- -  theon/robb au ; A world where some people are born different- with strange, superhumanly powerful minds. The human brain is not able to control this power, and thus these ‘chosen’ few go insane and must be locked away for the safety of others. Theon and Robb are patients (or captives) in institution for these such people. Both are seemingly broken beyond repair, but they become friends and slowly help each other heal.

  - -  you wake up and you’ve got no skin. you wake and your mind is on fire. you wake and you breathe, but you find only lungfuls of dust. You wake and there’s nothing, you can’t remember anything, you can’t feel anything- you try to clutch at thin air, but you haven’t got fingers. You lost them. You forgot them. Just like you forgot your old name. A shriek echoes- shriek, shriek, rhymes with reek. But Robb hears and he clasps your hands, and he laces his fingers through your own, and then you can remember. Then you can feel.
the waves and i found the riptide (TheonxRobb)

hello I wrote a throbb fic. Modern AU, childhood friendship, with plenty of Theon dad/brother angst and I’m really bad at doing summaries and quoting but

And Theon realised he couldn’t be brave. He was a stupid scared ten year old who couldn’t be brave. All the times Rodrik and Maron had told him so, he should’ve listened, he should’ve, he should’ve- Theon glanced back at the steps behind him. The image was scorched into his mind- Rodrik, writhing over them, a stab wound in his gut and hand pressed over the blood, the blood, all the blood, the blood came in torrents and splattered over the steps, dark and thick and hot and smelling of death. Theon jumped over those dark steps ever since. Weak.  He was weak. Rodrik had told him so- how many times? I should’ve listened.

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