(c) @Stands Happy Birthday @jarpad. Without you, we wouldn’t have a reason to gif search “party moose” at 6am on a wed. Or ever really. 🎁 🎉

@DanneelHarris    Happy Birthday @jarpad!!!!!!!! We love you!!!!!!   

@TheJimMichaels   Happy  Birthday Moose! @jarpad I hope @ConanOBrien will gives you a cake tonight too!

@SamSmithTweets   Happiest Bday, @jarpad! Your deeply kind & generous spirit is a gift to us all. And your A+ hugs! #wow35 #FeelsLikeYesterdayYouWereJustABaby 

@TheOnlyDJQualls  Hey @jarpad, look who’s on my room key. Happy birthday, brother! Here’s to another San Diego ComicCon. Let’s tear it up. 

@RuthieConnell  Happy birthday to the smartest giant I know + love @jarpad all heart, a lotta brains with a dose of chess and bourbon

@Mark_Sheppard  Happy Birfday, Moose. #SPNFamily 

Happy Birfday, Gigantor.  Happy Birfday, Mop-Headed Lumberjack. 

Happy Birfday, Giraffe.  Happy Birfday, Denim-Clad Nightmare. 

Happy Birfday, Jolly Green.  Happy Birfday, MORON(S)!!!!!! 

Happy Birfday, big, beautiful pile of flannel.


@TyOlsson  @jarpad happy birthday my man! 

@kimrhodes4real  Happy Birthday @jarpad. Thank you for the indescribable joy you bring my child and so much of this world. 

@GilMcKinney  He tells the best stories. He’s got the best hair. He’s funny, generous, loyal and kind. And I’m grateful for him. Happy birthday @jarpad.

@TheOrlandoJones  Happy birthday one of the nicest coolest sexiest dudes eva @jarpad   🎂 💋 #IdidNotHackUrTwitter  🕵️ I blame @mishacollins 🤐  🤣

@feliciaday  @jarpad happy birthday super daddy!

@se4realhinton  Hey @jarpad  Happy Birthday!!

@_LisaBerry  Happy birthday @jarpad U R a gift of kindness & goodness 2 this 🌎  May ur day be filled with wonderful surprises that bring joy to your ❤️

@OfficialBrianaB  Happy birthday Jared Padalecki!!! I Jared-Pada-like-you!! @jarpad 🐵🎂🎁 

@scrappysheppard  @jarpad we love you! Happy Birthday mate xxx 

@chrisschmelke  Happy birthing day @jarpad ! May the birthday bunny bring you the good wine. ❤️ 

@therealKripke  Happy Bday @jarpad. Awesome watching you become a great husband, dad, and all around good man. This pic is from #SPN’s 1st season in 1973. 

@DavidHaydnJones   I am raising a glass of barrel proof Scotch with PINKIE extended just for you @jarpad on this very special day. Enjoy SD and Season 13!!

@mattgregory2    @jarpad HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JARED!!! You deserve all your success and inspire everybody! You = 💥 🎉  🍻🍻   🙌🙌🙌🙌