This is my first one of these ever, I did it in alphabetical order, and I really hope I didn’t neglect anyone that I reblog often, please don’t hate me if I did so. :<

Some of these people make stuff, a lot of them are just great curators of their mixed fandom blogs, or they tag well enough that I never see fandoms I’m not part of. They are some of my favorite people on Tumblr, some of them I chat with, others probably don’t even know I exist!

alaynessnow, amerikanye, arya-ofhouseknope, bitcheather, breakingoberyn, daenerysknope, dannywillis, inaromanticalway, kittenmctavish, mrbenwyatt, rblemoyne, roobbstark, scottpilgrimage, sigornthenn, tyrellgasm, theonflayedjoy, where-have-you-been-bitch.