Seaside || Gwen and Arthuria

Don’t go up to the surface. Stay away from the two-tails and their floating reefs. Stay in the deeps. That’s what Guinevere had been told since she was a hatchling. That was the song she heard as she swam away from her sleep shelf and the colony reef. She’d always been too curious for her own good. And she’d been to the surface once before and come back safely. Her nest-brother Elyan had been upset but grateful that she’d come back at all. And now she was going back up. By herself. She took a deep breath and surfaced, then sank back so her gills were beneath the water again and she could breath. She didn’t know how long a fin-kin could go out of the water, and she wasn’t about to find out now. 

Gwen’s side-fans caught a sound from far off. She couldn’t tell quite what it was. It sounded like a throat-voice, but it didn’t sound like a song. She looked toward the sound and saw something yellow bobbing on the waves. It was too far away to tell what. She dove down and swam closer, but the yellow thing had disappeared, and the throat-voice sound had gone as well. Confused, Gwen dove again, ready to return home to the colony reef, when she saw something yellow and white in the water. Was it another fin-kin who’d come up to satisfy their curiosity like her? No, it was a two-tails! A female two-tails!

The two-tails wasn’t moving and was starting to sink. Air bubbles rose slowly from the two-tails’s mouth. Despite all the warnings ringing in her head, Gwen pushed herself through the water and wrapped an arm around the two-tails’s waist, then flipped her tail beneath her and shot up to the surface, holding her breath. Trying to keep the two-tails above the water, she ducked down again to take a breath, then swam for the beach she could see in the distance. The two-tails would be safe on the sand, if she hadn’t been too late. Mother-sea, she hoped she wasn’t too late.

Gwen had to duck down a few more times before reaching the shore, and when she did, she pushed the two-tails onto the sand and swam back to where the water was deep enough that she could breathe, and she watched the two-tails for signs of life.

Uther yawned as he walked through the forest, he was tired after training, yet had chosen not to sleep, but to wander around until his feet could no longer carry him, and he was forced to retreat back to the castle. The blond looked over with tired eyes, when he heard a twig snap. “Hello.” He greeted the oddly familiar blond woman with a yawn following after.


Aryn let her Ice magic surged inside her body as she walked into the forest. The new world she had walked into seemed to be in the middle of summer; and Aryn did not like the hotness.

Only her curiosity at who she would meet today kept her into this world. Aryn had learned by now that when she went into a new world; she would end up meeting someone for the first time.

Making it to Camelot...

Merlin didn’t really want to leave his home, the only place he really knew. But he had too. His mother said it was best that he go and seek some guidance from an old friend of his mother’s. He agreed to leaving, but the journey too much longer than Merlin was anticipating. Especially with walking the entire way. Of course he took a break here and there and slept at night, but it still took a lot out of him to make it to Camelot.

A few days time and he was standing at the gates of the Castle grounds. He plastered a smile across his lips and forced himself to walk onto the ground. He looked around and nodded at people who smiled at him. He had no idea where he was going or where this friend of his mother’s was staying. He had finally stopped and asked someone who he thought was a Knight for the man he was looking for and finally found his way.

Once he had his things put away and was settled in, he figured he go around and check out the Castle. What harm would it case to have someone like Merlin walking around the Castle, looking around at things he probably shouldn’t be looking at in the first place. 

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The streets were hardly bustling in the citadel and so Daegal was sure to feel like an absolute fool in moments to come.  It hadn’t taken much at all – a simple glance over his shoulder, a fleeting moment where his attention was lost to him, and when he turned back around, he was colliding with a body.  The boy stumbled backward, instinctively lifting his hand to his forehead despite having no pain there.  It was a motion he was used to, perhaps an unconscious tactic to hide his face from others.

When he looked up, though, he froze as the young woman he had collided with was none of than her majesty, Arthuria, herself.  Daegal’s eyes widened just slightly and for a moment, he was speechless.  His lips moved, but no words came out.  Finally, though, he choked out a soft, “I’m sorry.”

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