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You guys really like this library lol, thought I’d share some details about it!

Emmanuel College Library is part of Victoria College at the University of Toronto. Emmanuel is primarily a Christian content library with 80,000ish books on theology for grad students. The college was officially founded in 1928 :)

The University of Toronto has 43 other libraries and is currently the highest ranked university in Canada.

Fun Fact! In 1985 British band Tears for Fears filmed their music video “Head over Heels” at Emmanuel



>>>> Here are some snapshots of my notebooks this semester! Some Theo, some English, some Film.

One of my favorite professors once said, “Your notes should do more than transcribe what I’m saying, right? They should look like your thoughts. They should be a map of your journey.”

april 06 2017, april study challenge day 6 ||

day 6: throwback thursday! alright, anyone else remember when i said i would make a booklist of the books i’ve been required to read? well THROWBACK TO THAT MOMENT, I FINALLY MADE THE POST. 

i highlighted the ones that have helped me develop and understand my own theology and philosophy. and keep in mind that i go to a christian university, so almost all of these have a christian viewpoint! 

i spent so much time making this and reading articles when i should be asleep or working on more important things but anyway here’s my instagram

Meet the muslim student, Faatimah Knight, who raised $30,000 to help fix churches destroyed by fire

Faatimah Knight is pursuing an MA in Religious Studies at the Chicago Theological Seminary and holds a BA in Islamic Law and Theology from Zaytuna College.

Ms Knight’s campaign – carried out as Muslims around the world marked the festival of Ramadan - followed a smaller, more modest enterprise. 

Days after the shooting dead of nine people at Charleston’s Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, she and some friends wanted to gather $500 to send flowers; they ended up raising $900.

And when she read about the series of churches that were burned down, Faatimah carried on her quest to help these churches in need. 

All houses of worship are sanctuaries, a place where all should feel safe, a place we can seek refuge when the world is too much to bear.

She said that Islam taught of the need to protect the weak and vulnerable. She said while the black Christian communities of the South might not be weak, they were vulnerable.

“Traditionally, when we have been on our best behaviour, we have created space for other faiths, and let people worship as they see fit.”

Starving Artist AU

Here’s another RWBY AU y’all. This one I’ve been talking to theivorytowercrumbles about because of a post they reblogged. So, let’s get this rolling!

Weiss is a Trust Fund Baby trying hard to do the “starving artist thing” in Vale as a sculptor. Specifically she primarily does marble carving (ostentatious little shit isn’t she) and switches it up with clay once in a while. Mostly Weiss winds up carving fancy paper weights for CEOs in order to pay for the refurbished Warehouse she, and the Xiao Long siblings, are living in. Yang gives her shit for “selling out” until Weiss points out that if it wasn’t for her they’d be sleeping in parks instead.

Ruby is a tiny hyper bundle of Mad Engineer. She’s always building things from various kinds of scrap metal that are often animatronic. Occasionally there’s material switch ups with pvc pipes, clay/ceramic and wood mixed in but, for the most part she shines with making monsters of metal. She’s also very prone to underselling her pieces because, like Yang, its more important to have her work seen than paid for. Sometimes she caught in a whirl of new types of art that she can fold back into making her pieces all the more unique and fantastic.

Yang doesn’t have a specific niche artistically; well maybe Abstract in the broad spectrum. Yang’s particular area of the warehouse’s bottom floor is an ever changing enigma. She’ll paint, carve, sculpt, dance, create weird “avante garde” music. And has actually acted in local musical/plays and whatever art film shenanigans Coco’s been up to. Yang is always finding and learning new and varied forms of art. She also drives Weiss up the wall with her mess and constant blaring of any form of music (but La Vie Boheme from RENT in particular is a favorite).

Blake was a Theology major at a college going for priesthood in the Catholic church before Political Reasons caused them to have to abandon this particular path. Since then they have become, in Ivory’s amazing words, a wandering tattoo artist who gives semi-priestly advice. Blake is also covered in tattoos themselves. Notably, they have the map of Heaven and Hell from Dante’s Inferno covering their entire back. Most of their tattoos haven’t be fully decided but its agreed that they have the angelic Thrones somewhere as well as imagery in regards to St. Sebastian given his gay icon status. They’re completely fluent in Latin and often use it to make snide remarks without anyone knowing what’s being said exactly.

I’m gonna throw the rest under a read more so this isn’t too long. (sorry mobile users)

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Oh my god this took forever. 

I wasn’t originally going to upload it on to tumblr, but then I just flipped a coin. 

I’m in love with Iguanamouth’s unusual dragon hoards. I figured if I had a dragon he would hoard religious items. I have an obsession with religion. I’m probably going into Theology next year for college. Anyway yeah, here it is. 

I referenced the dragon’s head from a tumblr artist while I was at school and in class, but now for the life of me CANNOT FUCKING FIND THE ARTIST SO I CAN CREDIT THEM. UGH. 

Please guys, if anyone finds the artist or original drawing (It was just the head of a dragon, I just referenced the face -not traced-) please please tell me so I can credit!

All the other things (books, statues, garlands, crucifix, etc) were referenced/traced from random google images. 

Fun Fact: All the things in this drawing are things I actually own in my house, including the huge ass crucifix. 

Items from left to right: Garland, Shiva statue, Ganesha statue, stone cross, three holy books (The Qur'an, The Bible, The Bhagavad Gita), two prayer rugs, holy water, tilaka, Japa beads, rosary beads (up on top), candles, a ‘Keep Calm and Love Allah’ bumper sticker, Krishna plushie (beautifully made), Jesus on the cross, Mary, Allah sign, and poster of Kali Ma. 

Row, Row, Row Your Own Boat ~

What parent doesn’t remember singing songs to their kids at one point or another. One night long ago, my daughter and I were doing just that. Eventually, we got around to singing that old standard “Row Row Row Your Boat,” which we sang over and over again until my mind began to wander and I decided not to sing. Then I heard the words slip out of my daughter’s mouth as if I had heard them for the first time:

Row, row, row your boat,

Gently down the stream.

Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily,

Life is but a dream.

‘Row, row, row’ is a series of direct, clear action verbs with the understood subject “you.” This reminded me of something I learned in Theology 101 back in college - the biblical instructions “ask, seek, knock.” It made sense to me that we need at all times to participate by taking action. Each of us rows in his or her own way. Whatever we do in life, the only message here is to do it. The metaphor is that if we are in a boat and want to go anywhere, we need to row. When we continue to row, the steady, sure strokes keep us balanced in our progress.

But, what if we do not row? Well, then we drift aimlessly, tossing in the current rather than flowing in it, possibly getting in the way of other boats. However if we are rowing, we are able to avoid other boats and steer our boat so that we flow with traffic rather than obstruct it.

'Your’ and 'boat’ are two words that apply especially to people like me who want to help. Throughout life, I have seen myself rowing my own boat and being extremely busy doing so. Likewise, throughout my life I have also wanted to help others row their boats.

Ha! How laughable it is to visualize anyone rowing two boats. Instead, there is great value in trusting that each of us can row his or her own boat.

My best contribution is to keep rowing my own boat and to keep my boat from getting in someone else’s way. The decision as to how, when, where, and if to row belongs to the person in the boat.

'Gently’ is a powerful word. It presumes that life is not one crisis after another. We will row more easily, more surely, more balanced, and more successfully if we row gently.

This also made sense to me. When we calmly row together, we are more successful than we are when we row emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually strung out. 

'Down the stream’ is the easier way to go. Rowing upstream is much more difficult than rowing down stream. What this means to me is that I need to trust the current to take me where I want to go. Also, if we are rowing down the stream, we are all going in the same direction and are less likely to collide. 

In life, we do not have the option of going back up the stream, of reliving the past, of undoing mistakes or even repeating pleasant events.

Like a person in a rowboat, we see where we have been because that is the direction we are facing. We cannot see what is coming toward us. But hey, this is after all a children’s song, right? Remember, when we were children, we had no concern about what happened yesterday because today was the adventure. 

That is the message of the song …

One thing is for sure: you cannot row where you have been and you cannot row where you are going. You can only row only where you are. Maybe if we row gently down the stream now, we will be more likely to row successfully later on.

'Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily’ - wait a minute … I was just getting serious about the need to row gently down the stream. Now the song says merrily four times. I guess this is not a mistake. It must mean 'merrily.’

'Merrily’ means full of fun and laughter; lively and cheerful. So here we are rowing along gently down the stream, a very important and serious assignment that we need to do correctly, and we are supposed to do it merrily. But isn’t life hard sometimes?

However, if we are rowing gently down the stream, we will not need all the challenges that we otherwise create. We might have to give up the anger, hostility, greed, and a few other motivators that keep us from seeing that everyone else is in the stream too. And the only way we can win is to row our own boats and get to our destinations together.

'Life is but a dream’ points out that our experiences and interpretations of life are created in the awesome power of our minds. We have the ability at all times to decide exactly what that will be. Few of us realize that or take advantage of it.

What a gift we have been given!

We are all expressions of our Creator. It is my belief that our Creator does not look like a person at all, but rather that we all are energy or spirit, and we express our Creator through our physical beings. 

I am reminded of that age old example: We are but drops of water and our Creator is the ocean. Each drop contains the same chemical composition as the ocean, and in its return to the ocean it becomes indistinguishable from the other drops and from the ocean itself.

Aye, the bodies we inhabit are our rowboats, and somehow we have used them to separate ourselves from one another. However, our boats are not who we are. The speed, condition, value, beauty, and age of the boat are not the measure of the rower.

Unfortunately, we place all our value on what we can see, touch, and feel, completely forgetting that there is so much more to this experience than our boats. We forget that we will exist long after the boat is gone.

So, what happens when the way gets rough? Well … maybe that is the time to take the oars out of the water and trust the current to carry us through. 

Each rower knows best how to handle every situation that arises.

May the words of this simple child song bring you a new understanding of life as it did for me when I became a new mom and was moved to take in this classic standard in a whole new way.

May each rower add his or her own thoughts and experiences to the joy of the unfolding journey ahead.

Thank you for reading. As always, I send you much love and blessings. Maritza Alvarez, Creator, Our Journey to Balance.


The College of Theology of the University of Baghdad by Mohamed Makiya in 1966-1968. It was built using reenforced concrete clad with brick facing. The offices, classrooms, library, and lecture halls are focused on courtyard spaces to adapt to the climate as well as the social patterns that have changed the architectural norms of the region. The structure uses pointed arabesque arches, concrete mashrabiyya, and air-channeling corridors to both naturally ventilate the building and stand out as explicit examples of Middle Eastern modernism. A small mosque attached to the college was planned but sadly never built.

So, I rented Snowpiercer this weekend and OH. MY. GOD. I am fully on board.*

I also read this io9 article on how Gnosticism influenced the movie. This theory speaks to most of my sensibilities, considering I was required to take an extraordinary amount of theology in college and Gnosticism was, by far, my favorite to study.**

To play off that theme a little, here’s a couple of articles on JSTOR to provide some background on Gnosticism:

  1. The Present State of Gnostic Studies
  2. Ophite Gnosticism, Sethianism, and The Nag Hamadi Library - don’t get weirded out by this title like I did, they explain everything in the first paragraph.
  3. Go read The Gnostic Gospels by Elaine Pagels.

*Bad train puns are bad.

**Except for the time I got really enamored with the religion that W.B. Yeats MADE UP, but that’s another story.