theonlytoner ha dicho: Draw your avatar from fire emblem

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Anon ha dicho: draw shintaro balancing coke cans on his forehead and failing miserably yes

I spent too much time on the last one

edit: femkano ha dicho: Whispers dead/sleeping Kidokano in sexual positions

how does that even work

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You know I would actually like some holy war pointers as the game is very different to modern FE. mostly general things like how items work, best way to utilise the arena and how to know whether you will double or get doubled

I can handle that right now.  Here we go.


Holy War doesn’t use any healing items of any kind besides staves, so don’t go looking for Vulneraries or Elixirs, because you won’t find them.  The only available equipment are weapons and rings.  Also, since this game lacks a Trade mechanic, the only way to move weapons and rings between units is to sell them to the pawn shop, to be purchased by the target unit at twice the sale price.  Since each unit carries their own funds, this can be a pain in the arse or a lifesaver.

Weapons: Unlike other games, weapon ranks are fixed for each character, with certain increases after promotion.  A character can only obtain * rank if they have Major Holy Blood (inherited from the same parent they acquire weapons from or by inheriting the same kind of Holy Blood from both parents).  Class restrictions still apply, so although Claude!Leen meets the Holy Blood requirements, she still can’t equip the Valkyrie staff because it is unusable by Dancers.

All weapons (and staves) can be repaired in friendly castles, with the cost proportional to the number of uses missing.  The player cannot choose how much a weapon is repaired, and if the unit holding a weapon does not have the funds to repair it completely, it will be repaired as much as funds allow.

Additionally, weapon weight is directly subtracted from a unit’s speed to determine attack speed.  There is no way to compensate for a weapon’s weight besides increasing your units’ speed.

Critical is a skill on its own, and critical hits rarely occur otherwise, all weapons acquire Critical when 50 kills have been obtained using that weapon.  Without Critical or a lover/sibling bonus, critical hits are impossible.

Rings: Rings have direct influence on a unit’s attributes and abilities.  Some effects are obvious, like a +5 Speed bonus from the Speed Ring, while others provide skills (i.e. Prayer and Elite rings) and others have command effects (like the Return Ring).  There are two of most rings, and bonuses on the the same stat do not stack (two Magic Rings do not provide +10 magic).


If a unit’s attack speed is greater than their opponent’s, and they have the Pursuit skill, they will always double.  If a unit has Continue, they may occasionally get an additional attack, depending on their attack speed.  And if either unit in a round of combat has Charge, and it activates, both units get an additional attack.  If Charge activates from a range that the opponent cannot attack from, its effect becomes similar to Continue.  This makes it a godsend to magic units.

The other skills can only be acquired innately or from inheritance, but any unit can acquire Pursuit by having the Pursuit Ring in their inventory.

The Arena:

Holy War is unique in that there is an arena in every map except the prologue.  This will be, consistent with other FE games, primarily a source of funds and experience.  My personal approach to arenas is to try to use them in two “rounds” per map.  This approach is as follows:

  1. Use the arena to acquire some additional experience and gold and the beginning of the map, before leaving the castle.  This gold will be spent on repairing weapons before engaging the enemy.  Don’t push your luck, just make some relatively safe kills.
  2. Advance through the map as normal.
  3. Pause advancement at one particular conquered castle, for one turn.  This turn is spent back in the arena, taking advantage of any experience and items acquired during the map to push a little bit farther.  Every unit that wins a round in the arena at this point becomes fully healed, saving staff uses.
  4. Finish the map.

This approach takes into consideration that many arena opponents may be tougher at the beginning of the map, when your units’ levels are lower.

Through judiciously “trading” the Elite and Bargain rings once acquired, the Arena can be used to power-level many units in a very short amount of time, but this does leave these units a bit strapped for cash if they do not win as many rounds as anticipated.  Also, Holy Weapons are a last resort, as their repair costs sometimes negate the funds awarded for victories.  In later arenas, however, they almost become necessary for some units.  Other good weapons to use in the arena include all Brave (Hero, depending on translation) and Killer weapons.  The Sleep Sword can also provide easy arena battles against non-magic opponents, although one must be careful to ensure that it doesn’t break when used for this purpose.

I also have a personal policy of repairing whichever weapons I used after fighting in the arena.  When funds are low, sometimes I skip this, but when a unit nears its fund cap (50,000 G), this is a good policy to remember, as it will ensure you continually make the best use of the funds acquired.  It also helps prevent the RNG sequence from running out on you while in the arena (an issue unique to Holy War, explained here on serenesforest under “Level-up Bug”).

Also be wary of the strengths of the units that enter the arena.  Dancers and Thieves tend to lose money in the arena because they take so many turns to defeat many opponents.  In general, however, foot units benefit more from the arena, because so many units (friend and foe) are mounted and the maps are so large.

Other Randoms:

Holy War has a bunch of scripted chapter events that occur at various times on various maps, or are triggered by moving the right character into the right place.  There’s really no way to find most of these except by chance or by guide, and that data is also on serenesforest.

Children only inherit weapons they can use from the appropriate parent, but that which they don’t inherit is not lost.  It goes to the pawn shop instead.  However, since child characters are so strapped for funds early on, it is preferable to inherit as many weapons as possible (by matching parents to children via similar class/weapon types).

I think that will suffice for now.  If I missed anything important, I’m sure moldyonion will fill in the gaps.

A mercenary walks into a bar... (Open Post)

{Sorry this took so long- I’m still trying to adapt to being back in school! OAo}

Mercenary work tended to be dirty, gritty, and, well… A lot of work. One had to be physically fit, good with a weapon, and prepared to get covered in all sorts of blood and dirt- not to mention all the traveling. Then the payments for fighting off bandits usually went to getting clothes patched up and finding a place to stay- thus the cycle of work seemed endless.

But every once in a while a guy could catch a break. Like with a low class group of thugs attacking an isolated village proving easy to take down, and the villagers willing to provide a pretty penny- especially after their savior willingly helped them patch up their houses.

…So for once, Raven had money to spare and was in a pretty good mood- the first thing he did was head to the local bar.

He figured that’s what most guys did when they were in a good mood… Or a bad mood… Or maybe it was where most guys just went in general. Either way, a nice drink after a day of work sounded pretty damn good, and for a small village, the bar wasn’t bad. Settling down in a seat and ordering something on the mild side (he did still have to find an inn to stay at later after all), Raven cast his gaze around the place.

There were a couple farmers and merchants, already drunk off their rockers and guffawing loudly, but a group of less refined men in the corner was what caught his eye. They looked like brigands, and they were glaring at him pretty harshly…. Ah well. Raven took a sip of his drink. If they started something, he’d sure as hell finish it.

when I get nostalgic over Zelda games, it tends to be the Oracle duo. Probably because those were my first real Zelda games? That kind of thing leaves an impression, I guess. In Ages, I’d just sit in the cut scene triggered by picking up the Harp of Ages (I’m pretty sure that’s what it was, anyway) and listen to this lady’s 8-bit singing for a while.

Probably didn’t get her hair quite right, though.

(for the “favorite character of ___ fandom” meme)

spacelullaby *cough cough* *sort loin* Jme dis, c'est cool la 360 parce que comme ça je peux jouer à Vesperia, mais du coup jpeux pas jouer aux autres Tales of hahahahaha.

theonlytoner Oh, yeah! Good choice! I’d like to ply the ones on PS2 before, I still have the 2nd waiting for me to play it hahaha. And I still want to buy the 1rst and 3rd (the one where we play the bro tho huhu). But if we can play it without playing the previous ones tho, I could give it a try before !

hihihimmel Yeah, Jpensais à celui là aussi, vu que le pote chez qui je jouais à la PS3 a tout revendu, donc bon, je peux plus y jouer, c'est dommage qu'elle soit moins complète sur 360 ;A;
(mais je vux bien le moins difficile, vu comment le boss du “Demonic Breath” m'avait bien soûlée xDDD
J'entendais “Dominique me les brise” dans mes rêves pendant un certain temps après). Ah, moins complète, ça veut aussi dire que y'a que les voix anglaises ?

So, I know that, RPG that might interest me are : FF13, Eternal Sonata, Lost Odissey, Child of Light (bro got it on Wii U, it looked good !), Bastion (I wanted to play it on PC, buuuuut), NieR, Resonance of Fate, wasn’t there a Vandal Hearts too ?, Tales of Vesperia of course, on top of the list with FF13, Blue Dragon, Enchanted Arms, Infinite Undiscovery, this one I really wanna play.
No The Last Remnant, because it’s 100 times better on PC hahaha.

I know there were some good Tactical on 360 too, but I don’t know much about those ones, hmmmm.

theonlytoner  asked:

I've probably not read your posts properly but can you explain how you managed to promote 3 of the dawn brigade in part 1? As far as I am aware (and it has been a while since I've turned on my wii) you can't equip paragon on tier 1 classes as they don't have the capacity.

I’ve only really promoted two people, with another ready for when they return in P3.  Micaiah shouldn’t count, she’s forced to promote at the end of P1-E.  Long post below.

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theonlytoner ha dicho: how are you liking it. need any tips i’m sure i can say something usefull. favourite character yet^^

No thank you! I’m doing well! I was wondering why did I skip so much paralogues but after starting marrying people I got themwww I love the childswww I can’t possibly think of a favorite I just love everyone so much–

But I would be between Chrom, Olivia, Lucina and Severaww

I feel trapped between a vortex of addicting gaming y'know

After clearing the game in normal/casual I’ll try to go to normal/classic!! Though that’ll hurt since every battle 1 or 2 people die and I wouldn’t be able to ressist e ve ryon e re a ll y dy i ng , , ,, ,,, 

Oh but I do have a question; from which game’s Marth? I want to know more about him, Tiki leaved me curiouswww


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: Priam gives me hope that there will be another Tellius game (and I hope Stefan’s country is in it XD) I mean the Lehran Ashunera ending leaves it open for another game.

That’s exactly what I’m sort’ve hoping for? I really just want to know what Tellius looks like, given how much time has passed. How far magic has come for them (if it’s progressed at all, given Archanea/Ylisse magic did some slight backtracking as aside from the Book of Naga, it might not qualify for light magic, even?).

I wonder how the Dragon tribes are doing? Is Kurthnaga alive and still their king, or has Rajaion the second taken the throne? Did Mist have her own children/descendants? Does Priam have distant family on Tellius? Will Ragnell be restored to how it was? Who has Alondite, or is it still in Begnion in the care of the apostles? So many questions. Such a high possibility Intelligent Systems will be jerks and not answer them. Haha… Oh.