I dare!
1. Nickleback: this means war
2. Get Scared: Moving
3. Bowling for Soup: s-s-s-saturday
4. Black vail brides: The outcast (call of arms)
5. Black vail brides: New Year’s Day
6. Snow whites poison bite: the end of prom night
7. Black vail brides: knives and pens
8. Get scared: fail
9. Get scared: moving
10. Get scared: fail
11. Get scared: sarcasm
12: get scared: if only she knew voodoo like I do
13. Skillet: forgiven
14. Skillet: I can
15. Guns n roses: November rain
16. Get scared: wrong
17. Queen: bohemian rhapsody
18: queen: the show must go on
19. The pretty reckless: make me wanna die
20. Nickleback: burn it to the ground #nickleback #bowlingfirsoup #blackvailbrides #snowwhitespoisonbite #getscared #skillet #gunsnroses #queen #theorettyreckless #yay #music #emo (ved the_nest_of_Quinn’s)