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“Wow there are a lot of you here, It’s nice to meet or well see a few of you again, though you may not recognise me or know me in this form~” Xailia giggled.

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Aria sighed as she looked around her. Per usual, her vortex manipulator had dropped her off exactly where she HADN’T asked to go. She spun around in circles for a moment before a familiar flash of red hair caught her eye. She bounded up to her grandmother and excitedly threw her arms around her in a hug. “Oh my gosh! Hi! I’ve missed you! Do you know where we are cause I’m terribly confused!” Stepping back she bit her lip. “Right, probably should have checked to see if you know who I am first. I…um…do you?”

The Doctor stepped into the library his eyes were locked on the screen of a device that displayed a jumble of coordinates of Clara’s possible location in the circular Gallifreyan. Though, alas, he had searched all of these places with no avail. He stuffed the device in his pocket and glanced up to find a very familiar face. 'No. This is impossible. She couldn’t be possible be here.‘ Was all his mind could possible conjure. Finally he greeted, “Hello… Amelia.”