theoretical projects


Hi guys! I may need your help today. This semester, I’m taking an obligatory entrepreneurship course, and our main task is to come up with some business idea and work with it during the semester. We don’t really make anything, it’s just a way to study stages of project development (I guess).

Long story short, this week we have to collect some feedback from our “potential customers” though interviews and surveys. The animation above shortly describes my team’s theoretical project, a holiday organisation system.

If you live in Europe and sometimes travel to other countries in EU or nearby, please spare a bit of your time to watch the video and then fill this survey! 

It does ask for some personal information, but no names are involved and this data will not be used anywhere outside of our university course, since the project is purely theoretical. We need as many replies as possible until Sunday afternoon. 

Thank you in advance!

Convoluted is Just the Beginning

Do you know how it is when your brain just refuses to function properly. I didn’t say it refuses to function, mind you. But it doesn’t, well, do what you want it to do.

Say, it’s three in the morning. You’re making an honest effort to go to sleep. You’re snuggled up against two pillows and a couple books that got lost in your bedding. And your brain is working overtime even though you’re pretty sure it’s time for it to clock out.

“What if we ran over a few possible scenarios for the novel you’re writing?” says that marvelous Introverted Thinking cognitive function, ever ready to please his INTP master.

“Go away,” you mumble into the hardbound copy of Philosophical Eras of the United States, which is currently grinding itself into your cranium.

“Actually, that’s boring me. I’d rather construct a theoretical project that you’ll never actually complete in real life but which would be really cool to think about completing for the next seventeen seconds,” says the Ti, giving Si a sly nudge.

You dig the Philosophical Eras out from your head with one hand and push it away with a moan. It crashes to the floor and you hope that none of the pages bent.

“Bent pages!” cries the intrepid Ti. “Now that’s a fun subject. Let’s go over all the different ways you could try to straighten out the pages that are undoubtedly bent in that book you just dropped off the bed because you’re a clumsy oaf. Also, maybe we should figure out how to avoid social interaction tomorrow and think about mammoths, too.”


I’ve no doubt that you’ve been through a similar situation. The thing is, our brains are working that way in the daytime, too, jumping from subject to subject. It’s just that we’re too tired from not getting enough sleep while Ti was having a party at night to be able to tell.

Myers Briggs Watching A Movie

INFJ: The one who keeps trying to predict what will happen and talking about their opinion on the movie
ESTP: The one who keeps making crude jokes and getting up to get food
INTJ: The one who makes depressing predictions on horrific ending to the movie and keeps pointing out plot holes
ESFP: The one who keeps getting distracted by stuff and always finds Stan Lee first in the Marvel movies
INTP: The one who goes on a rant about how they read about this genome project’s theoretical potential
ESFJ: The one who keeps asking everyone if they like the movie and talking about how the scene makes them feel
INFP: The one who cried
ESTJ: The one who keeps telling everyone to shush
ISFJ: The one who talks about how this scene reminds them of that time
ENTP: The one who keeps making ~witty~ jokes and laughing at themselves as everyone tells them to shut up
ISTJ: The one who keeps saying “this isn’t realistic”
ENFP: The one who keeps saying “of course it isn’t realistic, dipshit, it’s a movie”
ISFP: The one who side-eyed the INFP crying about the romantic moment and then bursts into tears ten minutes later about some other scene
ENTJ: The one who kind of seems to think this is a waste of time but makes occasional commentary about how good the popcorn is
ISTP: The one who watches the entire thing with a dead expression but then gets home and looks up everything there is to know about the leading actor
ENFJ: The one who keeps asking everyone what they want to get for dinner after this

Also, Down With Cis was literally started because the origins of it were so outlandish and the poster was so transphobic that it was an easy target and an easy joke to apply to things. Down With Hate isn’t about supporting a trans boy, not even remotely. That so many of your Usual Suspects are supporting it says something about it, really. It’s the same as so-called egalitarianism, whereby adopting a vocabulary of neutrality disguises that it is in direct reaction to trans people making a joke. It’s a matter of convenience. It isn’t about what it claims to be about. It’s about using the theoretical projection of one trans person’s voice to shout down others, the use of a convenient opinion for certain ends. Down With Hate is cloaking itself in language of fighting “hate” without regard for the power structures that surround it. Not all hate is as significant, as meaningful, as harmful as other hate. That’s why “hate” is a rather useless concept when describing a lot of things, because it equates reflections of structural power with the reactions to these reflections. Hatered is such a generic concept that it does nothing to actually describe what is being enacted.