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I just went off on some kid who tried to claim that Michelle Obama was too uneducated and inexperienced to run for President. Like child, I realize that your weak and sensitive white male ego is still recovering from the shock that a woman came so close to being our president and the thought of a black woman scares you even more, but what the actual fuck? To claim First Lady Obama, who graduated from two Ivy league schools, implemented multiple programs in the past 8 years, and just an all around class act, is as he said “uneducated and inexperienced” is just beyond ridiculous. Go home child you are drunk. 

Single particles of light (photons) simulate quantum particles travelling through time were just used by scientists from the University of Queensland, Australia. They showed that one photon can pass through a wormhole and then interact with its older self.

The study of closed timelike curves (CTC’s) provides valuable insight into particles that can loop back on themselves, breaking free of linear time. One aspect of general relativity that has long intrigued physicists is the relative ease with which one can find solutions to Einstein’s field equations that contain closed timelike curves (CTCs) causal loops in space–time that return to the same point in space and time.

Closed timelike curves are a necessary concept to understand this experiment.
CTCs are used to simulate powerful gravitational fields, like the ones produced by a spinning black hole, that could theoretically (based on Einstein’s theory of general relativity), warp the fabric of existence so that space-time bends back on itself. This creates a CTC, almost like a pathway to travel back through time. The source of time travel speculation lies in the fact that our best physical theories seem to contain no prohibitions on traveling backward through time. The feat should be possible based on Einstein’s theory of general relativity, which describes gravity as the warping of spacetime by energy and matter. An extremely powerful gravitational field, such as that produced by a spinning black hole, could in principle profoundly warp the fabric of existence so that spacetime bends back on itself. This would create a “closed timelike curve,” or CTC, a loop that could be traversed to travel back in time.

frieza-fan27  asked:

Can you do Aro


general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life
hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang  |
hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff
best quality: Empathetic
worst quality: Paranoid, as a result of his gift
ship them with: Aro/Caius/Marcus/Dora/Sulpicia is canon
brotp them with: Caius
needs to stay away from: The Romanians 
misc. thoughts: I like the idea that Aro has picked up various bad traits/habits from other’s through their thoughts, as well as acquiring a weird sense of nostalgia for certain events/items. I think either (or both) @alilaro and @kyilliki have headcanons that over the years, Aro has had a more difficult time separating his own thoughts from other people’s thoughts. I find that really interesting and think that make a very cool fanfiction.

Okay, so I’m going to talk a little about AlaKou.

I haven’t actually read the chapter yet so this will be highly theoretical and based on my own observations about the characters.

I spent a lot of time shipping SinKou (and I wrote a heck of a lot of fics for them) so this will be used as a contrast to this new, and potentially amazing ship (at least in my opinion).

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Does anyone else get the notion that person-first language in regard to autism (people with autism, etc) is a really effective tool for deflecting criticism of the hateful attitudes that many mainstream autism organizations promote?

Like one of the major criticism of PFL by autistic people is that it separates the autism from the person. So you have the concept of autism, which is theoretically separated from the concept of the person.

When the two are separated, people can sling as much hatred and vitriol as they want at the nebulous idea of ‘autism’, and still be able to claim that they don’t hate autistic people, since in their mind, the person and the autism are two separate entities. What they’re saying isn’t constructed as hatred toward autistic people, because the concept of the person isn’t what’s being targeted. By their logic, every bad thing they say about autism doesn’t make the autistic person bad, because the concepts are theoretically separate.

Except that’s not what ends up happening, since this theoretical separation is based on faulty logic. The concepts of the autism and the person are intertwined, and any hatred directed at autism ends up hitting autistic people, because there’s really only one target to hit.

Concept: Judai has a relatively and surprisingly high IQ. He isn’t traditionally “book smart” but if he wanted to ace a test on something theoretical or knowledge based he could. He simply doesn’t like to study or apply that IQ to something he isn’t passionate about. Rather, he applies himself at dueling, which takes a high capacity for strategy, thinking, and mathematical talent.

Concept: Judai is smart, he is a bad student, but intelligent nonetheless.

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Within the last two months, I have been able to predict the next Steven Bomb (relatively). It lies within the next two months, possibly within the next month. Our fandom has been on hiatus for roughly a month. Cartoon Network is showing new episodes of shows 5 nights a week at 8 pm, although this week is the second week of Adventure Time (so who knows how long that could take). Now for the rough part.

The next Steven Bomb includes a whole lot of backstory episodes, theoretically. I am basing my information of of the episode list that is on the wiki as well as the episodes in order on Wikipedia. The next five episodes are

(sorry its a little small)

The run is:

-Super Watermelon Island

In this episode, we find out what happens to the watermelon Stevens. They fled underwater, but in recent events someone else has been trapped underwater. Can you guess who?

Maybe she found her way to a main island where she is camping out, but maybe Lapis is still holding her back, in which case i think things would turn out like this

-Gem Drill

Pretty self explanatory, the gems start building the drill to go to the center of the Earth.

-Barn Mates

In every Steven Bomb, there is one episode in the middle of the week that is just there to fill in some empty space. Well, this is that episode. Good news for all of you Amidot shippers (Amitdot? I’m calling it Amidot).

-Same Old World

Homeworld has cometh. We finally see what the gems old home is/was like.

-Hit The Diamond

Do I have to explain? It’s either the backstory of Rose’s political power or the story of the Diamonds and their civil war, or even just about Yellow Diamond.

If Adventure Time is having multiple weeks, then that means that it is possible for Steven Bomb to have multiple weeks as well, but that’s a theory for another time.


You see life in terms of: ( how you communicate)

  • Creating harmony and avoiding conflict, and so you are very skillful and diplomatic with others, and are aware of their position. 
  • Due to your social and moral justice, you treat others fairly. 

But tend not to see: ( how you fail to communicate)

  • You fail to see that harmony is often crated through conflict and confrontation. you tend to talk around an issue, which can infuriate others. 
  • Maps are never the same as places themselves, meaning that you relate from a theoretical base, not an emotionally real one. 
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wow!! i never expected i would get this far in 4 months!!!! so, bc of this momentous occasion, i’m doing a contest!

the rules:

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4. the contest ends SEPTEMBER 30TH!!! but i might extend it if i dont get enough entries

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alright! prize time!

the winner of contest will win a theoretical comic book cover based on their blog! 


if ur suggestion blog doesn’t have a specific muse, that’s okay!!! we’ll work out a cover for ur blog that’ll work for ur tastes! <3

have fun!! remember, the contest ends september 30th!

Ok so like I decided to research on the world wide web and this is what i found (from wikipedia) on red stars turning blue suddenly

“A blue dwarf is a predicted class of star that develops from a red dwarf after it has exhausted much of its hydrogen fuel supply. Since red dwarfs fuse their hydrogen slowly and are fully convective (allowing their entire hydrogen supply to be fused, instead of merely that in the core), the universe is currently not old enough for any blue dwarfs to have formed yet. Their existence is predicted based on theoretical models.”

I did some research on the life cycles of stars n shit this summer and so a star runs off of the fusing of hydrogen into helium and once the star has run out of hydrogen to fuse, it gets really hot (and expands) and then because its so hot, it can start fusing helium into heavier elements. Because Wolf 359 is a red dwarf star, those take a long time to use up all their hydrogen really slowly bc of quantum mechanics and shit i don’t want to explain right now so its probably not that because 1 its too young to be going off the main sequence (and its canon that the show is set in an alternate present day) and 2 they would literally die because the star would expand and kill them. Unless its in an alternate universe where all the stars are like…. a lot older…. and don’t expand when they go off the main sequence… idk i cant think of any other rational scientific explanations right now…..

in conclusion: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯