Tag! You’re it! The rules are to state 10 random facts about yourself. Then, go to ten blogs and tell them they’re it. c: 

— magicalstonesworld

Wow asking me, well thank ya. I’m down right now.

Well let’s see, stuff already in my About Me; I’m Chinese-American, and male.

1. I’m 19 y/o and a ’90s baby, and still treated like a child lol.

2. I love basketball.

3. I write lyrics, and rap. Hoping to make a living through music one day. Dream.

4. I finished the whole YuYu Hakusho series in a span of 3-4 days last month. & I miss Toonami, and all my childhood cartoons/shows. Right now I like Korra, of course, YJ, Thundercats, Louie FX, Psych, Walking Dead, and Criminal Minds. To name a few.

5. I’m currently typing this in Beijing, China, seeing friends and family here. Born & raised in Atlanta, GA; aka Southern Republic City. I can speak a lil’ Chinese too.

6. I’m ambitious, and never really feel satisfied in life. I guess I’m ‘free-spirited’.

7. I have eczema & asthma. Shoutouts to all of you with either.

8. I watch ATLA/LoK with my lil’ sis. She’s da coolest.

9. I want to help people for a living, want to make a difference. I like to be that person/friend who listens to problems, etc. Studying psychology.

10. Everyone’s self-conscious in some way…but I’m happy with who I am. You should be too.

- theoldmasters