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Too Much Too Soon | Theo Stockman, Aspen Vincent, Declan Bennett, Mary Faber | 11.20.10 M

ALSO THE GREATEST. Theo’s mic died and handheld microphone shenanigans ensued, what with him forgetting to sing into the mic sometimes, and singing into it FAR too loudly at other times. Listen for his superb, “FUCK YOU~~~” Oh, and Aspen is flawless. Duh.

anonymous asked:

Mitropanos theooos!! H fash pou lew se paidia pws auto to tragoudi einai tou mitropanoy kai einai se fash "eee poios einai aytos ton kserei h mana toy"

Ναι ρε ο άνθρωπος ήταν απίστευτος..!!
και αστουυς ρε δεν ξερουν απο μουσικη…