill comes from.
—  David Ayer on Joker’s appearance and the killing of Robin (x)