Hinata made his way across the top of a fence, slinging his rifle up over his shoulder. It smashed against his backpack, causing the contents to sift and create noise. There wasn’t time to worry about that. They were close on his heels, snarling and howling for him to return to their midst. They wanted to rip him apart. He wanted to get away. And that’s when he noticed someone ahead of him, apparently unknowing of the danger.

“Move!” He shouted out. “Go!" 

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"Who might you be?"

A fair question, from a stranger. It’s sudden nature prompted a moment’s hesitation, soon replaced with an easy smile

 ”Yasuhiro Hagakure, super high school level fortune teller with an accuracy worth dying for!” A small smirk for a private joke. “And you are?”


“… .Don’t mess around with me, Komaeda-san. I have no time for games.”

The brunette crossed his arms and flashed a harsh gaze upon the other. He studied Komaeda carefully because something seemed a bit off…he couldn’t seem to put a finger on it. Although he was nervous around the other, Hinata kept a calm composure.

-Why did I even bother talking to him? What is he planning today? I just shiver at the thought.-

      {♠} “I have no idea what you’re talking about! Here I am, minding my business, and I’m being interrogated! … You’re not looking to tie me up again, right?”

      Pfft, oh he is so funny. Quite the comic indeed. But still, Komaeda was a tad confused over whatever Hinata was implying. Not like he spent every second of the day plotting murders. That would make him downright obsessed!

      “I think you’re just imagining things, Hinata-kun. Can’t we have a nice chat like we used to..?”

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✕ - What would set you entirely off roleplaying with someone? 

The lack of understanding of their muse and their partner’s. It becomes difficult to plot or run the dynamic especially when they don’t understand what is or would happen, amongst other things!;;

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"What did you just call me?" ((I am going to laugh really hard if they get something that fits.))

Send me "What did you just call me?" and I will generate a 
number from 1-40 for what my muse will have called yours.

33: Show off

—{☍}— With his hand coming down quickly he smacked the kid upside the head as he opened the previously locked door. “What did I say about being a show off? It’ll get you in trouble.”

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"Is that supposed to scare me?" ((Using Izuru))

dark starter sentences

“Is that supposed to scare me?”

||--||        “Ooooh, look at you! Wonderful! Such a brave little soldier you are… I wonder how long until I can break that boring demeanor of yours… Unless there is another way~? Come on now… Kamukura~! Have a little fun… Just you and me… Oh, and perhaps a gun as well?”       ||