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yes i take every chance in my life to turn something into a ‘comic-ish’ thing.

anyways, ART GIVEAWAY!

2 WINNERS to get a colored character art! 

As said above, I gonna repeat for who didn’t want to read that comic with all the dialogue noise in it: It can be from any fandom, it can be from original story, it can be an OC or a canon character, you chose! It’s pretty much anything that we call a character (”But my character is a house!”  no problem, I’m gonna draw your house character. “But my character is a mutant robot-shark-human hybrid!” no problem, I’m gonna draw the mutant shark hybrid. Really it’s cool.) 


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Good Luck! And thank you again!

whoops i wasn’t done: when the boltons hold winterfell, it is starkless and destroyed, a shadow of what it once was, of what it can/will/could be.  the starks are defeated, the assumption is that all are dead or will be dead (if anyone finds sansa, her head would go the way of ned’s for “regicide”) except for “arya,” and the only person there apart from jeyne with memory of what it was is theon–who helped bring it down.

it is theon who knows about the crypts, it is theon who hears the whisperings of the gods in the godswood, it is theon who gives away a “stark” bride, it is theon who helps said “stark” bride escape from the situation he helped put her in (and i’ll leave my ned feelings about that scenario at the door because i couldn’t articulate them concicesly and i don’t want to get off topic here).  in this version of winterfell where ned stark’s teachings have been kicked to the curb and we’re in bizarro-not-winterfell-but-winterfell, the closest thing to the starks should be the boltons aka the ruling lords but it’s not it’s the kid who was a hostage under house stark and who is a hostage under house bolton.  he’s the ghost in winterfell because he’s always been a ghost in winterfell, a shadow of what he could be extrapolated from what others needed him to be, and that is consistent even when the castle is wrecked and conquered (leaving aside as we must that theon was crucial to that action).  

what i’m saying, inarticulately, is that theon goads himself to behave the way he thinks is right, and when there are actual starks in winterfell that is the alien action, but when there are no starks in winterfell, somehow, it turns out that he’s got the most “stark experience” this post is a mess sorry.


malscontent-deactivated20170225  asked:

Hi, Butterfly. I have a question concerning Theon Greyjoy. If the events from the start of the novels onward never happened and the Starks remained happily in Winterfell, what kind of future would Theon have had? Would he ever be allowed to return to Pyke? Theon seemed to think that Ned might have married him to Sansa eventually, but that seems unlikely. What kind of future does a highborn prisoner of war have in Westeros?

Well… I’ve discussed this subject a few times before (1, 2, and links within those posts), and y’know… like with Jon Snow, there’s very little evidence that Ned had any kind of plan for Theon’s future.  Theon was a child hostage, starting at age 10… but 9 years on, a grown man, he was still a hostage to prevent his father from starting up a new rebellion. (Not that it helped.) Of course, you don’t need to be a child to be a hostage, but it did leave Theon’s life with no direction – while he was noble and a “ward” of the Starks, he can’t hold land, he can’t marry, he can’t start a family – it’s permanent arrested development.

Anyway. Sometimes it’s really sad that Ned Stark’s POV is only in AGOT, with so much of it focused on the plot instead of all the little details of everyday life we could use for our what-ifs. (ADWD-style GRRM writing Ned… sigh…) Since all we have of Ned’s POV re Theon is two (fairly useless) lines, all we can do is guess. So I’m guessing that Ned might have been waiting for Balon to die, and then maybe would have sent Theon home as a North-sympathetic heir… with a northern army to secure his seat from his uncles, and to make sure he doesn’t become Balon II.

Although, if Balon managed to live as long as Walder Frey, what would have become of Theon in that case I have no idea. OK, some idea… maybe eventually Ned would have arranged Theon’s marriage to a bannerman’s daughter* for the extra alliance there, and maybe sent Theon (with an army) to depose his father (or uncle)… but that seems unusually ambitious for Ned, so maybe not.

*(Sansa was only “a child’s fancy”, and yes, extremely unlikely. And a hostage can have their marriage arranged by their captor, though note forced vows are invalid – however, a marriage wouldn’t necessarily have been against Theon’s will if the girl were pretty enough and/or brought him the kind of security he was longing for. If I had to guess, I’d think one of the Manderly girls would be the best option (probably the elder, Wynafryd), especially since White Harbor is on the Narrow Sea and Wyman Manderly would really like a fleet.)

Or maybe Theon would have just stayed in the North forever and formed a northern cadet house of House Greyjoy, kind of like how there’s a House Kenning (of Harlaw) in the Iron Islands and a House Kenning (of Kayce) in the Westerlands. And yeah, maybe he would be a hostage always… like, Jaime plans to imprison Edmure Tully in Casterly Rock with his wife and (hopeful) daughter and who knows possibly future children too, for all the rest of his life, so that could have been Theon’s fate as well.

Or maybe not. Maybe Ned actually did have some kind of plan for Theon, something completely different. But the events of the novels happened instead, so I suppose we’ll never know.

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Fun fact: “A redeemer” is an anagram of Meera Reed.

Yes, and an anagram of Theon Greyjoy is “enjoy the orgy”.

also Daenerys Targaryen = “arrange a dysentery”

How Tonight's GOT Episode Should Have Ended
  • *Ramsay begins to rip off Sansa's clothing*
  • Theon: Oh, fuck this.
  • *Theon kills Ramsay*
  • *Theon and Sansa escape*
  • Theon: I don't think your brothers are dead, and I know I can't fix everything I did to wrong you and your family, but please, let me at least take you to someone who I know can protect you.
  • Sansa: Where are we going?
  • Theon: To the Wall. To Jon.
  • *Stannis passes by*
  • Stannis: Hey, can you guys take my daughter back to Wall with you? I don't know why we brought her, and her mother won't stop destroying her fragile developing psyche.
  • Theon: We killed Ramsay, so go straight for Roose.
  • Stannis: Thank you.
  • *Theon takes Shireen*
  • *Theon, Sansa, and Shireen get back to the Wall*
  • *Jon and Sansa have a teary reunion*
  • *Brienne shows up*
  • Brienne: Sorry Sansa, but I'm taking you somewhere where you definitely can't be manipulated to marrying a psychopath again. We can take the Baratheon girl and Greyjoy too, unless he wants to stay here.
  • Shireen: Jon, Melisandre's coming back. She said something about bringing you back to life.
  • Jon: What?
  • *Shireen, Sansa, Brienne, and Pod go across the Narrow Sea*
  • Theon: So...can I take the black?
  • *Melisandre returns, with Howland Reed*
  • Howland Reed: Jon, we need to talk about your parents...
  • FIN
  • Meanwhile:
  • *Littlefinger reaches Stannis-captured Winterfell, in search of a certain Stark...*
  • Littlefinger: Sansa...Sansa...?

Book Theon: Does anything in the insignificant power that he has to aid and enable the Bolton’s downfall and Jeyne’s escape, despite the numerous instants he has to report the people in Winterfell plotting against Ramsay and even goes as far as a to plan a mercy kill/suicide in the face of extreme brainwashing, trauma and abuse inflicted on him by Ramsay. 

Show Theon: Literally none of the above

Book Sansa: Uses her ladies courtesy as protection throughout the series and gains the aid and loyalty of various people by being the kind and gentle lady she is despite the abuse and humiliation she suffers. Refuses to physically harm others to break the cycle of violence and has a great sense of empathy. 

Show Sansa: if i could torture u i would 

« THERE IS NO WAY OUT » - Theon’s last aCoK chapter.

Happy Theon Week! Surpise meta I started writing 1 year ago.
Edited! Thank you nobodysuspectsthebutterfly

I’d be the first to claim that every singleTheon chapter is amazing but if I had to pick one – just one of them, it would be his last aCoK chapter.

Essentially because it is the very last glimpse of the arrogant, unstable, brash and deeply insecure Theon (aka my favourite Theon) we get to see. After that, this Theon becomes a stranger to Theon himself.

Theon stared at the platter of oakcakes, honey, and blood sausage they’d brought him to break his fast. Another sleepless night had left his nerves raw, and the very sight of food sickened him.

So, Theon took Winterfell, tried to hold it, mostly failed – most of his men don’t respect him, he lost the Stark boys and had to have two other children killed in their place. Theon is falling into paranoia and is starting to have bad dreams of wolves with children faces haunting him. All in all, Theon’s not feeling well at all. And his rule as Prince of Winterfell turned into a nightmare.

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