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Brainiac and Green Arrow talk politics


Brainiac’s gameplay has been revealed!


„Mus" à gauche
„Tang" à droite
Et à gauche, à droite

Un essuie-glace
Un paquet de Kool
Un badge
Avec inscrit dessus
Keep Cool

Serge Gainsbourg, „Ford Mustang” (1968)

Ford Mustang with 289 cid V-8 power plant mobilizing 225 adult ponies

I’m such a weird mix of procrastination and perfectionism that most of the time I feel like if i’m going to be wasting time anyways i might as well waste time as efficiently as possible and be doing at least two, maybe three things at once. 

I have spent entire afternoons watching anime and shiny hunting on two consoles at once, or embroidering and listening to a podcast, or doing my nails while playing a game while watching a movie. It’s gotten to the point where I feel like I’m wasting my time-wasting time if I’m only doing one thing at once. I get too fidgety if one leisure activity takes up both hands and my full attention.

@ cw give me back my captain canary and coldwave dynamics. please and thank you : )

We also had a conversation about starting a family, for a while now I have said that I think we should start trying next year and Joel was okay either way really. But after my weekend away I said to Joel that I really enjoyed going away with my family in the weekend, and all our other small holidays we have had lately and I’m not quite ready for that to all change.

We talked about how we are both still so young and are too selfish to think about someone else that completely relies on us. For now, we want time to continue to strengthen this great relationship with have.

A friend asked me (she’s met, engaged, married and trying for a baby all in 4 years.. he’s 21) if we get bored in our relationship. She thinks getting married and having children will stop them from ‘settling’ in to a boring life 😒

We are thinking next year in November (for our 9 year anniversary) we will do a 3-4 weeks road trip of the South Island. So that’ll be our next adventure. My brain is def thinking of all the incredible places in the world I would love for us to see 😍😍

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are you still into fairy tail? ps love ur voltron stuff

*makes vague gestures with hand* psé I still read it bc force of habit but tbh…. Mashima lost his way a while ago

Also, thanks man!!


   Favorite video game soundtracks.「 part one 」