So...I’ve lost my job.

Yes I am now in the magical limbo called unemployment and the legality of the situation is under scrutiny (Aye. I’ve been shafted) but in the interim I have rent, bills and food expenses to pay so I need a little help.

I will not however ask for money without nothing in return! I offer you cute adorable doodles at super cheap prices!

Sketch/ Line £1 (1.26 USD, 1.17Euro)

Colour Icon £2 (2.52 USD, 2.33 Euro)

Full body Colour £5 (6.29 USD, 5.83 Euro)

Extra character’s and background £8-10 (10.07- 12.58 USD 9.32- 11.65 Euro) depending on how complicated you want it!

See something you like then hit PM me! Payment’s will be through paypal (because its easy) and if you don’t have a home for this cute little doodles then it would mean the world to me if you can share this with peeps.

Thanks all and have a good day!


foxchante do you remember when I promised I would draw something with you with the pen nib you gave me? well it’s one year (or two?) later and with already other nib, but I wanted you to know how grateful I was and still am for giving it to me! I didn’t even throw it, it’s on my desk, along with your cute letter and pokemon stickers. I will always remember it!

also toner-senpai requested xenoblade and last storyww I was going to go for Laurent, but idk if I’ll make it today, and I wanted to upload these~ ahh how good it feels to experiment coloring techniques~


theonlytoner ha dicho: Draw your avatar from fire emblem

weirdo-weirdo-fuckyou ha dicho: Kano in a dress

drpepero ha dicho: genderbend hibiya gogogo

Anon ha dicho: draw shintaro balancing coke cans on his forehead and failing miserably yes

I spent too much time on the last one

edit: femkano ha dicho: Whispers dead/sleeping Kidokano in sexual positions

how does that even work

A mercenary walks into a bar... (Open Post)

{Sorry this took so long- I’m still trying to adapt to being back in school! OAo}

Mercenary work tended to be dirty, gritty, and, well… A lot of work. One had to be physically fit, good with a weapon, and prepared to get covered in all sorts of blood and dirt- not to mention all the traveling. Then the payments for fighting off bandits usually went to getting clothes patched up and finding a place to stay- thus the cycle of work seemed endless.

But every once in a while a guy could catch a break. Like with a low class group of thugs attacking an isolated village proving easy to take down, and the villagers willing to provide a pretty penny- especially after their savior willingly helped them patch up their houses.

…So for once, Raven had money to spare and was in a pretty good mood- the first thing he did was head to the local bar.

He figured that’s what most guys did when they were in a good mood… Or a bad mood… Or maybe it was where most guys just went in general. Either way, a nice drink after a day of work sounded pretty damn good, and for a small village, the bar wasn’t bad. Settling down in a seat and ordering something on the mild side (he did still have to find an inn to stay at later after all), Raven cast his gaze around the place.

There were a couple farmers and merchants, already drunk off their rockers and guffawing loudly, but a group of less refined men in the corner was what caught his eye. They looked like brigands, and they were glaring at him pretty harshly…. Ah well. Raven took a sip of his drink. If they started something, he’d sure as hell finish it.

when I get nostalgic over Zelda games, it tends to be the Oracle duo. Probably because those were my first real Zelda games? That kind of thing leaves an impression, I guess. In Ages, I’d just sit in the cut scene triggered by picking up the Harp of Ages (I’m pretty sure that’s what it was, anyway) and listen to this lady’s 8-bit singing for a while.

Probably didn’t get her hair quite right, though.

(for the “favorite character of ___ fandom” meme)

theonlytoner  asked:

I've probably not read your posts properly but can you explain how you managed to promote 3 of the dawn brigade in part 1? As far as I am aware (and it has been a while since I've turned on my wii) you can't equip paragon on tier 1 classes as they don't have the capacity.

I’ve only really promoted two people, with another ready for when they return in P3.  Micaiah shouldn’t count, she’s forced to promote at the end of P1-E.  Long post below.

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theonlytoner ha dicho: how are you liking it. need any tips i’m sure i can say something usefull. favourite character yet^^

No thank you! I’m doing well! I was wondering why did I skip so much paralogues but after starting marrying people I got themwww I love the childswww I can’t possibly think of a favorite I just love everyone so much–

But I would be between Chrom, Olivia, Lucina and Severaww

I feel trapped between a vortex of addicting gaming y'know

After clearing the game in normal/casual I’ll try to go to normal/classic!! Though that’ll hurt since every battle 1 or 2 people die and I wouldn’t be able to ressist e ve ryon e re a ll y dy i ng , , ,, ,,, 

Oh but I do have a question; from which game’s Marth? I want to know more about him, Tiki leaved me curiouswww