Gun Blog List (feel free to contribute)

@gunnyblog @stripesandrockers here’s the list of gun blogs as promised. It’s not particularly huge (yuuuuuuge) but it’s quality.

@drugar-mechok (the king of gunblr)
@coffeeandspentbrass (co-king of gunblr)
@beardlessnorwegian (cool dude)
@just-remington (just cool in general, too)
@sigsauerinc (official Tumblr of Sig)
@norseminuteman (posts Viking stuff too)
@theonus (recent West Point grad, cool dude)

If anyone has any suggestions, please throw them out there with the link.

Theonus Book Club: Part IV

Just finished reading Lions Of Kandahar.

Holy. Fucking. Shit.

This book is the stuff of legends. I’m ashamed of myself for not knowing about Sperwan Ghar prior to reading this book. To say it’s impressive that a handful of ODA guys and some 50 Afghans killed or wounded more than 800 Taliban in a two week long operation is an understatement. Lions of Kandahar is a pretty easy read. I finished it in about 2-3 days… Mostly because I couldn’t put it down. 

One thing about this book is that it has made me question everything about my goals. When reading this I found myself questioning whether I could keep myself as composed and react the way that Bradley did when confronted with the situations he faced. God knows I hope that I can.

I am beyond excited to say that I will also be meeting MAJ (ret) Rusty Bradley in two weeks when he comes to West Point as part of the Commandant’s Book Club.



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