WHAT IS THIS, 2007?! I really enjoy the thought that Ramsay would be one of those dudes who will always believe that Lucky Star is the only right way to introduce people to anime. He tried to watch Nichijou but he spent the whole time really cut up about (ha ha, cut up about) how it just wasn’t the same


My eventual endgame for this is to have Theon turn into GSNK’s Mikorin don’t tell me that’s not perfect

Theon Greyjoy: a romantic hero

beware of the spoilers O_O

I recently did some research on romanticism and discovered that Theon is kind of a romantic hero. A lot of aspects of romanticism can be found in his character. There are tons of different “definitions” of what a romantic hero is exactly. People don’t seem to entirely agree on it, but these are some of the elements that came back most frequently:

  • The romantic hero is young and possesses youthfull qualities:

When we meet him,  Theon is around 19 years old. He is naive and he tends to romanticize his ideas of the future. He also often makes rash emotional decisions that don’t lead to anything good. Multiple people (especially Ramsay) take advantage of this impulsiveness. They see an opportunity and manipulate him into doing what they want.

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Theon Greyjoy | This Night (GOT)

soooo…. it’s Theon week and this is my contribution for the first day. there will be more later on but for now you’ll have to do with this :)

So Theon has been hurt a lot in his life and has, in turn caused a lot of hurt. but he’s the one who feels guilty about it. no one feels guilty about hurting him. all Theon did, he did with a reason.
Theon is inherently a good person. He cares about others. but society told him that that was a bad thing! that he couldn’t care, should enjoy violence, that stealing and raping is ok. So he pretends that he’s exactly that person society tells him he should be, cause in his eyes he’s not an accomplished person if he’s not violent. He’s too good to fit into Pyke. If things had been different he could have been a hero but the very unfair world of a song of ice and fire treated him like crap, and as a result he fought back in all the wrong ways and destroyed himself in the process.

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I see a lot of people complaining that Theon’s stuff this season is just torture and nothing else and how they’re waiting for “something to happen”. Well honestly Theon’s story at this point doesn’t operate like it did last season. He is in a passive position as opposed to being the active one in his story. I assume the people making these complaints have not read the books. Well without saying too much Theon leaves the story for ASOS and AFFC and once we see him again in ADWD we learn of what happened to him over this course of time. What the show is doing is allowing us to get a look at it while it happens, as opposed to going the route George went. I’ve elaborated more on this in the past, if you aren’t afraid of spoilers you can read it here. But just because Theon isn’t in an active role in his story does not mean “nothing happens”. Sansa currently has a more passive role within her story, but that doesn’t mean its pointless and taking away from someone else’s screen time. With Theon they are laying the groundwork for a very complex relationship he shares with another character, they are allowing Alfie Allen the chance to push himself, they are showing the psychological ramifications of his torture and that is extremely important later on. Theon has a very complex and emotionally charged story. Its not based in actions so much as I feel its based in emotional changes and thoughts. His mental state is what pulls you in and effects you the most. He’s not like Jon Snow who does have a fair amount of action to his chapters. Theon’s story does have action at times and he does become the active one within it, but right now he isn’t and that matters. I can understand finding the torture hard to watch and even pushed too far (personally I think this week overstepped a boundary of mine considering that was something only suggested within the text). But we need this to be shown. We need his scenes to allow a glimpse at something that was only explained as a recollected memory via internal monologues. Otherwise we go several seasons without him and the next time he appears things will be confusing to a show only audience.

I hope this helps. I hope some show only fans get the chance to see this. Because honestly I’m a little tired of people writing “these Theon scenes are so pointless and gross, can’t he just escape already”. I understand a show only crowd won’t know later events and find it hard to accept this is being done for little reason beyond that it amuses someone (its true, he is only doing this for his own pleasure). But really, I hope people who haven’t read the books see this and get the message that I and several others have been trying to send.