anonymous asked:

what are your 10 favorite blogs?

Ok I’ve been deliberately avoiding answering this because it’s going to be hard but I think this is a good list and I’m sorry if I forgot anyone 

oh i am absolutely SURE I forgot someone but everyone should go follow all of these blogs because they are all perfect 

I didn’t include Bon Iver and Ben Howard blogs because I love them all too much. 

***I FORGOT ONE pains-of-being-pure-at-heart such a great blog 

anonymous asked:

What're your top favorite blogs? (And please don't include your own to be sarcastic)

This list is quite long, and in no specific order, but you asked for it:

northerntendencies, wildbutgentleman, old-hopes-and-boots, wood-folk, archive-of-manliness, ironandvalor, iron-and-wind, timberfolk, thatmonstersurfercaptain, religionispeanutbutter, samuraijoc, samuelsbrew, whiskey-please, blackistheonlycolor, blacklungboy, theblackworkshop, ironworthstriking, hikewhileyoucan, hike-into-thewild, simplee-things, earthil, harborware, american-hustler, only-explore, craftandlore, hemingwaycool, oregon-dreaming, cokexgod, h-o-r-n-g-r-y, mrcheyl, naut1c, thegeneralmerchant, gozawest, frostinhisbones, manboro, coldwindandiron, womaninthewoods, thinknorth, think-feel-rustic, whiskeyandgrit, whiskeyinthewoods, whiskeyloner, theohpioneer, saltandsteel, thegreatnorthwest, takemetomountains, courageous-and-strong, oldmansea, foresity, thealphagentleman, patagonianvoyager, wood-is-good, rugged-n-raw, this-old-stomping-ground, woodgraingentleman, banditbloggers, womenandwanderlust, ahh-merica, ironandflame, 50starsand13bars, switchknife, pioneersofthewest, sonsofkerouac, americaninspired, malkahandindya, stay-lml-heavy, shotgun-limited, timbe-r, coastandpine, beardandbike, mylifeisatthebottomofabottle, mountain-eater, scotch-on-rocks, thatmonstersurfercaptain, red-han-solo-cup, gunsgearsurvival7, crowsandbackroads, forrestmankins, lostinintrospection, machine-gun-blues, woodandironco, paubloe, the-wild-gentleman, hookieco, goodoldfreshair, lionandwreath, mentalworkss, cafesixracer, prettygirlsandbourbon, how-to-adventure, coffeeblooded, blacklacuna, theimpossiblecool, si-co-path-ic xavierfasho