Summary of my WC2013 experience day 17 (Knock Out stage)

Netherlands 2 vs Mexico 1

Interesting play by both teams in the First half but nothing came of it. by the end of 45 mins its was square.

3 mins into the second half and Dos Santos hits us with a goal

the Game remained in the favor of Mexico and we all thought that was it.

a massacre was planned…oops wrong round object

meanwhile ochoa was ochoaing everywhere…you shall not pass

Goal no here

errrr i said no

when ever there is an OCHOA its = NO GOAL

and bruv still here loosing his shit

But in the in 88’ sneidjer equalised for Netherlands and everyone was bracing themselves for extratime

but 90+ Arjen Robben happened.

THE “omg its a dive,I BELIEVE I CAN FLY, its not a penalty. is it a penalty?, that was a penalty, its a fucking cheap dive, oh no its foul”

 the drama was real…i already addressed the issue. want my opinion? CLICK HERE 

A penalty was awarded and Hutenlaar took the penalty and it was good

But the Majority was gutted for Mexico. They somehow got the majority of the support and it was sad to watch them get their heart broken.

and bruv is just chanelling everyone’s expression


Costa Rica 1(5) vs Chile 1 (3) (Penalties)

Basically all you need to know.

Ruiz put in a goal for Costa Rica and Greece is at it again watching the ball as it crossed. its like they dint know they are suppose to stop the ball.

Red for Oscar Duarte and we thought it was over for Costa Rica

as expected an equalizer from Greece

and that was how it landed in Penalties

.both teams impressed everyone hitting the net everytime PENALTY SHOOT OUT HERE

But this Lad, Theofanis Gekas… i don’t want to be him. He was the one who had the bad luck and lost his.

and its happy days for Costa Rica with a win 

but Greece fans still wearing bed sheets

Day 17 had so many controversies but it was good fun..bring on Day 18