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Theon + Smiling = Strength

Theon smiles a lot:

No doubt he was smiling. He smiled a lot, as if the world were a secret joke that only he was clever enough to understand.

He was smiling. Ever smiling.

She studied Theon Greyjoy’s sly smile, wondering what it meant. That young man had a way of looking as though he knew some secret jest that only he was privy to.

A callow youth, always smiling, skilled with a bow.

[…] he had declared, smiling that way he did

And Theon, if he lived, was just as hopeless, a boy of sulks and smiles.

Theon smiled a lot, its one of the things observant Tyrion notices about him, but then comes the question; why is he so damn happy all the time?

By all rights, Theon should be a really depressed teenager/young adult. He was stripped of his home and family at age nine and forced to live with a man who appears cold, who would chop off his head if his father stepped out of line (don’t forget the fact that his brothers died and his sister got to stay home with their family).

Personally, I think Theon smiled so much as a sort of ‘fuck you’ to the world. Like, you might have it bad but I did too and I’m still smiling. Almost like it makes him stronger than everyone else and like he is clever (“as if the world were a secret joke that only he was clever enough to understand” - AGOT, Bran I).

Of course most people just find it annoying (“That young man had a way of looking as though he knew some secret jest that only he was privy to” - ACOK, Catelyn I) which on a way is understandable, Theon was always quite “cocky” and “sly” too. But it’s almost like they find his strength annoying, because despite everything that has happened to him - including being beaten at Winterfell and Ned Stark not being that ‘perfect father’ to him that most of the fandom sees him as - he was still smiling that wide, annoying smile.

And then Ramsay knocks out his teeth (along with much worse) and said that whole, “I may have broken some of his pretty white teeth.” like the cunt bad guy he is. And so in a way, metaphorically I suppose, Ramsay also broke that strength and cleverness, because Theon’s smile represented them both.

TLDR; I think his smiling is a very important part to Theon which is mostly overlooked as cockiness and him being an ass.

  • Robb: *Walking downstairs* Is something burning?
  • Theon: *Leaning seductively against the counter* Just my desire for you.
  • Robb: Theon, the toaster is on fire.

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pssst, Throbb sugar daddy!Au, Robb as sugar daddy

You mean, Robb Stark showering love, affection, and riches on Theon who had been pushed down and abused his whole life? Theon who had been told he was less than human being given so much love. 

You mean, Theon living a life of luxury after suffering and struggling to get by for so long?

You mean, Robb doing all of this willingly because he just loves Theon for who he is and wants the best life for him?

You mean, Theon who can’t believe this is real and that he deserves any of this no matter how much Robb proves him wrong again and again?? (and even self-sabotages because no one is that nice without a price) (the price is love bitch= yeah, I’m a sappy fuck)

You mean, Robb Stark in a fine ass suit ravishing Theon? Theon getting to be the ultimate fashonista he is and very much appreciating that damn suit?

You mean, Theon not only being treated to wealth and comfort, but also unconditional love which he is not used to?

I’m sure this is not the response you wanted for your message because I went straight to sap kingdom, but holy damn do I love it! (literally, kept wanting to answer this while I was at work today)

@francisperfectionbonnefoy @distractedbylife feel free to tell me if I am wrong, but I think you two would be very interested in this? and definitely feel free to add?? (and no luke, don’t you dare drag shangela into this)
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Chapter 1: Witchy Woman by angelwings80

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requested by @domericbolton​ : A Dance with Dragons - The Prince of Winterfell

Above their heads the trees were full of ravens, their feathers fluffed as they hunched on bare brown branches, staring down at the pageantry below. Maester Luwin’s birds. Luwin was dead, and his maester’s tower had been put to the torch, yet the ravens lingered. This is their home. Theon wondered what that would be like, to have a home.


Bastard, was the only word written outside the scroll. No Lord Snow or Jon Snow or Lord Commander. Simply Bastard. And the letter was sealed with a smear of hard pink wax. “You were right to come at once,” Jon said. You were right to be afraid. He cracked the seal, flattened the parchment, and read.

Your false king is dead, bastard. He and all his host were smashed in seven days of battle. I have his magic sword. Tell his red whore.

Your false king’s friends are dead. Their heads upon the walls of Winterfell. Come see them, bastard. Your false king lied, and so did you. You told the world you burned the King-Beyond-the-Wall. Instead you sent him to Winterfell to steal my bride from me.

I will have my bride back. If you want Mance Rayder back, come and get him. I have him in a cage for all the north to see, proof of your lies. The cage is cold, but I have made him a warm cloak from the skins of the six whores who came with him to Winterfell.

I want my bride back. I want the false king’s queen. I want his daughter and his red witch. I want his wildling princess. I want his little prince, the wildling babe. And I want my Reek. Send them to me, bastard, and I will not trouble you or your black crows. Keep them from me, and I will cut out your bastard’s heart and eat it.

It was signed,

Ramsay Bolton,

Trueborn Lord of Winterfell. ― Jon XIII, A Dance with Dragons.