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The brunette looked up from her paperwork as she sat behind the desk at the shelter and studied the blonde before her. She looked vaguely familiar. Paige set her paperwork down and leaned over a little;

“Hey aren’t you Daniel’s girlfriend?” She knew that her best friend had gotten himself a girlfriend and he had shown her a picture of her before – and she looked very much like this girl before her. “Correct me if I’m wrong by all means.” Paige didn’t want to be seen as stupid by incorrectly identifying the woman before her.

josie and paige|Brianna|child meme
  • Name: Brianna Margaret Tylar
  • Gender: Female
  • General Appearance: Natalia Tena

  • Personality:

One of the boys.

Being raised around strong independent women such as both her mother’s Josie and Paige – and then her aunt Maggie no one finds it shocking that Bri is the way that she is. Bri is strong, sassy and feisty. If you were to take Daniel, Adam and Junior and mix them together and make that mixture female, you’d end up with Bri.

Bri is smart, cocky and hilarious. Her jokes could rival her biological father’s. Bri’s biological mother is Paige but you’d be surprised to find how little like her she is – she has taken more off of her uncles than her mothers – the only thing that you could say she has taken from her mothers is her bisexuality – and even then she would punch you in the face for even suggesting she was made to be that way.

  • Special Talents:

Like her uncle Adam, Bri’s a singer.

She learned to play the piano when she was younger but has since taken up any instrument that she can get her hands on and will learn to play them properly if it kills her. So far she can play the piano, guitar and is starting to play the drums. She’s noisy but Josie and Paige love that she can express herself in such a way – she also has a great singing voice. She wouldn’t say she’s the best, but she loves it.

Bri’s studio for playing music is in the garage away from the main house so that she doesn’t disturb the family – or her grandparents in the guest house. Bri often accompanies her uncle Adam when singing and has played little gigs in pubs around the town where they live. Bri loves music and she always will do.

  • Who they like better:

Bri is one of those people who loves everyone and most likely everyone loves her because she’s an infectious human being.

  • Who they take after more:

Being raised in an environment where she has two mothers and an aunt and uncle around her almost twenty four seven, Bri has taken bits of everyone in her personality and plays off everyone wonderfully. She is mostly like Daniel – but will also take bits and pieces from Junior. (and unfortunately that includes drinking, partying and sleeping around.) She has bits of her uncle Adam’s personality in her as well – so although she does all the things a normal young woman her age does, she does it safely.

  • Personal Head canon:

Bri teases her uncle Daniel, who’s also her biological father, by calling him “Dad” – especially when she wants her own way. This is something she shares in common with her brother Olly, who is also Daniel’s by blood.