borntosavethedoctor answered your post:

Moff Appreciation Day works for me!!! Let’s do this!

theoncomingstark answered your post:

Fantastic idea! I was thinking about that a few days ago, and Moffat deserves it!

thatsabsurrrrd answered your post:

I’d be up for it! also, in the leadup to Series 3 I’m going to do a meta series defending BBC Sherlock

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girl-who-got-tired-of-waiting replied to your post:

Deff up for this. With love feom a meber of the Moffia :P

How about for Moffat’s birthday in November? It’s seems like as good as time as any to fill his tag with some love for once!

Or does anyone else have a different suggestion for a date?

About The Snowmen
  • Moffat, what’s going on in your tiny clever mind? My God, I think I never was so interested about a season in Doctor Who before! Why is Clara dead and alive again? Is she a female version of Rory or what?
  • The Ultimate Crossover: The Doctor dressed as Sherlock Holmes! The reference to Conan Doyle was very nice too *—*
  • Clara: I’m pretty sure she will be an amazing companion. The Doctor will get lost lots of times with this clever girl.
  • Madam Vastra and Jenny: they are so cute together!
  • The Doctor and Strax: what a nice friendship!
  • Is it only me who remembered Ned Stark when Simeon was talking “The winter is coming”?
  • The Pond: tears in my eyes…