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“Pardon?" Fuu tilts her head to get a better look at the other, having been lost in her reverie to have heard what exactly the other was talking about, "Replay?”

A New York premiere starting May 27.
Tickets are $15 – $25 – $35
Lowest priced tickets available on first-come, first-served basis.

Ben Schmitt – an artist turned teacher and expectant father – has found himself on the verge of the suburban life. Upon serendipitously discovering an old friend’s paintings – an old friend that mysteriously disappeared 4 months ago – he shares them with his colleagues. As the art world falls under the spell of his friend’s work and life story, Ben is left to wonder: what about me?

After a run at the 6th Annual First Look Repertory of New Work at Steppenwolf Theatre in Chicago, Sam Marks’ dark examination of marriage comes to The Flea. The Old Masters will be directed by Resident Director Brandon Stock in his Flea debut.

The Old Masters features three Bats that were most recently seen in The Mysteries – Adelind Horan, Rory Kulz, and Alesandra Nahodil. Understudies include Alex Coelho, Anna Dart, and Rachel Yong.

The creative team includes set design by Andrew Diaz (Smoke, The Cutthroat Series, The Feast), lighting design by Jonathan Cottle (Mexicans, White Hot, a cautionary tale, Job), costume design by Travis Alexandra Boatwright (The Cutthroat Series, The Feast), and props by Christina Pitter (The Feast).