“Harper, this apartment sucks,” Harvey grumbled, looking around at the (granted) slightly worn down apartment.
“Oh, it’s not that bad,” Harper put her hands on her hips and looked around. “It’s not like we can afford something better, this one is the best one I could find. Maybe when we all get jobs - ”
“The ceiling is leaking,” commented Theo, earning a glare from Harper and earning Harper a pointed look from Harvey.
“Look, I know it’s bad. But it’s better than the shithole you guys lived in back home. And there are two bedrooms! Which means you guys can have all the sex you want or whatever it is you do when you’re alone - ”
“We have sex,”
“And you won’t disturb me!” she beamed, ignoring Harvey’s comment, and reached into one of the opened boxes to procure none other than the bane of Harvey’s existence: Harper’s stuffed giraffe that she took with her almost everywhere.
“You seriously brought that rag?”
“I can’t sleep without it,” she grumbled back. “Harvey, if you don’t want to live here, I have other friends who would be more than happy to move in with me - ”
“No,” Theo’s voice was surprisingly firm. “We’re staying." 

Okay, the cooking class she’d taken had utterly failed when she had accidentally almost burned the whole building down and had subsequently been kicked out. But what was she supposed to do? Theo and Harvey were limited to ramen noodles, which even she couldn’t make, and she was not a ramen noodle kind of girl.

So she’d devised a plan: order take-out, demolish the boxes, and convince them she was good at this whole thing, being on her own. The plate settings were just as elaborate as usual, the food placed neatly onto the plates, the boxes in the trash, buried underneath shredded paper. 

“Wow, Harper,” Harvey said in what sounded to Theo like an overly impressed voice. “This is really good.”

“Thank you,” she beamed, taking her plate off the table and going to the sink to wash it.

“Yeah, too bad it’s from - ” Harvey started, when he received a foot against his shin. “Ouch,” he hissed across the table at his boyfriend, who raised his eyebrows. Harvey smiled sweetly at him and looked over his shoulder at Harper. “From all the love in your heart. Thanks for dinner, Harper.”

Theo’s psychology test? Had gone terrible. Harvey’s first customer of the day? Had dumped a drink on him when he messed up the order. Combined with various other mishaps of the morning, the day sucked and it wasn’t even noon. 

Theo and Harvey looked forward the most to noontime: they met behind the restaurant where Harvey worked and ate lunch and talked about their day. Today, unfortunately, they’d been in a rush and Harper had packed their lunch - which was, while endearing, quite a scary thought. 

Sitting with their backs against the wall, Theo glanced warily at Harvey, who was frowning at his unopened brown bag. “On three?”

“On three,” Harvey agreed, his hand grabbing the top of the paper bag. “One.”



The brown bags opened and they peered inside, only to find deli sandwiches wrapped in wax paper, a plastic bag full of chips, and, oddly, a bag of grapes. Furrowing his brow, Theo dumped the contents into his lap, a folded piece of paper falling out from the bottom. 

Have a good day at work! :) - Harper

He glanced up from his note to find that Harvey had received the same one. With a laugh, Harvey set it aside. “She’s so annoying sometimes, but - ”

“That was adorable,” Theo finished for him.